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  1. Today I was in the park and under the red and white striped tent I saw a bunch of old signs and thing from Great Adventure from years ago, including the brown sign to Sarajevo Bobsleds. I thought that it was really interesting that they still had all of this stuff, decades later. Too bad the room was locked and I could only see it through the glass window, really interesting though.
  2. It seemed like when Warner LeRoy owned Great Adventure most of the rides were for carnivals, but it was well themed. It wasn't untill Six Flags bought the park that more permanent, thrilling rides came to the park. Also, Six Flags made the themeing became more generic. So, what do you think would've happened if Six Flga never bought Great Adventure, would it be filled with carnival-type rides today but with more themes?
  3. Take some of the old rides sitting in storage, do some maintenance on them and put them back in the park!
  4. Will


    I found a commercail from 1983 featuring the Freefall when it first opened in Six Flags Astroworld...It also shows some other attractions from the park at the time. It is the second out of the three, here's the link:
  5. that little girl on rolling thinder is probably 30-something by now!
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