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  1. Myself on the same train as Mr. Six (5-22-2009, aka Bizarro Opening Day)
  2. I've been a consistent visitor to Great Adventure for since 2007, and since then I've taken LOTS of pictures with my digital cameras over the years. After looking through my archives, these are the ones that I personally consider to be highlights.
  3. Hi everyone! I need some some help from you guys... I haven't been to Great Adventure in almost 2 years! I've had to stop going on a regular basis because I went to college in Connecticut three years ago., but the good news is that I just graduated a recently! I've already bought a Membership pass for Great Adventure (thanks to the ongoing sale) and am planning to visit the park with my family on Wednesday 8/28. Aside from the obvious new rides, are there any new, more subtle, features that have added to the park recently? I know about the solar field and whatnot, but I mean things that the general public may not notice, but theme park nerds like us would? Also, since I need to get my new Membership processed and get my card, have they streamlined that process any time recently? I'll be sure to bring my camera and take plenty of pictures to show you guys, like I usually used to do. Thanks in advance!
  4. Flyin' Phil... Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time... Seriously though, it's good to see you're still doing this for us. Thanks a million!
  5. How sad. This, I believe, is the first death in the park since the Haunted House fire in 1984. My thoughts are with the employee's family right now.
  6. Pictures: No more Golden Kingdom? Possible re-naming in the future? A dazzle and a crash I saw the little one in the front trying to escape! So majestic! Obligatory nature shot (behind Best Of the West). Modern art masterpiece. Loving the new blue paint! They give these out now for all the major rides. THIS is why you can't bring things on Ka anymore, people! New painted Paralax! Thanks for reading!
  7. Yesterday I had a fantastic day at the park! Not only was the weather very nice, but to my surprise, it was also Season Pass Appreciation weekend! They had a bunch of stuff going on such as ERT for certain coasters each day (but I got o the park after that happened) as well as discounts for pass holders. My mother and I ended up getting 2 t-shirts and a cap for only $18.50 at the end of the day. Before all that, we entered the park not too long after it opened and went straight to the Safari. I got plenty of decent pictures of all the animals which I'll show of later. After that, we squeezed in two consecutive rides on Bizarro, which were both walk-ons because three trains were running. Also, all of the effects EXCEPT the flamethrowers were working when we rode it. Then we took the Skyride over to the other side of the park to get lunch. We went to the Primo's/Johnny Rockets near Nitro and it ended up taking us about 45 minutes just to get our food. I think that they must have been severely understaffed in there. Anyway, after that we went on Batman: The Ride twice in a row and got to see a snippet of our ride video; I have no idea how ling they're going to keep that up, but it's a very interesting concept. After that, my mother went back to the car to rest while I stayed and went on the Joker by myself (thank goodness for the single riders line). Then I went on Nitro, which was a 15 minute wait, and tried to go by Justice League, but the wait was too long for me. I decided to go on Houdini for the heck of it and I ended up finishing the day with Kingda Ka for the first, and probably only, time this season. I reunited with my mother, who had since re-entered the park and rode Zumanjaro (which she keeps referring to as "Freefall" ) twice in a row. It was a very nice day at the park for both of us, except for the fact that I lost my season pass card after we first entered the park, but I just got myself a new one at guest relations, so it was no big deal. The woman there even waived the replacement fee for the card, which was nice. Overall, 5 out of 6 Flags! I'll post my pictures momentarily...
  8. Photos: I wish this place was in the season pass meal plan. Still no Batmobile! Thanks for reading!
  9. I meant to post my trip report a few days ago, but I've been busy with other matters. My mother and I left our house in Long Island at about 7:45 AM but we didn't actually get to the park until around noon because of the insane NYC traffic. As soon as we entered, we headed straight to the new Justice League ride. Unfortunately, I expected the old entrance to the former Old Country area to be opened up since it leads right to the new ride, but it was not. So we walked the longer way to the ride from Movietown and waited about 20 minutes for the ride, but there was so much going on in the queue (i.e. the Cyborg animatronic) that it felt faster than it actually was. I even ended up getting the high score out of everyone in our car! After that, we had some lunch then headed for Nitro, which was a 25 minute wait with three trains running. After another ride on Nitro, we rode Swashbuckler (which has a new sign) and The Joker. Next, we headed towards the Big Wheel, which only had an approx. 15 minute wait. After a quick snack, my mother decided to rest in the car, while I headed toward the other side of the park. I ended up riding Bizarro (which had a 15 minute wait), El Toro (a 20 minute wait), and El Diablo (5 minutes). I didn't feel like going on Ka or Zumanjaro because I heard from someone else that it was an hour wait for both. I finished off the day with a walk-on Twister, the Parachutes (which had 3/4 of the sides open) and the Green Lantern, which now had a painted-on version of Paralax before the yellow loop instead of the 3D sign that was removed a few years ago. We left the park around 6:00 and ate dinner at Dairy Queen, since they don't exist near where I live. Overall, it was a successful day and I was able to ride plenty of rides for a summer day, including the new ride. 5 out of 6 Flags. Pictures will be posted later.
  10. Here's my trip report as well as my pictures from this previous Saturday. I meant to post this earlier, but I've been busy with stuff. I went to the park with my mother and sister who were visiting from Long Island while I'm at Hartford, CT for school. They decided to nap in the car for a little bit while I went in the park and rode Superman. It was about a twenty five minute wait with two trains running. This was actually my first time NOT riding it as Bizarro with all of the bells & whistles on it, and it was still an amazing ride regardless. Then I walked over to Pandemonium where my mother and sister were waiting and we all rode it together. Next up was the New England Sky Screamer, which was just a five minute wait since few people would be willing to ride it in 50-ish degree weather. After we got our souvenir bottles, I tried to get on Mind Eraser with the VR headsets, but they weren't working when I walked over there, so I rode Batman: The Dark Knight instead. I even got assigned to the front row, which was nice. By this point, my mother and sister left the park to get lunch while I stayed behind to ride more stuff. Next up was Goliath, then Wicked Cyclone, which was a thirty-ish minute wait, but still worth it. After that we all left because my family had to catch the ferry back to Long Island before sundown. It was a nice day overall. By sheer coincidence, my college is planning a trip to the park in about two weeks, so I'll get to visit the park again sooner than I thought! Pictures: Thanks for reading!
  11. Fitzgerald was the MAN! I wish I had the opportunity to met him in person when I visited the park within the last five years. I'll certainly miss him. I'll be waiting with baited breath to see who the new President will be.!
  12. Chickie and Pete's was really good! It's like a pub/restaurant combination. Also, Rougarou was running very well in my opinion. I like it much better now than when it was Mantis.
  13. Here are my pictures (in a mostly random order) Thanks for reading!!
  14. I went to Cedar Point on Saturday and it ended being a mediocre day at the park for me personally. There were periods of rain, even heavy downpour, so I wasn't able to ride too many coasters, but I still rode plenty. I went with my mother plus 4 family members who all came to the park after I did. I first rode Rougarou and Millennium Force on my own then joined up with the group and we all rode Rougarou together. After that, they went off to ride Blue Streak while I waited to register for the Iron Dragon VR for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, my mother entered the park later on because she was tired from driving 1 1/2 hours to the park, so I met up with her, then grouped up with everyone else. We got on line for Gatekeeper and waited a good 15 minutes before the first batch of rain came in. We all decided to eat lunch at Chickie and Pete's near Raptor & Blue Streak. Once the rain let up, I convinced everyone to ride Raptor, which was about a 5 minute wait. Keep in mind that we all had the regular Fast Lane wristbands, so we didn't have to wait very long for everything we rode. After Raptor, we tried Gatekeeper again. My mother and I successfully rode it, but just as everyone else was about to get on, the worst period of the Saturdays rain began. My mother and I were really lucky because it was my favorite "new" coaster of the day (I already rode Millennium Force 5 years ago.) We took shelter in the GateKeeper gidt shop then decided to temporarily leave the park. We grouped up at a local Dunkin Donuts and everyone except for my mother and I decided to call it quits and go home. My mother and I re-entered the park around 5:30 when the rain lightened up a bit. I ended up riding Mean Streak so that I could get the credit before it closes forever next month. The coaster itself was not very good, but the fact that I rode it before its closure was great. I then walked around and waited for Gemini to open, only to be hot with rain again. I ended up riding Wilderness Run just to get another credit. Meanwhile, my mother rode Wicked Twister then gave up. Unfortunately, I didn't ride the VR Iron Dragon due to the rain, but I still have the yellow information guide as a souvenir. Overall, I'm fortunate that I rode 5 new coasters, but just like my last trip to CP five years ago, Mother Nature worked against me. 5 out of 10. Ridelist: Rougarou 2x Millenium Force 1x Gatekeeper 1x Raptor 1x Mean Streak 1x Wilderness Run 1x VR Iron Dragon 0x I'll post my pictures momentarily...
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