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  1. Maybe SF could retheme Hurricane Harbor from "generic tropical island" to more of a "1950's Tiki bar/Beach Boys surfer rock" theme.
  2. I think Great Adv. should do what Carowinds finally did and buy a franchise hotel: they'll get managerial assistance and national publicity, but still get the majority of profit. And it would probably increase attendance during Fright Fest and HITP.
  3. I think the queue and station for the Jersey Devil should be made to look like a paranormal museum-that is, there are displays of pictures , footprints , etc. that could be either real or "unauthenticated" and they show videos of actual Jersey Devil investigations(Destination Truth did a decent one a long time ago).
  4. I think it would be cool if the Big Wheel kept the floral pattern but added "chaser" lights to it.
  5. How about B:TR getting a 2-tone blue makeover like SFOG? Or have it be an all-grey one?
  6. What if Great Adv. built their own version of Escape From Pompeii or Journey To Atlantis? It could literally be themed to any section they put it in.
  7. Great Adv. should get a clone of either KD's Scooby-Doo(but themed after a Looney Tunes character) or Grona Lund's Twister.
  8. I think they should rebuild Rolling Thunder with Topper Track and lap bar-only trains.
  9. A merger seems farfetched to me-but then again I've seen stranger things(ex: coasters with 7 or more loops; coasters going over 200 and then 300 feet....). The only good thing that comes to mind for me is that I would be able to spend more time at KD(SFA being my home park).
  10. Has any other parks shown interest in buying the rides? It would be a shame for Hellcat to be destroyed.
  11. Is there any chance Vortex could be sold to SFA and built near Batwing(under the name of Riddler's Revenge or Bizarro)?
  12. I think Six Flags should continue to slowly improve the parks as a whole. Next year most of SF's parks are getting at least one flat ride; the year after they could add another one or add new live entertainment and upgrade park infrastructure. As for specific parks getting specific rides in 2021,my main hope is that SFA gets new trains and a new name for their SLC.
  13. Guess what? SFA did just that for their S:ROS:at the time the park had a 200-foot height limit, so the lift hill was built to 198,and the first drop went down 205 feet into a below-grade ditch.
  14. Normally I don't do water rides but even I'm excited by the commercial!
  15. If SFA could finally build a restroom near S:ROS and hype as an "improvement for 2019" then I'm sure Great Adv. could do the same by adding LED lights to the Big Wheel.
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