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  1. Misc GA Mumblings

    I'm pretty sure I checked this morning and it had still said 8pm for Saturday then. It's definitely not looking good for next weekend when they started reducing hours more than a week in advance. It's only the right thing to do for the employees that have to work and gives them the chance to go home a bit earlier than they would have with an 8pm closing. If it opens at all.
  2. Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    That's really good to know, and no credit or refund...not surprising. My payment comes out the 5th of each month so my best payment date will be the 4th lol. This will give me more time to think about it. I'm also waiting to hear what other people with memberships experienced during upgrading. I really don't want to do anything yet, or maybe even at all this year if I'm just going to put out even more money without being able to use all of the benefits.
  3. Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    I really don't know what I should do, upgrade now or wait until 2019. Their rolling out of nearly anything is almost always a mess and not well thought out and I've seen a lot in the 43 years I've been going to the park. I'm not expecting to get anything credit wise for something I haven't paid for, my main complaint is upgrading and not seeing the discount for the dining pass that's already paid for while others are seeing a credit for something that they already paid for. Woohoo, they won't charge me another processing fee, that's pretty much an insult. Another thing that could have been a good idea would have been automatically upgrading the combo gold memberships since they aren't selling those anymore to the gold plus level membership.
  4. Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    Right it has that. What I meant was, people that already bought passes for this year are getting the full amount they paid back with an "in park spending credit" to use good for the whole year. What's the incentive for me to upgrade? I'm supposed to just think about upgrading to a higher membership and not get anything back and get the same benefits on a higher membership as someone who goes from a pass to a membership and gets a $70 credit? Is there the % credit back for the dining pass I've already paid $90 for? Is there any credit? It just looks like current membership holders are being ignored for season pass holders that don't really care about a getting a membership.
  5. Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    Ahh, that makes sense. thanks. Now the question is, with the people that already also have an existing membership like me, you would think they would have listed something on the web site about upgrading those and not just focusing on people with passes who judging from this poll look like they are just going to keep their passes.
  6. Misc GA Mumblings

    I'm really curious how you make out. I have a Combo Gold membership and the season pass dining with it. I might up it to Diamond if it's going to be worth it.
  7. Misc GA Mumblings

    I totally agree. I sent them a message that pretty much said who thought it was a good idea to do a change pretty much right in the middle of the pass selling season. What's the big rush to see a large monthly cash flow that couldn't wait until September? Along with some of these upgrades have bad news written all over them, more people bypassing ride lines, more people trying to get in the preferred lot and I'd really be surprised to see the old/new member entrance open every day.
  8. Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    This is my 3rd year with a membership. I found it was easier just having it and not having to chase sales each year. Now what I have is the Combo Gold pass which I would have to believe is going to be Gold Plus since I can't find a mention of Combo Gold anywhere on the web site. I might upgrade to Diamond for the almost $50 more a year once I figure out how this will effect what I have and my already paid for season dining pass. They have sure made a mess of things for everyone with a pass or membership and this would have gone so much smoother if they had simply waited 6 more months for the start of the 2019 pass selling season.
  9. Hi, Can anyone tell me what the price for 1 season pass is at the gate or take a pic of the prices banner over the ticket booths? I bought my pass back during the first big sale but my new girlfriend doesn't have a 2016 pass yet.
  10. What are your Great Adventure opening plans?

    As of right now I'm planning on going Friday or Saturday. I'm sure everyone will agree, this was a LONG winter and Great Adventure opening will put winter behind us.
  11. Sarajevo Bobsled

    This was and still is my favorite ride at Great Adventure. It was pretty cool to be on a coaster type ride without being on a track. I'm still mad that they removed it.
  12. Safari Park Entrance Plaza

    I have found it interesting how the safari entrance is still sitting there and clearly visible as you drive to the parking booths. Although it isn't odd for them to just abandon something and let it sit there for years. Maybe there's a way to make a mini drive thru safari. I doubt I'm the only one that would enjoy something as opposed to not having it at all.
  13. Misc GA Mumblings

    I don't see what the problem was. If those 2 seats were going to be empty anyway after the air gates closed then it didn't affect anyone waiting on line.
  14. We slid right in on Sunday using the Discover Card entrance line, while every other line was at least 15 people deep. I can't imagine anyone going for just a day. First there's the line to pay for parking, then you stand in line to get through security, then you stand in line to buy your tickets, then you stand in the worst line of all to wait and get in. I can see it taking hours on a busy day during the Summer or even worse Fright Fest, that's going to be it's own nightmare and horror story for anyone without even getting in the park.
  15. Signless Parking Lot Booth Lanes

    Maybe that's what happened to me last Sunday as I sat there and watched the cars on either side of me keep going through while I just sat there.