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  1. Sounds like a great time for a Great Adventure Hotel Spotlight
  2. According to Modern Marvels in a 2005 episode It doesn’t have to be the sunniest. One in Germany gets less sun than Seattle
  3. Close (And I didn't know either until someone told me) but it was Six Flags White Water in Atlanta as it's owned by the same Limited Partnership as Six Flags Over Georgia
  4. Almost happened in 1997. Premier offered to buy Over Texas for $315 million.
  5. 3 Corrections: - Pendulum was not the first Frisbee in the US, Frisbee at Six Flags Fiesta Texas was in 1998 - You misspelled Road Ruuner's Beep Beep Buggies - Rotor was renamed Taz Twister in 1996, But it still says Renamed Sorry. I'm assuming your beyond tired after adding like 30 things to the attractions list.
  6. What were some of the other considered names in the Survey?
  7. Original Waterpark Proposal Cyclone Wooden Coaster Wonders of Natural Phenomena Fantasy Fair Foods of the World Safari Tour Boats
  8. The 1999 Yearbook is gonna be very big I wonder if Hurricane Harbor will also add the history timeline at the same time
  9. Wasn’t Koala Cove part of Looney Tunes Seaport ?
  10. If Six Flags is reading this, I'm available and I work cheap
  11. One other thing, Loggers Leap is a Mack Flume, Not an Arrow
  12. Pretty funny that down the road, from the same company, Chessington is refurbishing their log flume from Dragon Falls to Tiger Rock.
  13. At Lagoon in Utah, You can’t be a single rider in the first or last row of any coaster. Also their Wild Mouse and Spider; You can’t be a single rider Not Enough? On their Schwarzkopf Jet Star coaster, You have to be 2 to a seat And if your wondering, I rode with a male employee and was the Inner spoon. Basically, If you go to Lagoon, Go with a Friend
  14. Does anyone know what the Flea Market Sold and where it was?
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