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  1. ericthewanderer

    Day 4- Themed area music

    Here's some ideas for themed area music: Hurricane Harbor-steel drum bands Boardwalk-classic surf rock(like "Tequila" and "Wipeout") Movie Town-movie soundtracks of course Plaza Del Carnavale-Santana,ZZ Top,Gypsy Kings(or at least royalty-free music that is similar in style).
  2. I'm all for anything that could enhance what Great Adv. has already got-I'm actually surprised they haven't done it/tried it sooner.Could anything like that be used for the lake also?
  3. ericthewanderer

    New Non-Attraction Improvement Suggestions

    The Great ADVENTure Calendar lately has been bringing up lots of great ideas:getting rid of the painball building;new LEDs for the Big Wheel;replacing lost panels and band organ on the carousel,etc..I wouldn't mind putting off a new coaster if 2 or more of those ideas were done in the near future.
  4. A real band organ should used for the carousel-either a renovated antique or brand new.The musical possibilities are endless nowadays for carousels:patriotic(for July 4),Christmas carols,etc..
  5. What if they installed colored lights under the waterline?
  6. Severn-Lamb makes replica paddlewheel boats that could be used.And judging from Google satellite pictures,there seems to be a small island on the opposite side of the lake(across from Skull Mt./Seaport area).Is there any possibility of having a boat ride around that island(preferably with a prop or three along the way)?
  7. ericthewanderer

    Day 19 - 2018: Add a Show to the Stunt Arena

    Is there any way that a temporary pool could be built?Because with the success of the new Aquaman movie I'm sure Great Adv. has a little regret tearing down Ft. Independence.
  8. They could also add bamboo and "elephant ear" plants in addition to the other cold-hardy palms,etc..HH could also use gas-powered tiki torches and tiki statues.
  9. ericthewanderer

    First Roller Coaster on a Cruise Ship Planned

    It would really be cool if they could somehow incorporate a splashdown element that uses the ocean!!
  10. Under a similar topic not long ago I suggested rethemeing the area of S:UF/GL/Parachutes to a COAST GUARD base:basically the parachutes would be a "rescue training simulator" and GL would get sit-down trains and be called Matawan Maneater.
  11. Supposedly the Big Wheel started with 27,000 lights and is now down to 15,000 +;I would love it if LEDs could replace ALL of them.
  12. Would people still be paying for soda or would it be like Holiday World were soda is free?
  13. ericthewanderer

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    I hope nobody finds out my favorite Christmas song is "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"!!!!
  14. ericthewanderer

    Day 3 - 2018: Expand Menu Options

    I know this is far-fetched for Six Flags,but my 3 main ideas for expanding the menus are: 1-add their own microbrew.There are numerous companies that sell self-contained brew-on-site systems that require minimal training and upkeep. 2-add their own ice cream factory.Like with the microbrew systems there could be a made-on-site ice cream parlor. 3-Get connected with the local trade schools and community colleges that feature foodservice training.The professors/instructors who teach the classes in the off-season would be the foodservice supervisors at the park during the season;if the students get a good enough grade during the class they are offered full-time employment during the summer(and now with HITP,probably winter too).
  15. Maybe SF could refresh the old waterparks all at once,but each region would get different styles of props:the northeast parks(SFA,Great Adv.,SFNE) get tiki-style makeovers,the mid-west parks like Great Am. &SFSTL get Carribean style do-overs,etc.Doing the makeovers at once or close together should be cheaper(from buying all the paint,thatch roofing,etc. in bulk).