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  1. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    The big question is... Will Movie Town be renamed? I read one article that says "to expand our new Metropolis section." Which would be a dumb rename cause nothing in that section apart from Justice League has Superman.
  2. Great Adventure Needs Flat Rides

    If I could decide: Giant Discovery next to Joker themed to Wonder Woman Wave Swinger in Gotham City called "Gotham City Crime Wave" Disk O in Golden Kingdom?
  3. They also need to add color to the slides at Hurricane Harbor. Most are either White, Black or Tornado
  4. If you could decide which would you choose? PS, The 2 Separate waterparks would be like each would get 1,100ft lazy river/ 22,000sqft wave pool, Etc.
  5. Currently Listening To (or Watching) Thread

    Top 6 Dumbest Six Flags Decisions
  6. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Thanks! Also thanks Scott and Sir Great Adventure (That's my nickname for you)
  7. Six Flags Additions for 2018

    Outdated but here was my ideas
  8. GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    Rick Blane from Casablanca?
  9. GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    King Kong?
  10. How many rollercoasters have you been on?

    605 now With Joker at Six Flags Great America
  11. 2016 Theme Park Attendance Numbers are out (and for GA, up!)

    ^ The air isn't any worse than any other city. More smoking though and not as bi-lingual as you'd expect/hope. Yeah, The coasters aren't anything spectacular but the queue lines are incredible cause OSHA doesn't exist in Mexico--- Their Joker goes through an actual funhouse with a turntable, Medusa has like a 5 minute walk through a tilt house. Dark Knight still shows the pre-show (And still "magically" makes you watch it) but there isn't the joker mask screen. Superman has you actually walk through the Daily Planet. The queue line reminds me of Spiderman. And on the rapids ride, You get Peed On on by statues (Not making this up, there is a boy statue that has his pants down and splashing you with water). But ironically you can't get free water and they don't have drinking fountains. However you can get soda as a snack. Oh, they also have a Jaws style shark
  12. Hurricane Harbor 2017 Park Map

    Thanks, I always wondered about that.
  13. Hurricane Harbor 2017 Park Map

    This might be off topic, But is it possible to get Lunch, Snack, and Dinner at Hurricane Harbor and Great Adventure in the same day?
  14. Coney Island: My 200th Coaster PTR

    Congrats on 200. Here's to another 200.