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  1. Justice League Great Arena Glow In The Park Parade Bugs Bunny Land Although to be a jerk, I wouldn't mind Planned but never built's Like: Hotel, Foods of the World, or Wonders of Natural Phenomena
  2. This is probably a dumb question, But here it is Were any food places open/ food for purchase?
  3. I adore the Planned but Never Builts. Kinda wonder why the Maps Didn't have Fantasy Fair in Large Font like the other areas?
  4. They were also privately owned which ironically when they announced they were going to go public, Blackfish was only released a few weeks later. Sorry to be conspiracy theorist here.
  5. 1. Evolution 2. Super Teepee 3. Conestoga Wagon 4. Great Adventure History Museum 5. Great Adventure Theater (Especially Superstition Featuring Elvira)
  6. Not my twitter Parental Discretion May be advised https://twitter.com/ParkBlotter
  7. Or any Hotel (I'm just guessing there were multiple proposals)
  8. I don't see Dutch Wonderland working with Six Flags. It would be like Sesame Place getting bought by Six Flags I could see Six Flags buying Raging Waters LA to share the workload in Southern California
  9. With proper animation, You guys could write a book on Fake Planned attractions. "A 1000ft Tall Indoor Looping Coaster was planned for 2005, But sadly the budget went toward Golden Kingdom and Kingda Ka" "A Wooden coaster was planned in 1977 called Spiderman Wooden Coaster, but was cancelled and the attraction was scaled down and sent to Kings Island as Beast" I'm not insulting you guys, I'm saying you guys are brilliant writers.
  10. I always thought you guys actually interviewed the GM/President at the time to help you with those. Respect
  11. Can you do more Planned but Never Built's like the 2nd waterpark play area, Fantasy Fair, Foods of the World, and Wonders of Nature Phenomenon? I find Planned but Never Built's fascinating.
  12. Can you do Original Waterpark Proposal or Hotels?
  13. There's one thing I like more than a Spotlight And that's Two Spotlights There's one thing I like more than 2 Spotlights And that's Name Changes on a Spotlight Thank You
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