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  1. GAdv Opening Weekend Photos

    That sunset photo of Nitro is fantastic!It looks like it came from a travel book or brochure!
  2. Six Flags Theme Parks Future Predictions

    Now that SF parks either have or are getting Larson Loops & Flying Scooters,how about installing second-generation Huss Condors & Enterprises in the parks?
  3. Roaring Rapids

    I think Congo Rapids should be given a thematic makeover as "Movietown Jungle Cruise"(for lack of a better name at this time).The backstory of the ride is that the riders are "stuntpeople" filming a water stunt on a "backlot river" like in the old studio days.Various props could be added like animatronic animals on the riverbanks and crashed airplanes and shipwrecks sticking out of the water.
  4. Great Adventure Confessional

    Call me crazy but I'm still not over the removal of GASM and RT;I think they still had a place at Great Adv. since they helped make the park what it is.
  5. Cedar Fair & BGSU partner on college in downtown Sandusky

    I think it's cool that there's finally a college degree specifically geared for amusement parks;most colleges do offer "hospitality management" classes,but those seem mostly geared towards hotels or restaurants/bars. On a different forum it seemed like Cedar Point had bought some empty buildings near the park;if so,might those properties be used for the "theme park college"?
  6. You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    Especially when they seem to be riding on your rear bumper for any length of time.There's been a couple of times I've had to turn my rearview mirrors away to keep the reflection from burning my eyes.
  7. Six Flags Great Adventure to Fill 4,000 Positions in 2018

    I concur:people who become managers aren't always(or almost never) the best one for the job;usually they're the ones who have simply been there the longest or are willing to suck up to the owners/senior managers(it's also known as "workplace politics").
  8. What is More Important? Looney Tunes or DC Comics

    Is that the reason they don' show the Little Rascals movies anymore?
  9. Batman: The Ride

    For B:TR's anniversary they should definitely bring back the cop car prop and add an on-ride video feature. As for a new paint job,my 3 favorites are:black track with grey supports;grey track with blue supports;and what I call "Gotham Grey":battleship grey track with charcoal grey supports.
  10. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Now all you need is a radar gun so you can check Kingda Ka's speed!
  11. What song reminds you of GAdv.

    For me it's "Mambo No.5" by Lou Bega.It was a new song that was starting to get airplay when I first went to Great Adv. in Sept. 1999(long live Coaster Celebration!).Now every time people talk about that one-hit wonder I think of coasters!
  12. Theme Park Skylines

    Kings Dominion has always had a cool skyline:at first it was just the Eiffel Tower,but then The Lost World,Shockwave,Dominator,etc. grew up around it. Also I'd give an honorable mention,believe it or not, to Seaside Heights-especially when they still had Funtown Pier.Coming across the bridge towards Seaside-especially in the early evening when it start getting dark-and seeing the rides lit up against the ocean was amazing.I'm glad Casino Pier is still around,but seeing TWO piers in the distance was something amazing to me.
  13. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Does it still have the cop car spotlight on it?
  14. Six Flags Additions for 2018

    I'm surprised by how much SFA is actually doing this year.I already knew of the improved kiddie-river ride,but the upgrades to the wave pool and the original slides are an unexpected(though very necessary)bonus.I wonder if the "backstage improvements" will include restrooms back towards Batwing or a walkway connecting Gotham to Coyote Creek,
  15. Ski Areas vs. Theme Parks

    First of all,some ski areas have been adding things like ziplines to make money in the off season. Second of all,ski areas don't have expensive attractions like Kingda Ka to maintain or overpriced intellectual properties to pay royalties for.