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  1. I think Great America needs the kids area focus more than you guys. We also no longer have Looney Tunes kids rides so that blows.
  2. Kinda guessing some flats and a waterslide. Maybe a Tilt A Whirl, Flying Scooters, Zamperla Endeavor, and Rocket Slide?
  3. I don't see Dutch Wonderland working with Six Flags. It would be like Sesame Place getting bought by Six Flags I could see Six Flags buying Raging Waters LA to share the workload in Southern California
  4. With proper animation, You guys could write a book on Fake Planned attractions. "A 1000ft Tall Indoor Looping Coaster was planned for 2005, But sadly the budget went toward Golden Kingdom and Kingda Ka" "A Wooden coaster was planned in 1977 called Spiderman Wooden Coaster, but was cancelled and the attraction was scaled down and sent to Kings Island as Beast" I'm not insulting you guys, I'm saying you guys are brilliant writers.
  5. I always thought you guys actually interviewed the GM/President at the time to help you with those. Respect
  6. Can you do more Planned but Never Built's like the 2nd waterpark play area, Fantasy Fair, Foods of the World, and Wonders of Nature Phenomenon? I find Planned but Never Built's fascinating.
  7. Can you do Original Waterpark Proposal or Hotels?
  8. Great Escape in 2019 got 2 attractions Six Flags Over Georgia in 2020 is adding 2 rides
  9. There's one thing I like more than a Spotlight And that's Two Spotlights There's one thing I like more than 2 Spotlights And that's Name Changes on a Spotlight Thank You
  10. There's one thing I like more than a Spotlight And that's Two Spotlights There's one thing I like more than 2 Spotlights And that's Concept Art on a Spotlight Thank You
  11. When you charge $60 per person and don't allow people over 3 to get in free, Your not gonna get many people. If admission was free and you paid-per-ride, It would probably be more crowded.
  12. I can relate to this. Our Skull Island play area has lost so many paint that the skull looks like actually skin instead of grey
  13. Given most of Six Flags' recent additions. I wouldn't be surprised to see more in the future. They're much better than S&S Free Spins
  14. Nothing worse than getting off a Wet water ride Dry. Maybe retheme it to Penguin's Blizzard River? If you've been on the former SFKK one, I got drenched in 03.
  15. If you take a look at SFGAm's dining pass guides, You'll laugh. And our park seems to be trying to make every food place the same. We've lost smoothies, frozen yogurt, mashed potatoes, biscuits, fried chicken, baked chicken, mini hot dogs, cheeseburger tacos, sweet potato fries, and probably more that I can't remember.
  16. I 100% agree with concrete. Lasts Longer and less hot on Summer Days If we get ads on the pathways, We can remove ads from other areas.
  17. They should repave it and then put Advertising on it, Like Great Escape did with stairs. I don't really notice that bad of pavement at SFGAm
  18. We can compare to SFGAm We have 2 locations in our park. Both in the same area. Kinda like if you guys only had Freestyle's in Ale House and Johnny Rockets by the Fountain. And one of the locations is Members only.
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