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  1. Kristi Rules and Chris drools =) mwahahaha

  2. I don't know which one to pick because I haven't seen either of them but I guess I'd pick fraggle rock because they are the closest to the muppets whom I LOVE. Uncle Jesse or Jesse James?
  3. Hola... So see an entire season gone by now and you are still alive after trying to keep up with me during them. Though I think Mike and Kelly may not be going back anytime soon since I think my constant walking back and forth across the park really wore them out. And just think not long till 09 begins :)

  4. You forgot to mention in your overview that you are insane =P lol jk <3 (or am i?)
  5. Hey hey hey... Get ready for this coming saturday because it is coming up fast :)

  6. I'll guess just this one more time...is it Freefall?
  7. Guess who? Your favoritest person in the whole wide world! hahaha Just dropped in to leave my mark again haha (not to really leave an important message or anything bc i would obviously just tell u now since i am talking to you) LOL Love you <3 (that doesnt embarass u does it? haha hope not =) LOL)

  8. Im not sure I remember my very FIRST time at the park, everything is kinda jumbled up b/c I didnt go as often when I was little as I do now...but the most prominent memory would have to be when I went with my parents and my sister Stephanie and my best friend Karen. My dad went on Viper by himself and his wallet and housekey fell out of his pocket during the spiral part. THEN my mom, who is a diabetic, had a low blood sugar and my sister got sick, so they were at the first aid building while my dad, karen and I tried to figure out how to find my dads wallet and keys. The wallet somehow made it, I guess, onto the sidewalk and someone picked it up and took all the money out and through the wallet out, so we found that in a garbage can with the help of the park staff, but the key we never saw again (which is a shame b/c our house is old and we still have skeleton keys, so the key was almost as old as the house). Even though this seems like the absolute day from hell, and it was at thet time, its probably one of my favorite memories of the park because its funny to look back on now.
  9. Runaway Train was the first...but Batman:The Ride was my first BIG roller coaster ride (Scream machine didnt come until much later and as we were going up for the firrst drop my dad gave me a heart attack telling me that the ride didnt make such loud noises the last time he was on it) I couldve beaten him...HAHA
  10. Although this seemed slightly unwelcoming, I'm happy my ALICE IN WONDERLAND video was useful.
  11. Thanks to my mom for video taping Alice and Wonderland for me in 1991 HAHA
  12. I am sorry you don't like Zeebo. I'll consider changing him just seemed right being that hes from the tale about an amusement park :)

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