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  1. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Now all you need is a radar gun so you can check Kingda Ka's speed!
  2. What song reminds you of GAdv.

    For me it's "Mambo No.5" by Lou Bega.It was a new song that was starting to get airplay when I first went to Great Adv. in Sept. 1999(long live Coaster Celebration!).Now every time people talk about that one-hit wonder I think of coasters!
  3. Theme Park Skylines

    Kings Dominion has always had a cool skyline:at first it was just the Eiffel Tower,but then The Lost World,Shockwave,Dominator,etc. grew up around it. Also I'd give an honorable mention,believe it or not, to Seaside Heights-especially when they still had Funtown Pier.Coming across the bridge towards Seaside-especially in the early evening when it start getting dark-and seeing the rides lit up against the ocean was amazing.I'm glad Casino Pier is still around,but seeing TWO piers in the distance was something amazing to me.
  4. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Does it still have the cop car spotlight on it?
  5. Six Flags Additions for 2018

    I'm surprised by how much SFA is actually doing this year.I already knew of the improved kiddie-river ride,but the upgrades to the wave pool and the original slides are an unexpected(though very necessary)bonus.I wonder if the "backstage improvements" will include restrooms back towards Batwing or a walkway connecting Gotham to Coyote Creek,
  6. Ski Areas vs. Theme Parks

    First of all,some ski areas have been adding things like ziplines to make money in the off season. Second of all,ski areas don't have expensive attractions like Kingda Ka to maintain or overpriced intellectual properties to pay royalties for.
  7. Escape Room Upcharge at Great Adventure - If added would you try it?

    Personally I almost never do upcharges at major parks,but escape rooms might change my mind.If Great Adv. did it,would it be year-round or only during Fright Fest(like KI/KD's Skeleton Key rooms)?Would they also have it during HITP or expand it to other SF parks?If SFA did it,they could have "Escape From Hall Manor"!
  8. Day 22 - Dark Knight Enchancements

    Once again-I like the pre-show,but then again Great Adv. isn't my home park(if it was I probably hate it too).Maybe they can make a shortcut that bypasses the pre-show and leads straight to the ride station;it could be themed as one of Batman's secret escape routes.
  9. Fireworks Ring in the New Year Early at GA on Dec 31- CANCELLED

    When I was a kid I got to buy fireworks from South Of The Border,and light them off on New Year's & July 4th,so fireworks DO have a shelf life as long as they're in a cool dry spot. However,Great Adv. probably put a refundable down payment at a professional pyrotechnical company for a New Year's display.
  10. Gr.Adv.Debate #43: Only one "big bucks" project

    I voted for the War On Lines because:(A)-it gave Great Adv. 2 of m favorite rides(Medusa & Houdini)and(B)-I think Great Adv. should've had HH an actual part of the theme park (like SFA) or waited for somebody like Great Wolf Lodge to make an offer.
  11. Day 1 - Improve Select Areas of Pavement

    I know this is wishful thinking,but it would be cool if Great Adv. tried to get "themed" concrete for the walkways:basically in Frontier Adventures the concrete would be dirt-colored and have animal prints in it(deer/wolf/horses,etc) and in Movie Town they could try to make it like the Hollywood Walk Of Fame,but with Warner Bros./DC Comics characters.
  12. Does Great Adv. still have any of the animated displays used for the Holiday Lights event?If so they could go back to using the safari area for HITP after the animals are sent to their winter home(s),and the safari trucks could be driven by Santa Claus himself.
  13. Day 22 - Dark Knight Enchancements

    I actually liked the "Why So Serious?" pre-show-I think it's the best part of the ride IMO.Maybe the park can re-profile the actual ride in next years(2018/19)off season to contain a "drop track" section or at least a couple more drops.
  14. Day 23 - Skull Mountain Enchancements

    IIRC the black lights and jack-o-lanterns were originally used only for Fright Fest.Maybe the park can change the interior props with each season:skulls & skeletons for FF,indoor snow machine for HITP,and total darkness for the regular season. And is it possible for there to be a scareactor hiding in the lift hill's "cave"(the flat area hidden by the waterfall)?I always thought it would be cool to have someone to scare the train as it went by.
  15. If they wanted to stick to using movie/TV-based themes for rides they could use the "Lethal Weapon" and "Police Academy" series.If they really wanted to freak people out they could re-theme the rides with totally new & original themeing/characters.