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  1. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I think doing something along these lines can give Great Adv. and SF in general a "shot in the arm". The cheerleading event I think would be a no-brainer:the park has a "special event" that weekend at a bare minimum of expense.I mean-who doesn't like cheerleaders? Maybe for Holiday In The Park Great Adv. could have some sort of "gospel sing-off" where local choirs compete for either donations to their charity or free season passes. Also I think it was Disney/MGM that had an American Idol LIVE! show for a few years-basically ANY local person or tourist who had the nerve to get onstage could perform,and supposedly a few were actually good or at least interesting to watch. I think that these "thinking outside the box" events might be good for Great Adv./SF -especially in "off seasons" like late spring or September before Fright Fest.
  2. This or that?

    Good horror movies for scares. Original Hawaii 5-0,"new" Hawaii 5-0,or "forgotten" Hawaii 5-0(the little seen version form 20 years ago with Gary Busey)?
  3. This or that?

    Ford. Which Wonder Woman-Linda Carter or Gal Gadot?
  4. Seeing those pictures is unbelievable.First of all the ride is less than 20 years old,and on top of that,it's like they didn't even THINK about selling it.I mean-aren't there new parks being built in the Middle East and China that could've used it?
  5. The State of the Park Going Forward

    I wish Great Adv. -and SF in general-would renovate the parks like what they did to the area around SFA's Wild One.That area was a dead end with basically a classic coaster,a so-so drop tower and lame themeing.Now it has a cool new theme,more rides,an adult beverage area and has an alternate route to Gotham. Great Adv. could do the same,in most cases just by altering paint schemes and ride names.I think they should start by making Old Country and Movie Town into one section called "Warner Bros. Studios" and having some sort of live music show in the theater.Another do-over would be the whole Boardwalk area:I think it should get an Oceanside/Jersey Shore retheme with S:UF being renamed the Jersey Devil and Green Lantern getting sit-down trains and a shark theme and being renamed The Jersey Maneater.And the motion simulator theater could be renovated into a "flying theater" that showed custom films during different seasons. And as far as hotels go I think Great Adv. should get their own franchise-like a Best Western or Comfort Inn,and it should have on-site restaurant(s) and nightclub(s),with the possibility of adding casino space.
  6. Dancin' on Air at Great Adventure 1985

    New Coke,Menudo and 976 numbers-talk about an "80's overdose! And I wish they would bring the trees and live shows back to Great Adv.!
  7. Lost features on rides

    The original queue line for Skull Mountain and the police car under B:TR.
  8. Celebrate! - An Americana Music Hall Show

    I just watched the video-and it really is a "blast from the past"!Great Adv. and SF in general really need to get back to live shows like this!
  9. The Future of Old Country?

    I think that Old Country should be re-themed to Movie Town/DC Universe for 2019-the 20th anniversary of the War On Lines(and Great Adv.'s 45th birthday). As part of the re-theme the area gets a 2nd-gen Enterprise,Chance Wipeout,and a Disk-O(in Freefall's spot).Also there could be a superhero-style "Stomp" like show in the old arena,and some sort of musical revue in the theater(maybe splurge and get Legends In Concert).
  10. Misc GA Mumblings

    If that park doesn't want Chiller please send it to SFA!! I'm willing to give up Apocalypse for it,and Chiller could be built between Batwing & S:ROS.
  11. I'm surprised a custom ride less than 20 years old would be taken out. What If SF buys it and puts it at either The Great Escape or Great Adventure?If Great Adv. gets it the stunt arena would have to go as well as B:TR-which could then go to SFA and be put in Mind Eraser's spot.
  12. Girl falls from Great Escape sky ride

    I'm just afraid that all sky rides will either be torn down or forced to install seat belts, seat dividers, AND OTSRs.
  13. What Would You Like to See Happen With Old Country?

    I think Great Adv. should go ahead and re-theme that whole area to either "Warner Bros Studios" or "DC Universe".They could add new flats like an Enterprise and retheme Nitro to Wonder Woman.
  14. Misc GA Mumblings

    I wonder if Kings Dominion would do that with their Eiffel Tower and Drop Tower.
  15. "Beltway Trip"- 6/3 and 6/4

    It's a lot smaller but it's a long-a$$ hike to the "headliner" rides in Gotham.If you get there at opening time you could possibly cram it all in in a half-day type trip,though I do recommend you allow time for the stunt show.