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  1. There are so many great pictures, it's hard to pick a favorite. I really like the architect drawing of Rolling Thunder, since that was the brand new ride the first year I ever went. I remember before the park opened that year, there were promotional coupons that we got at a special convention at the Staten Island Armory, and that drawing was on it. It was one of those things that is buried and forgotten for decades in the back of one's memory, then seeing that single picture in the book instantly brings back all the memories from that time. So many rides, long gone, but happily not forgotte
  2. I went on today for the very first time. Loved it!! Holy Cow, that ride absolutely ROCKED!! (literally, too!) They must keep this thing open, everybody was having an absolute ball on this ride!!!
  3. I had already known that Houdini was reopening for Fright Fest, but what a surprise it was today, visiting the park, and discovering the ride already open!!! I had never been on Houdini before, having visited GA for the first time in 15 years just last summer, so today's ride on Houdini was a first time experience for me. LOVED IT!! I highly recommend this ride to anyone who hasn't been on it yet. Never know, it might disappear again before anyone can say "poof".
  4. I got mine yesterday- Love it! Congrats to both of you guys, you did a great job!
  5. Barnes and Noble on Staten Island does not have the book yet. I also called Menlo Park's store and the one in Clark, also nada. Anyone know if the park has it's copies yet? I'll just scoot over there and get one. I usually have a very good temper, but I am ready to "borrow" one of the Rhinos from the Safari and have him start trampling bookcases at Barnes and Noble.
  6. I just rode the Red train a little while ago. The only train that got the 2go decals was the white train.(Liberty). Red and blue did not get the 2go decals, and the words "Freedom" and "Spirit" were never painted over. Red and Blue still have the original Scream Machine decals on the nose.
  7. Looking forward to this! Barnes and Noble know's I'm coming for it too, I think I scared them last week when I mistakenly thought the book was already out.
  8. Just found out from a contact at the park that it was a 7 car pile up, maybe 4 fatalities. Sad to hear that. We knew it must have been something very serious, since in 35 years none of us ever saw traffic that bad in the Great Adventure area. There were flash flood puddles everywhere yesterday afternoon, cars hydroplaning. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause of this tragedy on the 195. My respects to the families.
  9. I went to GA yesterday to audition for Fright Fest at 5:00. Nice people, had a good time. Afterwards, I leave the employee lot and discover a massive line of cars waiting to get out thru the employee exit, so, already having a parking ticket, I go the other way out the guest lot, and discover the same line of traffic. It took 25 minutes to get from the GA gas station to Monmouth Road, then it took 90 minutes to get up Mommouth Road to the entrance of 195 where WAWA is. 2 Hours to go all but 2 miles!!!!!!!!!! Upon getting there, we discover that the ramp to 195 eastbound is closed, alo
  10. I rode the Red Train on tuesday and it wasn't covered with 2go. Just the white train. could they have decalled it overnight, meaning I rode on the red train the last day of it's original appearance??
  11. Lol I can completely recall that sound! The long whine of the catapult motor, then the bangbangbang of the staircase shaking, then the sound of the train going thru the loop. Feels like yesterday!
  12. Unbelieveably, the white train (Liberty) had been covered with advertisment decals for 2go, and the words "Liberty" have been painted over with white paint but are still visible.
  13. I went there today to eat lunch and relax for a while. Thought I'd put my feet in the water to cool them, but the water was about 80 degrees. What's with all the little clam shells in the shallows? They are everywhere!
  14. I never heard the Kingda Ka's launch horn, but I did hear a horn today when exiting El Toro, shortly after that I noticed Kingda Ka was running, after being closed all morning. Favorite past sound- The high whining sound of Lightnin Loops launch catapult, followed by the sound of the train going down into the loop. I'm going to have to visit Tennesee one day just to ride it one more time. (or is it Oklahoma?) Present- The roar of Bizarro going through the Cobra Roll overhead.
  15. They were having dispatch problems for quite a few hours today. I got on line at 4:45 and until around 5:30 there were very long waits between dispatches, anywhere between 4-8 minutes. Then they started going normal, which was good. I got a great color today waiting on line for Kingda Ka! I'm like Larry the Lobster!
  16. An awesome day and evening! Loved the new lighting on the Giant Wheel! Got cooked in the sun waiting 95 minutes to ride Kingda Ka, but it was worth the wait. If anyone finds a tonsil in the parking lot next to KK, it would be mine. Scream Machine's third train came on mid afternoon and the ride had no line for most of the day, just a matter of walking right on. Even the front seat was only a 2 or 3 dispatch wait. I was quite surprised! Rolling Thunder's dispatches were lethargic, despite there being no line. They only had one train on each track, understandable because there was n
  17. I thought for a moment that was me until I realized the picture was from April and a previous version of the GAH homepage. Saw someone surfing the spotlights on another terminal earlier. They should make it a favorite page on the terminals so visitors can check out the history while sipping mocachinos.
  18. I was amazed to discover today that the park now has an internet cafe next to Carnegie Deli, which is where I am writing from right now. This was a great idea- nice way to take a break from the heat and send E greetings. It is also real neat checking out something on GreatAdventureHistory.com while actually sitting by the fountain at Great Adventure itself. Almost surreal! They should make GreatAdventureHistory one of the favorites bookmarks on these computer terminals. The terminal I was at earlier still has the site on it, apparently people have been browsing the spotlights since I w
  19. 90 minute wait time as of this writing.
  20. Question- When they say 3 year refurbishment, do they mean they will be working on the Carousel during the 3 winters, or are they taking a few horses off at a time throughout the season as well to do the re painting?
  21. Fantastic! Great job! Makes the original park come alive again, truly amazing! Boy, I miss those trees, it really was an Enchanted Forest back then. Bravo!
  22. Hi 30 yrs! Too bad about Houdini, at least it's still standing though!
  23. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!! June just can't come fast enough, I am sooo there!!!
  24. What does SBNO mean? I was so hoping I would get to experience Houdini, it was one of the very few disapointments I had last year.
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