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  1. Only Two More Weeks Left Till My Carnival Season Ends On - 10/16/11

  2. I think that would be a great idea to bring back great adventures holiday lights and to open some of the rides in the park for the holidays.It would be much better to have to go to great adventure then all the way out to Hershey Park to see winter lights and to expericance the holiday season,great adventure is like an hour from my house and i would just love to see holiday lights once again at great adventure.................
  3. I've been in the bizz for 25 years and i currently work for a carnival in the south jersey area, I've been with the same company for 17 years and our show used to have a drop tower it was a great piece,but take to long to set it up and tear it down. Unlike Six Flags Great Adventure you guys wouldn't have to worry about that part....But Dorney Park has Donimator and other parks..Great Adventure has to much open space closed off spaces that a ride like a drop tower would more then likely do the park good..Your Parachute drop i hardly ever see that many people on that ride and i hardly also ever see all the seats working at one time the most i seen going up are two...So if you were to get rid of the Paracute ride and put in a drop tower in that some spot it would look great to much open area with eithier nothing in them open spots or rides not running or broken down get rid of that stupid dam Dark Knight ride waist of time if you ask me....I waited in line 2 hours for a less then minute n half ride it sucked big time bring back some of the old flat rides enterprise,rotor,musik express,looping starship, etc. too many open areas at great adventure or lots of things broken down or closed its a shame cause i think to me it looks as if the park is going down hill but its not but thats my opinon and everyone has one......
  4. I also agree with turning it into flat ride area like!!! Like Looping Star Ship, Enterprise, Flying Wave, Scrambler, Tilt a Whirl, Musik Express, Condor, Monster Spin, Rotor, Free Fall, Chaos, Calyspo, Spinnaker, Splash Water Falls, Time Warp, Tango, Swiss Bob, Etc. Just to name a few get rid of that stupid Waist of time The Dark Knight Ride to stand in line for 2.5 hours for a less then 2 minute ride it sucks big time, will never ride that thing again......Hope to see some really cool flat rides for the 2011 Six Flags Great Adventure Season......
  5. Not only do you need more lighting but rolling thunder can use alot of lighting along with some other rides
  6. Will the Enterprise ever be comming back to the park? I really do miss this ride alot.
  7. I totally agree with the rehab of rolling thunder its a great ride but needs a new paint job and also lights needed to the coaster that would be awesome hope to see it when i come to the park in 2011
  8. If you ask me i think the $15.00 to park should be totally gone with...It's crazy to have to pay that much to park and then have to walk a long while before you even get to the park....Then you have to pay the crazy HIGH PRICE to get into the park then the food and drink prices are way to expensive by the time you leave the park your well over you limit that intended to spend at a park were most of the rides are eithier not working or are broke down...Lesson the prices or fix the rides or better yet bring in some back in the day rides like Enterprise, Looping Star Ship, Scrambler, Rotor, Tilt a Whirl, Pretty Monster, Etc., just to name a great amount of rides missed by alot of people HAPPY HOLIDAY'S SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wow that would be a dream come to to see more flat rides added to the park!!! Rides like Enterprise, Looping Star Ship, Musik Express, Tilt a Whirl, Scrambler, Pretty Monster, Swiss Bob, Hell Hole, There are to many Roller Coasters in that park as it is...Lots of empty spaces also were the flats used to be...Please bring back some familiar flats for the 2011 season Thanks and Happy Holidays To One And All........
  10. I am just curious to see if Six Flags Great Adventure will be getting any New Flat Rides for the 2011 Season?? Its a shame when you take out the great ol flat rides!!! Like Enterprise, Scrambler, Looping Star Ship, Musik Express, Tilt a Whirl, Pretty Monster Etc. Before you know it the entire park will be nothing but Roller Coasters and Water Slides... It weould be really nice to come to the park next season and see some old familiar flat rides...
  11. it really sucks that six flags great adventure had to remove the great american scream machine
  12. I really do wished that Great Adventure would bring back most of the Original flat rides they used to have over the years such as 1. Calypso 2. Enterprise 3. Condor 4. Evolution 5. Flying Wave 6. Pretty Monster 7. Tilt a While 8. Scrambler 9. Free Fall 10. Swiss Bob 11. Houdini's Great Escape 12. Looping Star Ship 13. Rotor (hell hole) 14. Schwabinchen 15. Haunted Mansion And get rid of Parachutes Perch that ride is eithier not working or always down stop building water park rides keep them seperate from the park make just a water park seperate from the main park. I truely would love to see more flat rides honestly they were the great ones open up area's that have been closed down for several years! Well i mean i can ask for things but they will never come back its ashame that the park dont have more flat rides! I mean everyone loves roller coasters and i am one of them roller coaster lovers but come bring back the fun that used to be in the park thanks for reading this people and who knows maybe some day the park will listen and bring back the original fun that the park had
  13. Skull Mountain is a great ride its about time they Repair Skull Mountain because i would hate to see the ride leave the park like the other great rides Six Flags Great Adventure used to have!
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