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  1. ericthewanderer

    Misc GA Mumblings

    This maybe a little farfetched,but I think Great Adv. should get Domino's to repave the parking lot,and then advertise it as "the world's largest Domino's Hot Spot".Domino's then could have a food truck that cruises the parking lot selling pre-made pizzas!
  2. ericthewanderer

    Day 4 - Add More Dining Options

    Basically I think SF should "steal away" whatever foodservice directors/operators they can from WDW,BGW,Bellagio or at least Dollywood or Knott's.It seems all those other places have consistently better choices/quality/etc. .However I do think SF has made a step or two in the right direction(like with the food truck events).
  3. ericthewanderer

    Gr.Adv.Debate #51: Bringing back the past

    Good news-Intermark Ride Group has a Freefall for sale!Other than that my choices are: 1-Scream Machine 2-Rolling Thunder with only lap bars 3-Chiller with newer OTSRs(the lap bars and ankle restraints were a little narrow for me). 4-new shows for the Showcase Theater and Stunt Arena. 5-Temple Of The Tiger show. Honorable mentions:Fort Independence dive/dolphin shows;Glow In The Dark parade;park open until midnight during the summer;more cohesive themeing(ex:no superheroes on the boardwalk);replace all those lost trees(or as many as possible-it shocks me to see how much the park has lost in that area);Giant Teepee;and Viper(so people can experience that torture device in person).
  4. ericthewanderer

    Six Flags Theme Parks Future Predictions

    I think that SF in general will continue to renovate their parks one section at a time.First it was SFA with the Mardi Gras re-theme of the area around Wild One and now SFNE has a Gotham City because their Mind Eraser became Riddler's Revenge(after getting new trains and a paint job). Here's some examples of what I would like to see: SFA-Coyote Creek upgrades/expansion.Basically the "pirate area" is re-themed to blend in more with Coyote Creek. Mind Eraser gets new trains and a paint job to become Thunderbird. Roar gets new lap bar-only trains and is renamed either Viper or Diamond Back. Apocalypse gets sit-down trains and a paint job but keeps the fire effects to become Firestorm. Shipwreck Falls becomes Diamond Falls. Great Adv.-I still think S:UF and Green Lantern should re-themed to fit in with the Boardwalk area(especiallyif it means getting sit-down trains for GL). Great Adv. also should get a new motion simulator to replace the old Right Stuff one. Great Adv. should get together with Vekoma and Oak Island Creative to find ways they could change the theming & effects Houdini's Great Escape for the various holidays:for Halloween the séance could resurrect the Headless Horseman or the Jersey Devil,and for Christmas the séance could provoke the Krampus.
  5. Although this falls in the "would've/could've/should've" catergory(as well as Monday morning quarterbacking),but Time Warner could've/should've been more like ABC & Disney:get Warner Bros. tv shows to film at various SF parks,and TNT/TBS/Cartoon Network could run endless commercials for SF Parks. Also Warner Bros. should've put the various outdoor arenas at the parks(like Great Adv.'s) for promoting WB recording artists:the parks could've been used for world-tour kickoff/grand finale celebrations,special reunions,etc.
  6. ericthewanderer

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I just saw on other sites that SFOG's train caught on fire and 2 employees were injured.Hopefully they-the employees AND the park-quickly recover.
  7. ericthewanderer

    Great American Scream Machine

    I just "skimmed" thru the video.While the guy IS entitled to his opinion,it sounded like his main problem was that he didn't keep his head back during the ride,which caused the headbanging.And he also disliked RMT also!
  8. ericthewanderer

    Great Adventure on the Jackson Township Seal

    I like seeing old articles like that because it almost always gives a unique perspective on the park(or any park for that matter).Case in point:Great Adv.'s first season got 1.3 million people and it was considered a FLOP?!?!?
  9. ericthewanderer

    *NEW* Looney Tunes Character Albums

    I was thinking the same thing!It's almost as scary as the Mickey Mouse costumes from the 1950's.
  10. ericthewanderer

    Misc GA Mumblings

    WTF is all this about a "no keys" rule for the rides?Usually when I go to a park the ONLY things I have on me is a season pass and my car keys.....is SF trying to force more people to pay for the lockers?
  11. ericthewanderer

    GAdv Opening Weekend Photos

    That sunset photo of Nitro is fantastic!It looks like it came from a travel book or brochure!
  12. ericthewanderer

    Six Flags Theme Parks Future Predictions

    Now that SF parks either have or are getting Larson Loops & Flying Scooters,how about installing second-generation Huss Condors & Enterprises in the parks?
  13. ericthewanderer

    Roaring Rapids

    I think Congo Rapids should be given a thematic makeover as "Movietown Jungle Cruise"(for lack of a better name at this time).The backstory of the ride is that the riders are "stuntpeople" filming a water stunt on a "backlot river" like in the old studio days.Various props could be added like animatronic animals on the riverbanks and crashed airplanes and shipwrecks sticking out of the water.
  14. ericthewanderer

    Great Adventure Confessional

    Call me crazy but I'm still not over the removal of GASM and RT;I think they still had a place at Great Adv. since they helped make the park what it is.
  15. ericthewanderer

    Cedar Fair & BGSU partner on college in downtown Sandusky

    I think it's cool that there's finally a college degree specifically geared for amusement parks;most colleges do offer "hospitality management" classes,but those seem mostly geared towards hotels or restaurants/bars. On a different forum it seemed like Cedar Point had bought some empty buildings near the park;if so,might those properties be used for the "theme park college"?