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  1. I'm so glad to hear that- And thanks for the picture too! =)
  2. Did they put the llamas where the turtle used to be? Please tell me they're bringing my turtle back this year! =)
  3. nice screenname, its very creative

  4. Another song used at Kingda (one of my fav's!) is by Zombie Nation- the song is called Kernkraft 400 =D
  5. Thanks for sharing that link to the photos of KK's old queue line- I've been curious for quite some time! =)
  6. This summer was full of firsts for me- my first Great Adventure pass was gifted to me and I finally ponied up to ride my first coaster- GASM. These are some of the pictures that I took over the course of 20 visits or so. Enjoy! =)
  7. Lol- thanks warnerleroy, i just found this. It's too bad that they don't give GASM the credit that she deserved... I mean, she was the first coaster ever with Dual Diagnostics, right? (Please, correct me if I'm wrong)... So many innovations made, it's a shame that she went to scrap instead of going to another park. Also, I'm always looking for old videos, photos, personal encounters with her if you know of any. GASM obsessed =)
  8. Any word on what's to be done with the last remaining loop? Wait, it's still there right? It'd be amazing if they left it as a memorial. =)
  9. Very sad, indeed. Wasn't this one of the only remaining tiger shows in the US? I was honored enough to see it about 5 times this year, but was really looking forward to taking my children next month. This doesn't seem like a smart cut-back in my opinion... Chang had better be one amazing coaster! =0
  10. GA has had many record breakers over the years, and may very well be in other editions of the Guiness book. Thanks for peaking my curiosity. =)
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