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  1. It's just so sad that Mr. Tuliano had to die like this. I never heard of him until now, but from what I read, he sounded like a great person. RIP Paul Tuliano.
  2. Mom: You may be too short for this ride, but there's never a height limit to have a cigarette! Kid: Nice try, but I don't smoke. How about a soda instead?
  3. Well I do know SFGA doesn't need another kiddie area but I do know that we need more flat rides. The coasters are cool, but I'd like to see a better selection of flat rides(as in the ones you don't have to pay an extra fee for.) because not only do they give you something else to ride when you don't want to ride the coasters, they shorten the lines for them!
  4. My favorites are el toro and bizzaro. I was scared to ride bizzaro at first, but when the ride ended I was like"LET'S GO AGAIN, LET'S GO AGAIN! "
  5. Alright, ya got me! I've heard from some sources that that area of the park is jinxed or something because of it and I just don't want any rides that are put there to break down.(And I also admit that I have total empathy for what happened there and support the idea for a memorial, I know crazy aren't I .)By the way, this is how I looked when I read your replies...
  6. I think it would be cool to see a scooby doo attraction in the park and im hoping that SF can find other ways to incorporate scooby doo to make it even cooler.
  7. I'd like to take a moment to remember this wonderful ride by saying even though I've never rode it, I will miss it as much as someone who has rode it. I'll always remember entering the park and always watching it go around the tracks and know I'd have a great visit each time. RIP GASM, Great Adventure won't be the same without you in it. (BTW, If I see that GASM shirt next time I go to Great Adventure I'm SO buying it!!! )
  8. I really think the twilight saga is overrated because of all the hype over it and how boring it is. I saw the first one and I stopped watching it halfway through because nothing was happening except for Bella acting like an emo kid on drugs.
  9. Im sooo bored right now. Been stuck in my house for 3 days now with a non working AC downstairs and a working one upstairs. Plus the tv in the living room shuts off for no reason after being on for at least 2 hours. I seriously can't wait till tommorow cause Im going to the beach and hopefully I'll be able to spend some well needed time with my friends if they don't decide to go see Eclipse which they probably will. I guess I have nothing else to do today except netsurf and doing my summer math packet in which Im not looking forward to. The AC problem is getting fixed as I type this an
  10. Im not sure if anyone knows this, but I go on screamscape every day and I've heard that GASM will be replaced by Chang in 2011. I wonder if they'll still keep the ride's name and theming or change it like they did with Bizzaro. Im going to the park this summer and Im planning on riding GASM before it's gone.
  11. Im so glad that HH is getting a new slide. I haven't been to the water park(or ANY water park) since it first opened. I've heard good things about these slides so I can't wait to try riding one!
  12. I had a family party at my house last night. It was fun until after the party because that's when I found out my cousin has her 1st boyfriend. I was all"WTF?!?!" and I was very jealous, angry, and upset at the time and my family only made those feelings even worse. I haven't even gotten my 1st kiss yet so that somewhat makes things worse. There's even this guy who I know likes me and I do too, but after I found out about my cousin Im dying for him to tell me he likes me because I already know he does and Im sick of waiting for him to tell me. I'd like nothing more for this new year than t
  13. I hope everyone got what they wanted on their wish lists this year! I know I did!
  14. The BEST thing I got this year was the inspiron mini by dell which Im using right now to type this post. This is my 1st computer that I ever got. Before, me and my sis had to fight over whose turn it was on my mom's computer. Now that I have my own, I can websurf all day with no problem at all. I got a dsi which I have yet to use, and I got some Princess and the Frog merch as well since I love the movie and Im a huge fan of disney. I was also told that the 2 dolls I wanted, the Tiana and Charolette dolls would be coming after christmas because of the huge demand for them. I also have an SNL dv
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