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  1. One other thing, Loggers Leap is a Mack Flume, Not an Arrow
  2. Pretty funny that down the road, from the same company, Chessington is refurbishing their log flume from Dragon Falls to Tiger Rock.
  3. At Lagoon in Utah, You can’t be a single rider in the first or last row of any coaster. Also their Wild Mouse and Spider; You can’t be a single rider Not Enough? On their Schwarzkopf Jet Star coaster, You have to be 2 to a seat And if your wondering, I rode with a male employee and was the Inner spoon. Basically, If you go to Lagoon, Go with a Friend
  4. Does anyone know what the Flea Market Sold and where it was?
  5. I talked with Winter from Schlitterbahn. They are doing an event there this year TBD but she wouldn't say anything about if it was opening or they were selling it.
  6. There’s more Six Flags Great America footage in this than actual SFGAm ads.
  7. Apparently the ride has been closed for the last few years so it's glad for them to announce something. Also their Waterpark at Thorpe is basically North American Towers + Koala Canyon
  8. While I never rode the Ultra Twister at Either Great Adventure or Astroworld, I did ride the version at Nagashima Spa Land. While it had bad hard OTSRs, It was alot smoother than other Togo's I've Been on, And other Togo's even in Japan. Guess Togo's Problems were the turns.
  9. Thank You! I wondered how the park changed when Looney Tunes were added.
  10. It's gonna close forever soon. The land is worth more than the park.
  11. They need planning and permission to build a pool on their own property?
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