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  1. I have them from 96-98. I have my section scanned and can do the rest if you still need them.
  2. This would be a tie for me between Enterprise or the Log Flume. The Enterprise made me want to vomit everytime I watched it while the Log Flume made me want to just fall asleep. I always preferred staying at Viper. It was so much fun for me and allowed so much more interaction than the other rides.
  3. In order for my confidence to increase in the overall operation of the park, Great Adventure at least, needs to reopen Houdini, get a swing ride and turn more traditional. The overall SF Chain seems to be wanting to remove these classic rides even those I find it fantastic that they are restoring certain classic rides including many coasters. I just do not believe this is happenning in our case.
  4. I also re-rode Robin so many times during the '98 employee party and thought I was going to pass out when I was finished. The torture just continued on Batman The Ride and Freefall.... ahhhh good times!
  5. ^A Happy New Year to you and everyone else as well. Best wishes are also extended to any family which you may have.
  6. Actually while it sounds funny it was very easy to refurb Viper and actually make it a much better ride. If you remember the summer of 97 the markings were even all over the ground and station. The modifications were fact but cut for budget reason. After "twist" you went into a three level helix which would slow the train down before entering the heartline area making that area not as "intense/rough". The final turns would also be taken at a much slower speed reducing the side jarring that occurred. The first row of one train was also given a thick Styrofoam that made the ride more tolerable. The major issue simply was budget and Togo's issues at the time.
  7. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to email you Eric. I keep getting forum member name not found (or something like that). Anyway I will start scanning tonight. Did you want the entire book or just certain departments?
  8. Maybe the odd wheel sound is to make it sound more like a subway car? I know that any subway I have been on squeaks and screeches like mad.
  9. I have one from each season I worked there 96,97,98.
  10. Man was Campbell intense but a great guy. I miss so many people from the Viper days. I keep in touch with a few still but want to try to contact a few more, especially Rochelle. I was looking through all my Viper pics last night of the crew and realized what a great time I actually had working there for three years. The fact that most of us remained on the same ride also allowed us to form a bond that is hard to find almost anywhere. Cables was the most difficult ride I ever worked on. I do not know how you guys did it all day. I worked on it once when they were doing track work on Viper and was like dancing up and down when they called me back over to start up the ride for the state inspector. I will never forget the day that Shaun was training someone new and was at the top of the lift for a block check and the side attendant accidentally hit the emergency stop on the side panel that was next to the operator booth. The entire lift shook like crazy with an e-stop. I called him to make sure he was OK and while he was shaky and scared the girl training with him was in tears. Trying to lie to the supervisor and maintenance men that we didn't know what happened (since e-stops are actually safety violations in some cases) was such a chore. I felt so bad for Shaun and the girl but we laughed at it 5 mins later since everyone was OK. ...good times.
  11. Does anyone still keep in touch with Campbell or Rochelle Scotti from that time period?
  12. If those numbers were true I could take a nice vacation since I would actually have an amazing return on investment.
  13. I never thought Viper was a bad ride. I found the last transition to be bad but overall I have been on much worse. I assume my experience with the attraction had much to do with heightening the enjoyment. Hypersonic is still the only ride that I can say nothing good about.
  14. If a park as amazing as Dollywood cannot keep a Topple Tower working properly why would we want one at GADV? It seems to me that many of the Huss rides are nothing but issues in the US.
  15. Little Rolling Thunder followed by Runaway Mine Train a few seasons later.
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