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  1. I hope this rain stops soon. I have to go stand outside of The Rock for about 30mins waiting for the doors to open.
  2. I don't remember the dates, except for the AvA concert since Danian just said it. But besides them, I saw Plain White T's, Switchfoot, Cartel and I know there is more, but I can not think of them right now. If I can remember them I will add them in later.
  3. Still one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials I have seen in a while. (An I have the phone the guy in the green shirt is holding)
  4. I want with everything for the Giants to win. But I know the Pat's will take it. And it sucks. I just find it so messed up at the begining of the season there caught taping everyone's crap and then they get a "perfect season"....go figure and now there in the Super Bowl and everyone is acting like nothing happened. I could win at chess to if I knew all the moves my friend was going to make...
  5. ....Wow...Just to see the changes in the trees is surreal. Looking from then to now, it's insane! Not only seeing the trees growing in the park though just the pics as a whole, you can see the quality changing over time. Awesome update guys. You always seem to blow me away with your updates. Biggest change though, well the best change in my own opinion is Bug's Bunny National Park and Wiggles World. After looking through the before and after pics of those two sections, it shows how much those areas needed updating and how awesome they look now.
  6. .....Oooooooooook.....This morning it was so dark I turned the light in my room on, now, there isn't a cloud in the sky. Except for the wind, it's a beautiful day. But I don't mind the wind, so for me it is a beautiful day.
  7. DAAAAAAASSSSSSS BOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!! Ive dune tis many time tinight!
  8. Aaaaa....Harry....You say to Danian next year will be better but then you finish it off with a drowning emoticon? Hahahaha Well he is either drowning or holding on for dear life. Aaaa, DQ Eh? I will have to stop in sometime an order one. If you know where "Gus's" Diner is on 33, it's like literally right across the street. It's somewhat by the Freehold Mall. All I gotta say is the place is heavenly. They serve Chinese....not any Chinese, the best Chinese I think I've ever had Chinese. Yeah. THAT kind. But I will say unless your going at lunch prepare for a wait. I went at lunch time and the place was dead, literally. I think we were one of like three tables. Also it's like half price. But at dinner time. O god. I could get on Ka quicker. But there is a difference. I would rather wait for this place, because it's worth it. Ka on the other hand....Ha. And yes Wawa is amazing.
  9. Give me the recipe!! I love peanut butter! One of if not the best soups ever. Espcially from Wawa. It is Godly from there. What's the difference between tonight and any other night? Owned. I wouldn't get your hopes up. The Peking Pavillion on Rt. 33 is amazing.
  10. My mom is getting some cooking done already for Christmas eve and Christmas day. It smells so good. Yet I can't taste any of it! Baaa humbug.
  11. I just saw this on the SFGA events page on there site. Look at the last event, and the date of it. Is it hinting at something? ......Or did someone just screw up on the date?
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