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  1. But it wouldn’t have Baja Blast so what’s the point?
  2. 2 things. Didn’t know Six Flags Universe exists What were some of the other Easter egg names on signs?
  3. Yeah, Except for: 19 in 2019 27 Opened/Planned to Open in 2020 and at least 5 for 2021 And it's not like S&S Hasn't been busy lately.
  4. Few things in life are better than a Planned but never built spotlight one of those things are never hinted at before planned but never builts. Thank you
  5. 2 Things: 1. I thought Hernando's Hide A Way was a themed area, Not a games area 2. With the words "Smack a Shark", I think this might be the funniest Spotlight this year/ever
  6. Keep the Shows/Entertainment and make the rest of it an Oktoberfest event.
  7. Just realized they list 2 food places as Disco ... Odd.
  8. TEA numbers in the past have apparently been off by as much as 7 digits. I've heard that Hollywood Studios is very inflated.
  9. Thank you for another of your Award Winning Planned but Never Built spotlights. Funny thing is this wouldn't be the only "Acquired by Six Flags park to plan Paddle Boats but not add them until Six Flags did". Six Flags New Orleans planned for them when the park opened but didn't add them until 2003.
  10. This is probably a dumb question, But here it is Were any food places open/ food for purchase?
  11. I adore the Planned but Never Builts. Kinda wonder why the Maps Didn't have Fantasy Fair in Large Font like the other areas?
  12. They were also privately owned which ironically when they announced they were going to go public, Blackfish was only released a few weeks later. Sorry to be conspiracy theorist here.
  13. 1. Evolution 2. Super Teepee 3. Conestoga Wagon 4. Great Adventure History Museum 5. Great Adventure Theater (Especially Superstition Featuring Elvira)
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