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  1. I want anyone to take over Mt Olympus. A4 year old could run that place better
  2. Trying to think Positive We give you Buccaneer Battle (A Splash Battle) for 4-5 of your kids rides We give you a ride nobody rides here and you give us rides to make a Bugs Bunny Boomtown on the former Camp Cartoon
  3. Fingers crossed the Go Karts and Sky Coasters are the 15 rides.
  4. I'm only going to post this once cause I don't want to spam the forums 3 Spotlights in ONE DAY! Happy Halloween to Me!!!
  5. I didn't say Demolish it, I meant get new Management. If I can go to Cedar Point and eat at a restaurant inside the park, Nick Universe should be the same. Just curious, Did SFGAdv sell food this year?
  6. This entire development needs new management. Any person on this forum could do at least 10x better the morons in charge.
  7. But it wouldn’t have Baja Blast so what’s the point?
  8. 2 things. Didn’t know Six Flags Universe exists What were some of the other Easter egg names on signs?
  9. Yeah, Except for: 19 in 2019 27 Opened/Planned to Open in 2020 and at least 5 for 2021 And it's not like S&S Hasn't been busy lately.
  10. Few things in life are better than a Planned but never built spotlight one of those things are never hinted at before planned but never builts. Thank you
  11. 2 Things: 1. I thought Hernando's Hide A Way was a themed area, Not a games area 2. With the words "Smack a Shark", I think this might be the funniest Spotlight this year/ever
  12. Keep the Shows/Entertainment and make the rest of it an Oktoberfest event.
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