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  1. Speaking for myself , I deliberately take as little as possible to avoid losing/damaging things.Case in point:most times I go to Great Adv. or SFA the ONLY things I bring into the park are my car keys and season pass.
  2. Here's my two cents(for the time being):some of Disney's classic rides -specifically the DL/WDW/Tokyo versions of Space Mt. and Big Thunder -have lots of theming , but the actual rides are so-so;on the other hand,SF has extremely thrilling rides with little themeing. I also think SF's "problems"(if you want to call it that) is that they stick rides where they'll fit,and give it a name that has nothing to do with the section it's in(S:UF & GL at the Boardwalk,etc.);also when they did use themeing it seems they let it fall apart after a few years(Houdini's pre-show has seemingly been on the fritz for years now). A few places have rides with minimal theming but don't seem cheap or "ghetto"-such as Dollywood and BGW.A lot of their rides have the theming at the station only(such as Thunderhead,Tenn. Tornado,LNM,etc)-but then again those particular parks have exceptional natural surroundings.
  3. Viper had the park's best station and one of the best queues(second only to B:TR's and Skull Mt.'s original queues).I wish El Toro had kept the "ghost town" walkway-at least it gave partial shade on blazing-hot days.
  4. Short answer : I wish. Long answer : From my understanding,finding people good enough for SF's superheroes is almost as tough as being a Disney princess: DC Comics has final say who gets what part,and they can be really picky,even for characters who are "fully covered" like Batman and The Flash.I remember about a year or two ago on these same forums this topic came up and a girl who had supposedly played Wonder Woman (about 10 years earlier) posted similar stories.
  5. I think Six Flags should go all-out for their 60th anniversary in 2021 and give all parks new rides.The primary ones would be second-generation Condors and Enterprises as well as Tilt-a-Whirls.At one time most SF parks HAD those types of rides but were removed;if SF could stick Larson Loops in every park,why not replace former rides with updated versions?
  6. I haven't been to the park yet this year, but Sundays tend to be the slowest-especially in the late morning/early afternoon.
  7. Maybe they could bring back Viper as a shuttle coaster. The crazy part is that Premier Rides(who built Chiller among others) bought up the rights to the TOGO rides(like Viper);heck their website features Ultra Twister in the "Ride Maintenance" section. Maybe the new Viper could be a Mr. Freeze clone, but instead of a straight vertical spike, it's an upwards inline twist inside a ringed tower.
  8. Maybe for 2020 Great Adv. could start using the Great Arena for live stunt shows like Medieval Nights or Dixie Stampede and replace the stunt arena with a "flying cinema" like Soarin' Over California.
  9. Maybe they could put a new rotor in the Observatory building. And with the "Lethal Weapon" TV show,would they ever consider using it as a theme for rides & shows?
  10. I've had the opposite happen to me!About 10+ years ago I got on Skyway at The Fort by myself,but then 2 foreign guys(possibly German/Swedish) got in also. The only other time I "ride-shared" on a non-coaster ride was about 20 years ago on the Giant Wheel;the main reason I remember that incident was because the couple I was riding with said they hadn't been to Great Adv. since the '70's.
  11. It's good to see Cedar Fair "up their game" in that way;although coasters and other thrill rides are the main reason I go to any park,I appreciate other features like shows and special events. And is that "Forbidden Frontier" anything like what Disney is/was doing?I remember Disney had something called "Treasure Hunt" that was an interactive search around Adventureland,and it featured animatronic displays that were hidden/disguised by themeing.
  12. I know this is wishful thinking,but with Volcano's removal KD would have the space for a chain-lift style invert or better yet a brand-new version of The Lost World.The new version could have a higher capacity/more efficient flume ride with better animatronics and a backwards section,a newer version of Time Shaft,and Flight Of Fear could be re-themed(and the MCBR removed)and made part of the new mountain.
  13. Here's some ideas for themed area music: Hurricane Harbor-steel drum bands Boardwalk-classic surf rock(like "Tequila" and "Wipeout") Movie Town-movie soundtracks of course Plaza Del Carnavale-Santana,ZZ Top,Gypsy Kings(or at least royalty-free music that is similar in style).
  14. I'm all for anything that could enhance what Great Adv. has already got-I'm actually surprised they haven't done it/tried it sooner.Could anything like that be used for the lake also?
  15. The Great ADVENTure Calendar lately has been bringing up lots of great ideas:getting rid of the painball building;new LEDs for the Big Wheel;replacing lost panels and band organ on the carousel,etc..I wouldn't mind putting off a new coaster if 2 or more of those ideas were done in the near future.
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