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  1. I doubt they will remove the Parachutes, even if they have decided to upgrade the SS. Despite being trumped in terms of its height, the Chutes will remain a good, more family-friendly alternative because of its length and the fact that the height is not accompanied by much other motion aside from being lowered back down after a generous view of the park's layout. With the SS, the motions in the air will be more tailored for some thrill-seeking and it's probably going to be more restrictive against smaller guests than the Chutes are. Plus, having a bunch of towering structures in the park can be a complementary thing - for one, it creates a more impressive view from afar - so they don't necessarily have to be competitive in a "one or the other" sort of way.
  2. I work the Cables, although I was only trained for it mid-season when they were snatching attendants from other rides (my home ride was El Toro, then I became a regular team member at Green Lantern for a few months before being requested for training in the Loop, after which a full-time supervisor asked if I would be willing to get trained to work full-time at either the Lakefront or the Cables) . Since then, I'm here so often that it's essentially become my home ride, although there are some week(ends now that we're in late September/October) where I'm either in the Loop or at Green Lantern instead, depending on where I'm needed most. I've had a great deal of fun over at the Cables, though. My co-workers are really fantastic people and the interaction at Western is probably some of the best I've had between team members. Our supervisors - Dave, just a fun, laid-back guy who I've never had any issues with - and Eric G., who has been working at the Cables so long that it's impossible not to learn something from him or admire how comfortable he is with the ride - are also top-notch, although I've been fortunate enough to have had generally great supervisors throughout this season.
  3. If anyone is here either today or on Saturday, I will be working at the Cables (not sure which end, although I'm normally assigned to Western) for the majority of the park's hours on both days. If you happen to see an attendant with "Matthew" on the nametag, feel free to say that you're from the forum and I will be sure to acknowledge you in return! Perhaps I will be your catcher and/or loader for FrightFest?
  4. Oh, I certainly hope Skull Mountain isn't replaced next! It's one of the most distinctive features in the park for me and its replacement would feel like an absolute loss. However, I agree with the remainder of your predictions and hopes for 2011.
  5. Wow, that's REALLY depressing. Six Flags Great Adventure has lost yet another memorable flat ride. So many great memories on this with friends and family. I was hoping to see it operate on at least a semi-regular basis this season...
  6. Hi, everyone. It's terrible to see the park's fantastic himalaya ride, Musik Express, standing but not operating. Has there been any word concerning possible repairs over the course of the 2011 season for perhaps a late 2011/2012 opening? From what I've heard, there's been no plans to remove it; it's just not a priority right now.
  7. I'm thankful for that. Houdini is one of my favorite attractions at Six Flags - it's the perfect blend of atmosphere and thrills with a well-executed storyline -- and I was saddened to hear that it was scaled down as a Fright Fest exclusive last season. Thanks for the update!
  8. I'm definitely looking forward to this. There's no better way to celebrate a new DC-themed coaster than to have a convention. Although the Green Lantern has name recognition, I wonder why they never considered this kind of proposal for Superman and The Dark Knight, both major DC properties? I'm guessing the reason is a mixture of financial/creative reasons, even though it actually sounds like a smart investment. All in all, it's a pretty fantastic promotional tie-in to get the target audience enthused for the new ride -- not to mention there seems to be some genuine creative energy behind the proposal.
  9. Thanks for the welcome, Jonathan. If the Buccaneer (one of my FAVORITES, even though I was terrified when I first went on it years ago) and the surrounding attractions are within Section 250, then I'd definitely like to be placed there in order to work with fellow members of the forum. I'll be sure to update after DD and Department training with my assigned section.
  10. Hi, everyone! Six Flags Great Adventure has been a staple in my family trips for nearly eleven years now (I'm presently 18). Some of my finest (and earliest!) memories were at the park, and one of my prized childhood pictures today still is me standing in front of the -- now removed, sadly -- Teepee, with an Indian hat that I sadly no longer own. In addition, one of my favorite family pictures was taken in the Best of the West, which I haven't stepped foot in for at least ten years despite walking by it frequently. I will be working this season in Rides on the weekends until June, when I'm done with school and will be able to take weekdays. As I interviewed and was accepted on the 23rd, I'll be training on April 16th/17th - I would love to be an attendant for some of my favorite rides, including Skull Mountain, the Log Flume, the Buccaneer or Rolling Thunder. For preparation, this site has been an incredible resource - I thought I knew so much about the park, but apparently I was very, very wrong. I hope to meet any present employees in the future. Perhaps some of us will share the same section this eason?
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