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  1. I say Anheuser-Busch should take back both Busch Gardens and their respective water parks,as well as Sesame Place,and let SF buy up the SeaWorld parks.Once that happens the SeaWorld parks would be all renamed "Six Flags Atlantis" and given a mythological makeovers.The Aquatica parks would be rethemed to their respective regions:Orlando would get a Carribean makeover and feature steel drum music,San Diego would get a 1950's tiki/surfer movie makeover,while San Antonio would be rethemed with an Aztec/Carnivale style.
  2. ericthewanderer

    Did you ever get sick on a ride?

    The worst experience I ever had was a bad case of dizziness on a scrambler-type ride at Rehoboth Beach in 1983;about a year later a similar case happened on the Enterprise at Wild World(now SFA).The weird thing was this was the period of time I was seriously getting into coasters-especially ones with loops!
  3. I've heard the stories of Universal's "Batman Island" plans for awhile now.I've always wondered if SF was ever allowed to see any of the plans/sketches when they got the rights to DC characters,or if they were considered "off-limits" because the plans belonged to Universal.
  4. ericthewanderer

    New Batman Stunt Show Idea

    Personally I would love to see Great Adv.'s(and SFA's) stunt arenas be put to full-time use.One major thing preventing a comeback of the Batman stunt shows might be the cost;a few years ago at SFA there was a pre-season ACE event,and the stunt show supervisor alleged that the royalties DC Comics expected from the shows were prohibitive in the long run.
  5. ericthewanderer

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I think Great Adv.(and SF parks in general) should concentrate on doing is adding flat rides and revitalizing/rethemeing existing areas,like what SFA did with Wild One's area or Magic Mt.'s steampunk makeover of Colossus.
  6. ericthewanderer

    Future of Bizarro

    Bizarro better not leave-it's my favorite ride in the park(tied with El Toro). What Great Adv, should try to do is see if they could shoehorn SOMETHING back there with it-even if it's just a tilt-a-whirl or rotor ride. And for the ride's 20th birthday it should be re-themed & repainted.While I prefer it be changed to Saquatch,I have a better version of the "Medusa" theme in mind:that of an native witch gone bad.The story would be she had a falling-out with the local tribes & settlers,and said she would haunt them forever in the form of a giant snake.The new sign for the ride could be a tribal-style carved wood sign of a woman's head with snakes for hair.
  7. ericthewanderer

    Legends in Concert at the Showcase Theatre in 1993

    Technically I've never seen a complete show,but 20+ years ago I was living in Hawaii.There was a mall called The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center that had a long-running production of the show.I never actually went since the show seemed to be aimed mostly at the tourist crowd,but occasionally the then-current performers would put on a "sneak preview" in the shopping center's main lobby.Basically it would be 2 or 3 performers who would sing 2 shortened versions of their songs and then hype up that evening's show. I think SF should give it another shot,especially since Great Adv. is in dire need of live shows.My idea is that a group of SF parks(such as Great Adv.,Darien Lake,and SFNE) would all have it for a season;however each park would have a different line-up at the beginning of the season,and halfway through the summer the parks would "trade" a couple of their performers to another park to keep the show interesting.Also I think the show(s) should be hosted by a comedian impersonator(like Rodney Dangerfield,Joan Rivers or Whoopi Goldberg) who would introduce the acts and could add jokes dealing with current events.
  8. ericthewanderer

    Misc GA Mumblings

    After taking another look I noticed the "fakeness" of it,but then again,couldn't Great Adv. or Cedar Point actually do that?I mean there where plenty of times Great Adv. put advertisements on coaster trains......
  9. ericthewanderer

    Batman: The Ride

    I wish they would bring back the cop car mister in the lower queue area.
  10. ericthewanderer

    Misc GA Mumblings

    In another forum I saw pictures of Cedar Point's sky ride gondolas decorated to look like jack-o-lanterns.I wish Great Adv. would do something like that!
  11. If 4D ever comes back to any of the SF parks,the best way to do it is have a similar system to Star Tours-that is a group of 3-6 individual small theaters instead of a single gigantic screen.That way in the slow seasons only 1 or 2 screens are used(instead of the usual 4/5).The first ones of course would be built at Great Adv. & MM,then Great Am. and OT.If SF does it right it could have multiple movies with an even greater number of different endings (again-like Star Tours) or different holiday movies .
  12. ericthewanderer

    Which Areas Would You Like To See Rethemed?

    Movietown and Boardwalk have needed upgrades/overhauls in themeing for years(or at least in my opinion).Long story short: MOVIETOWN becomes DC Universe as Nitro is renamed Superman and the Showcase Theater is renamed Warner Brothers Showroom.If Congo Rapids is being kept as-is it can be re-done as something like "Stuntman Rapids";the "story"/theme is that it's a fake river at a movie studio where they're filming an action flick and the on-ride camera prints your picture on a "movie poster"-type background. BOARDWALK is upgraded to Jersey Boardwalk and ocean themes are given to every thing.I still think S:UF should renamed Jersey Devil and GL be given sit-down trains and called Manatawan (spelling?)Maneater .The Parachutes would be given a Coast Guard re-theme and called Pararescue Training Center and the various arcades would be rethemed as casinos. The biggest makeover would be the park's entrance and midsection.I think Great Adv. should renovate the entrance along the lines of what their plans were about 30 years ago-the bigger fountain with a unisphere,etc. and call the section The Pan-American Exposition.They would first get rid of the shooting gallery near the Dream Street tents and repave that entire area with tiles and add chaser light-style light packages to the buildings in that area(like Main Street USA at the Disney Parks) and upgrade the lights on the ferris wheel. PS-I still think they should rename Medusa/Bizarro Sasquatch and have distinct music styles for each section of the park(movie soundtracks for around B:TR & JL,country & bluegrass for Frontier Adv.,etc).
  13. ericthewanderer

    Misc GA Mumblings

    This maybe a little farfetched,but I think Great Adv. should get Domino's to repave the parking lot,and then advertise it as "the world's largest Domino's Hot Spot".Domino's then could have a food truck that cruises the parking lot selling pre-made pizzas!
  14. ericthewanderer

    Day 4 - Add More Dining Options

    Basically I think SF should "steal away" whatever foodservice directors/operators they can from WDW,BGW,Bellagio or at least Dollywood or Knott's.It seems all those other places have consistently better choices/quality/etc. .However I do think SF has made a step or two in the right direction(like with the food truck events).
  15. ericthewanderer

    Gr.Adv.Debate #51: Bringing back the past

    Good news-Intermark Ride Group has a Freefall for sale!Other than that my choices are: 1-Scream Machine 2-Rolling Thunder with only lap bars 3-Chiller with newer OTSRs(the lap bars and ankle restraints were a little narrow for me). 4-new shows for the Showcase Theater and Stunt Arena. 5-Temple Of The Tiger show. Honorable mentions:Fort Independence dive/dolphin shows;Glow In The Dark parade;park open until midnight during the summer;more cohesive themeing(ex:no superheroes on the boardwalk);replace all those lost trees(or as many as possible-it shocks me to see how much the park has lost in that area);Giant Teepee;and Viper(so people can experience that torture device in person).