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  1. This might be annoying to some, But how about retheme it to Penguin’s Blizzard River with a bunch of additional effects? If any of you went on Penguin’s at SFKK, You’ll know what I’m talking about.
  2. Six Flags has also liscensed stuff from other companies than Warner Bros. Like Saw and Hell Fest from Lionsgate for Fright Fest Surprised they don’t have Mr. Freeze as a Meet & Greet Just curious, Did you guys have the Coca Cola Bear this year or last?
  3. Especially if the rumors are true about King Cobra going to Mexico. Hope A Behemoth Bowl replaces it. Also if were to guess, You guys could use a 2nd Wave Pool and maybe a Flow Rider
  4. You can have our Mack Splash Battle for Houdini
  5. I have an opinion that might offend people: Make Passes $20 more expensive and stop the discounting.
  6. No offense but that building looks small, I think the park should have 2 buildings for Passholders, Maybe in Hurricane Harbor cause that park would probably be closed then?
  7. When Carowind’s moved their Skycoaster, It tripled it’s profits. So moving it might not hurt (Even though I am against pay rides in general)
  8. ^Coliwood, Can you use the Paper cups for Coke Freestyles? When I read the title, I was like “The lines are gonna be 3 hours to refill” Now, I agree and think it would be a good idea. Only problem is the garbage/recycle bins are gonna fill really quickly
  9. What if they turned the Paintball Building into a Coke Freestyle? At SFGAm, The Lines for our Coke Freestyle in the theme park are terrible (Yes we only have 1, 2 if you include the waterpark)
  10. How about more trucks? Or Higher Capacity Trucks?
  11. I would love if the Membership offer started at $3 and every perk was 20 cents. I don’t need to swim with Dolphins at Discovery Kingdom and I don’t want to stay at the Great Escape Lodge.
  12. That LOL show (Which was a knockoff Whose Line) Sounded awesome. Why didn’t they put that show everywhere?
  13. They should move the advertisement to better spots. Like Under Superman’s Station/Brakes. Your already staring at the ground with nowhere else to look.
  14. I really hope that happens though
  15. While I don’t remember if Mexico has a skyline, I can tell you that SFGAm doesn’t have a skyline painted. All I can think of is poo and polish (Keeping it PG For the Kids)-I apologize if this is inappropriate