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  1. The red paint is perfect for the Tornado joining the pirate theme of the Lakefront.
  2. Can an Intamin Gyro or the Moser drop tower show up on Spinmeister's spot in 2013 to join the Adventure in the Alley?
  3. There are two new footers at the bottom of the first loop and four survey flags around it. It could be those golden arches.
  4. I don't think single rider would work for 3 train operation. They have to be fast to pull off loading 3 trains. Today the three trains were running and the single rider line was closed. I think they'll be running two trains when the single rider line opens up.
  5. The park already had Bizarro and Batman: The Ride as successors to The Great American Scream Machine. Let's consider ourselves to be very lucky that the Chicago installation of Chang got cancelled and a plan to bring it here seemed to be in place before GASM was announced to be closed. We're lucky to have this ride as a replacement, that the park didn't leave us with an empty lot at the end of the Boardwalk for who knows how long. This ride is a proven good ride. It's the more mature successor to Shockwave and GASM. Congratulations my fellow enthusiasts.
  6. If the Green Lantern was named the Riddler's Revenge I bet we would have seen these in the queue somehow.
  7. Ready to go!!!! T minus one day. Ready to go catch this coaster again after work tomorrow.
  8. This time it looks like the brakes are tapping in the most recent videos and that's all they ever did when it was in Kentucky.
  9. Opening Day I was driving 537 North to the park. I usually drive by that bone yard. The foilage wasn't grown in yet. I thought I saw The Right Stuff jet was missing then. Who would have known? Great recycling plan there.
  10. The aura of GASM lives on in gravel. That and the queue entrance is all that they have in common.
  11. I guess they would have to pour footers for that too.
  12. As in speakers of a box design lining the whole lift. That's all I know for now.
  13. I thought I saw in the videos from Friday night the train running pretty fast. I dont' think the MCBR was on just yet. I'm also glad the lift has new lanterns, not the ones with shades like it had as Chang. The lift motor is still the same blue it was on Chang. I guess they thought it was too sensitive of a piece to try to paint. I don't think it's a big deal. There are also multiple box speakers going up the lift, not the crappy cone ones needed for a typical station operator to speak on. I think the story will be told while going up the lift. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the GASM
  14. We got a situation yo: Pepsi supposedly has a can promotion for the upcoming Green Lantern movie. According to Screamscape that is why the name "Standup Coaster" is used in certain SFGADV commercials like when the Coke cans are mentioned. Hopefully they could use the name Green Lantern when the commercial does not include Coke. We can always change the name of the ride to the Riddler's Revenge. Ecuador!
  15. The Chang station wasn't too wide. We're fortunate we didn't have to cut into the roof of this station to allow a turnaround support to run through it.
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