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  1. ^LOL! Everyone stop whining already! We all agree it's not a real "coaster' and the location is a bit questionable... but here are some facts that you all may not understand about GA and theme parks in general: 1. They exist to make money ($$$) 2. Increasing ride counts increases operating costs for every department - think about it: Operations, Maintenance, Landscaping, Security etc. 3. If any souvenir shops or merchandise buildings or food stands or games are added, that too adds to the above costs including Food Service, Merchandise & Games departments. 4. GA NEEDS
  2. I tend to agree with the others on here, calling this a "coaster" really is a huge stretch! I'm glad a flat ride is going in though... The park really needs a lot more "family style" thrill rides. I would have been happy to see a few of these types added instead of just one however. Bring a new Musik Express or an Enterprise ride back to the "Old Country" section... The Old Country used to be known as the "New Rides" area... but it has since fallen into a sad state... Perhaps re-theming as the "County Fair" section with older nostalgic rides would be a good addition...?!? And to th
  3. I've been saying for many years now, that good ol' flat rides are what's needed.... I would take the entire "New Rides" area (from the old Enterprise all the way back to the former Free Fall site) and turn it into a "Fairgrounds" theme and have all the fun, cheesy family rides that people enjoy... with all the light kits and music that these rides can be equipped with... Take a look at http://www.flatrides.com for ideas... I'd definitely have the Enterprise, Monster Spin, Flying Swings, Musik Express, Alpine Bobs, Hexentanz (Witche's Dance), Tilt-A-Whirl, etc. The sad fact, is Great Adven
  4. When did you work Mine Train? That was my "home" ride somewhere between '81 & '83... Three trains was always fun... but we had a lot more staff working the ride back then! At the top of the stairs, you had an usher who would open the chain and let 28 people into the station. He/she would tell you to follow another person who would "usher" you into each stall starting at the front, working towards the back. There was no "waiting" for seats. You were assigned a stall to wait for the next train. (This is how the station always remained calm as well, only 28 people at a time!) We al
  5. I never liked rides that were boring to operate... I liked fast paced environments that required a bit of work. It always made the day go by faster, and you had more fun... My favorite rides to operate were (not in any specific order): 1. Mine Train - before the computerization; when you could run three trains... 2. Cables - Loved the workout and constant pace 3. Parachuter's Perch - I moved to that ride the first year it opened and found a rythym to operating two chutes - back and forth. It was non stop and you got a great tan on that pad! 4. Coaster I & II (Rolling Thunder)
  6. Please, I'm laughing at the "sewing".... Sewing is what you do to fabric... Suing someone is what you do in court! --- Not to be the spelling police, but that mistake wasn't made just once... ;-)
  7. HA! I remember working with Mike Lisa on many rides back in the 80's!
  8. I remember Paula - she was my lead on Loop II... Well, for a little while that is, until I saddled the train and won a transfer to Bumper I... LOL!
  9. It will be interesting to see what pans out.... As a former ride operator, I can't tell you how many people would leave items on loading platforms - expecting the staff to "watch" their items - despite signs that explicitly stated "We are not responsible for personal items left behind." I think providing a few cubbies free of charge is a good thing, but it slows down loading/unloading rides which causes longer wait times. Lockers are a much better option - but they need to be reasonable with charges. It would be great if there was a way to provide free lockers, or at least an option to
  10. " During the summer of 1983 through the wonder of a newfangled personnel computing machine, for $1 guests could find out in just 15 seconds "What was happening the day you were born?". The summary of events was provided via a dot-matrix printer on perforated paper with removable tractor-feed margins. " Not to be a spelling nazi... but I believe you meant "personal computing"... ;-)
  11. That was the first ride I worked back in the early 80's... Loop II... I wonder if I worked with your mom back then?!? If we worked together, she'd know me by the fact that I was the one who "saddled' the train... then got transferred to Bumper I... LOL! Being a little OCD, I remember when heading to the ride first thing in the morning, I'd count 92 steps from the ground, all the way to the top of the platform. At some point, you'd have to go back down the 92 steps and walk to the "far end" and climb another 87 steps to relieve the operator at the top. After an hour or so, someone would
  12. Agreed! Seatbelts are just plain ridiculous... the head rests actually do more harm because you bang your head into them, and the dividers suck bigtime!
  13. Holy cow this ride brings back memories..! I remember during the first few days of operation, I went for a "test ride" with the area supervisor (I think it was Tyrone Daly back then?!?) when all of a sudden it started drizzling. The ride's trough was just painted stainless steel, and the cars had rubber wheels that rolled freely within the trough. The cars weren't on a track per se; they could ride anywhere within the trough and the turns were banked. The more weight in the car, the wider the turns... However, because the trains were able to travel freely, ANY amount of moisture (i
  14. You hit the nail on the head! I've been saying this for years!! Six Flags has put their "corporate branding" in front of every park... They'd rather you just know the park as Six Flags and not Great Adventure. This was the beginning of the fall... Thanks mostly to Time Warner, all of the parks now resemble one another... They all have the same rides (or at least the same names) and the same contracted food venues, and the same insane "nickel and dime you to death" approach to profitability. There is a lack of family thrill rides, restaurants, shops and food stands. Everything is cheap, m
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