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  1. She actually worked there, she was an attendant not a guest. Oh well, I knew it was only a 50/50 chance since one attendant said it would and the other said it would not. Do you work there? Just curious how you had such close access to it.
  2. I was at Great Adventure last Friday after seeing the American Carnage tour the day before, boy was I sore. In any event, the best view of the Autobahn was indeed from Cabana Grove as one of the members posted. I had a pretty clear view from right outside the gate; it's a restricted area that you have to pay for in order to gain access. I spoke with one lady, the first time I went there. She stated if you go rent a Cabana, ($26.XX) for one person, you can actually go right up to the old Autobahn. She says there is a gate in there, that's supposedly open, according to her. Now here's the real juicy news I got from her. She said they have been sprucing up the place, painting it, cleaning it up, etc. She thinks that the Autobahn and the Old Country section will reopen in 2011 or 2012. However, I went back later in the day and spoke with some very attractive young lady attendant at the Cabana, she was gorgeous, sorry I digress. In any event, she seemed to think they were not going to open it up again. 2011 or 2012 could be a very interesting year for the Autobahn (old Haunted Castle site) and the Old Country in general.
  3. Hi and thanks for welcoming me aboard. So if I am near the Dark Knight and Old Country Grove picnic area will I be able to see the front facade of the Autobahn bumper cars? In the photos I have seen it resembles a clock tower which leads me to believe it would be a fairly tall structure. I know that I cannot enter the area but I am just curious to view it and maybe snap a photo with my DSLR. I have a 200mm zoom so I can shoot from pretty far away.
  4. I started going to Great Adventure when the park opened in 1974, I was a kid back then. I have a vague recollection of the Haunted Castle when I visited the park in 1982 as a teenager. I'm fairly certain I went in it, but those were the hazy and crazy '80s. I then did not visit the park again until two years ago when I became a season pass holder. College, girls, music, concerts, bars, work, etc. were far more interesting to me once I reached 17 and beyond. Now that I have a family and I live in Jackson, NJ, it just made sense to get a season pass. The park is six miles from my house and with traffic it still only takes less than fifteen minutes each way. I should note that I grew up in Freehold, NJ so I have always lived within a close proximity to the park. Sorry for rambling on and taking you on a trip down memory lane. The reason for my post is that I see the Haunted Castle was located where the Autobahn bumper cars reside. That ride has been closed, at least in 2010 and I believe it is now used for storage. Looking at my trusty GA 2010 map, it appears the Haunted Castle would be located near the Dark Night. There is a narrow path that leads to the 'Old Country Picnic Grove', reference number 68 on the 2010 map. Is that the correct location of where the Haunted Castle resided? I want to explore the area, with the confines of the law, the next time I visit. I more than likely will be there this coming Friday since we go every week. FYI... this site has peaked my interest in exploring that area. I wonder if it will bring back any memories from 1982. The only things that look familiar to me today is the Log Flume and Runaway Train with the Great Theater. I remember seeing Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same there with Rat Race Choir giving a tribute concert before the movie. That again was back in 1982. That whole area looks exactly like it did back in '70s and '80s based on my memory. This is a really cool site! I'm not much of a blogger, I don't tweet, and I don't like facebook but this site is cool.
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