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  1. I finally got to see this and it is amazing to see in person, although I thought it was kind of a short ride and slow. A couple of people that got off were complaining about how it wasn't anything spectacular and how they only flipped once. However, the next one I watched it flipped 6 times with a few of them being at what looked like a pretty good speed. I thought that was decent.
  2. I was at the park yesterday and noticed a large piece of land past the Wawa was cleared of all the trees. I was wondering what was going there and thought maybe it was finally a hotel, but this is going to be on the other side of the road.
  3. I picked up the 2018 dining guide for Six Flags America when I was there on April 22nd. I get back to Great Adventure thinking they would have theirs and no one had a clue. There's only the 2017 dining guide. I went to Guest Services and the guy there had no idea when it would be released.
  4. This will definitely be a fun ride to watch especially at night and possibly from a distance lol. I have to wonder how many people will attempt to ride it and then want to ride it again.
  5. I wonder if that has anything to do with the new xray machines which I think are multiplying every time I go to the park. I think at some point everything will have to go through a better scanner/xray and they need to fire whoever thought having a solid color dining pass drink cup was a good idea this season.
  6. Unless something like this already exists, it could be a good year to have something like the ride wait times page but for toll booth/parking lot, security and entrance wait times. I know people post messages but something that could be updated with minutes or GASP...hours. If this is even possible.
  7. That's so true, when I was comparing memberships/prices and went down the long list of benefits and crossed off the useless things, I was left with about 4 things that could be of any interest. Then there's the one time, space availability and making a reservation restrictions. Wait until Summer and an even worse Fright Fest crowd if some of these early season crowd days are an indication. I fear Six Flags has already oversold passes and memberships and getting in the park or trying to have an enjoyable day will be hit and miss. We were in Six Flags America last weekend
  8. Hi Matt, I did read that which leads me to believe they will raise prices at some point during the season like they normally do on passes and memberships and then reset the price sometime but the prices won't go lower than they are right now or the possibility they will never be this low again when they do increase. Even when they say never...that's never true. Their wording used as I see it right now is that the price will probably increase but they have the lowest price that memberships will be and they won't do a sale on this their lowest price.
  9. I was totally impressed to see that they put in all of those yellow poles and finally made a walkway even with wording on the ground so people know what it's for, now they just need to figure out it's there and actually use it. Also, I will almost swear that the exit lanes closest to the parking booths and parts of the parking lot out that way weren't paved on Friday but were paved by Sunday.
  10. I was getting a season pass too but I switched to a membership 3 years ago for the same reasons as you. I've still had to add dining to my pass every year though. I'm not upgrading this year either, maybe September IF they do a sale then or I'll wait until the end of the year when my dining pass expires or wait until the beginning of next year. This will also give them time to make adjustments to things that need fixing like they should get rid of being able to buy Preferred Parking at the Preferred Parking booth and backing up the single line to get in, it should only be added at
  11. That's cool Matt, but you still have to fold them in half? I didn't want to fold this one since I save them too, also there's nowhere that I can see to make it into booklet/brochure size. I could justify the previous versions since they were already folded. Even the Show and Events Guide although the front print is printed on the left side of the page, it looks like it's meant to be folded if you want to.
  12. This years park map is a one sheet and huge. It's bigger than a diner place mat, more like a mini poster and there's nowhere to fold it to a convenient size to carry around. Unless you fold it in half and half again and keep folding lol. I did see people walking around with it unfolded though.
  13. I agree too. I was in Williamsburg this January and they had a temp rink set up in the middle of the street that they close off. It was a nice size and people were using it.
  14. I'm going to wait to upgrade my membership partly because of the dining pass issue. I'll let that run out at the end of the year and then go from there. I also think it's going to take them some time to work out the kinks that are bound to happen and everyone understanding the different levels on top of the pass confusion. Especially with Gold, if I'm right there's a Gold pass, Combo Gold membership and a Gold Plus membership. Anyone that has Gold is going to think what they have applies to them. Signage should be crazy and trying to explain it. I'd be happy if they really do what
  15. I'm pretty sure I checked this morning and it had still said 8pm for Saturday then. It's definitely not looking good for next weekend when they started reducing hours more than a week in advance. It's only the right thing to do for the employees that have to work and gives them the chance to go home a bit earlier than they would have with an 8pm closing. If it opens at all.
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