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  1. A merger seems farfetched to me-but then again I've seen stranger things(ex: coasters with 7 or more loops; coasters going over 200 and then 300 feet....). The only good thing that comes to mind for me is that I would be able to spend more time at KD(SFA being my home park).
  2. Has any other parks shown interest in buying the rides? It would be a shame for Hellcat to be destroyed.
  3. Is there any chance Vortex could be sold to SFA and built near Batwing(under the name of Riddler's Revenge or Bizarro)?
  4. I think Six Flags should continue to slowly improve the parks as a whole. Next year most of SF's parks are getting at least one flat ride; the year after they could add another one or add new live entertainment and upgrade park infrastructure. As for specific parks getting specific rides in 2021,my main hope is that SFA gets new trains and a new name for their SLC.
  5. Guess what? SFA did just that for their S:ROS:at the time the park had a 200-foot height limit, so the lift hill was built to 198,and the first drop went down 205 feet into a below-grade ditch.
  6. Normally I don't do water rides but even I'm excited by the commercial!
  7. If SFA could finally build a restroom near S:ROS and hype as an "improvement for 2019" then I'm sure Great Adv. could do the same by adding LED lights to the Big Wheel.
  8. I remember only one ice cream truck and it was in Frontier Adventures : the main reason I remember is because it was a generic ice cream truck in the best-themed area. If Great Adv. ever brings back the ice cream trucks they should be themed(in appearance and music style) to their location(ex: Conestoga wagons for Frontier Adv./Plaza De Carnival that play mariachi music).
  9. If no one in Las Vegas wants it then SF should get it and retheme it to The Flash.
  10. When I was much younger I adopted an orange-colored kitten.He was pretty tame,but he loved to climb over EVERYTHING!I can only imagine what a tiger would be like.....
  11. The one I got also had the $249.99 price-but for SFA as well as Great Adv..I said it would be out of my price range for both because-A:SFA is my home park(I live very close!) and B:I've been to Great Adv./NJ enough to know what I'm getting into. Hopefully SF puts some serious thinking /planning into the hotels,and by that I mean they either lease out space to a chain(like Great Wolf)or be like Carowinds and buy into a franchise. Also,when I took the survey I said that the hotels should appeal to both registered guests(by having special incentives like early entry) and non-guests(like restaurants/nightclubs that nearby residents would/could go to),
  12. Speaking for myself , I deliberately take as little as possible to avoid losing/damaging things.Case in point:most times I go to Great Adv. or SFA the ONLY things I bring into the park are my car keys and season pass.
  13. Here's my two cents(for the time being):some of Disney's classic rides -specifically the DL/WDW/Tokyo versions of Space Mt. and Big Thunder -have lots of theming , but the actual rides are so-so;on the other hand,SF has extremely thrilling rides with little themeing. I also think SF's "problems"(if you want to call it that) is that they stick rides where they'll fit,and give it a name that has nothing to do with the section it's in(S:UF & GL at the Boardwalk,etc.);also when they did use themeing it seems they let it fall apart after a few years(Houdini's pre-show has seemingly been on the fritz for years now). A few places have rides with minimal theming but don't seem cheap or "ghetto"-such as Dollywood and BGW.A lot of their rides have the theming at the station only(such as Thunderhead,Tenn. Tornado,LNM,etc)-but then again those particular parks have exceptional natural surroundings.
  14. Viper had the park's best station and one of the best queues(second only to B:TR's and Skull Mt.'s original queues).I wish El Toro had kept the "ghost town" walkway-at least it gave partial shade on blazing-hot days.
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