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  1. QUOTE(warnerleroy @ Sep 8 2010, 09:16 PM) Nighttime Dance Party FTW Do they still do that? I remember either last season or the one before it they had a bunch of lights on the roofs of the main street building flashing along with blasting music. Wasn't much to choose to do again for the 2011 season.
  2. And we lost Water Effect and the flume with a million names (just go ahead and pick one of them lol) too. indeed.
  3. Don't we already have one? Just minus the awesome fruit theme of course lol
  4. It was pretty packed, they said they had over 10,000 pre-sold tickets just for today.
  5. I don't think two indoor coasters pretty much straight across from each other would look too nice or exciting, people like indoor coasters but there is only so much you can fit indoors, plus people also like looking at the coaster run its course from the ground which can't be done with an indoor coaster. And they could just plant grass and trees and other theming in a parking lot area, the Golden Kingdom used to be a parking lot, at least the Ka portion of it.
  6. I agree completley, having 2 on the train makes it practically impossible to roll trains into the station and avoid stacking, with 4 on the train we usually get the train in the station out while the second train is just either coming through the barrel roll into the service brake or just coming on the safety brake.
  7. Superman. I think that anyone that has ever worked there know's exactly why pretty much everyone hates working there lol.
  8. What have been doing over at Ka anyway? I may have seen you at some point too lol
  9. It's possible! I'm usually on the left station, usually as a loader as well.
  10. I worked Scream Machine, on it's last day too! But aside from that my home ride now is Superman, but unofficailly Ka, considering I've been sent there almost everyday since Superman went down. Twice. lol
  11. Hi, I'm Joe. I've been going to the park for years since I was little and am currently working there in rides, mostly at Kingda Ka but occasionally at Superman and when Scream Machine was open, I was sometimes there. I was also there operating it on its last day. Anyway, I'm also very interested in the park's past and love seeing pictures of the park in previous years and seeing things that bring back memories from coming to the park when I was little. So anyway, talk to everyone later!
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