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  1. I found this photo on Flyin' Phil's website and I think it illustrates how much space there will be with the Aqua Stadium and the Great Lake Bandstand removed. While an S&S Free-Spin Coaster might fit the space of the Grandstand well, it seems to me to be too small fill any portion of the Aquastadium's footprint at all. I'd hope that whatever 2016 does bring it makes great use of a significant portion of one of the most pristine perimeters of our park.
  2. ^ Ka and Toro were built at a different time with a completely different management philosophy running the park. That strategy is not continued today (which could be interpreted as good and bad). I'm on the side that believes that quality attractions and experiences keep people coming back to the park. People won't come back to the park again to ride El Diablo, but they will absolutely come again to ride El Toro if you catch my drift.
  3. Maybe it's just me but i'm not so enthusiastic about an S&S Free-Spin coaster. We haven't received a new coaster in 5 years, and our last extremely exciting addition was nearly ten years ago. Being one of the larger parks in the chain, Great Adventure should have coasters that can handle our parks capacity, and even a 10 Inversion model gives me doubts. I'm hoping for a larger, more thrilling addition in 2016, not something that feels like a "discount" attraction.
  4. I kept thinking about this before I went to bed, and I realized that it can't be done. I was not really thinking abou the footer, or the cables, but I was thinking of the tower itself. Remember the European (austrian?) Star Flyer that is 384 feet tall? Well, the center column is wider because of the height. As the tower got taller, funtime knew that a different structure must be constructed so that they could eliminate some of the variables of having a "weaker" tower at 384 ft. in the air. i.e. European Star Flyer: Our Sky Screamer: Notice the differences in the lattice?
  5. I have to say, That is a great idea! Between Auction Hunters and Storage Wars, they are both of my favorite shows.
  6. Have you seen the foundation? I don't think Sky Screamer is going anywhere..
  7. Can you get up there? Is there a set of stairs or is it just a decoration?
  8. The Sign leading into the area does not say Frontier Adventures.
  9. Your Idea is pretty good, But as I keep saying, Movie town will work so much better as Gotham City. Bizarro, Can be themed to a wild west wagon ride, for it really is an eye sore with it being Blue and Purple in a red, brown and orange area. I would rename Bizarro the Wild West's Stage Coach Express and make the supports this Color while the track is this Color. I am aware that there is a ride called the stage Coach express, but if Knott's Berry Farm did not trademark the name, it can be re-named the pony express.The end of the Boardwalk can be re-themed to DC Comic Universe by something like this. First off, I would rip up a large part of the cement, write DC Comic Universe in the cement and have comic strips going from where the blue cement starts. Then, I would rename Twister, The Metropolis Crime Wave, with a re-paint, new sign and a little bit of TLC. Then, I would remove the simulator building to make way for a new Water ride similar to Splash water falls. It would be called Aqua Man and have comic strips in the queue. I would rename Slingshot to Catwoman's whip, and repaint it black and navy blue. Also, I would rename the parachutes The Justice League Watch Tower and have some Signs of the Justice league on the base of the ride. On the Superman/Season Pass Bubble, I would paint Comics On it Or Signs That Say "BAM" or "WHAPOW" or "BANG." Now here is where the setting starts to take place. There is a fence that says JET FUEL (place other word here) NO ADMITTANCE. I would remove that fence entirely, and add faux building facades all around similar to how they look at Magic Mountain. To add to it, there would be a new added side walk with newspaper stands and telephone booths. Also, the ground would be repainted to look like a road. I like Warner Leroy's idea, but I would leave Old Country alone, not demolish the Chiller station and add a LSM Launch like Maverick occupying it's current station, call it The Riddler's Revenge, and rename Movie Town Gotham City. Plus, the Justice League gift shop would be called Gotham Retail and a new Intamin Gyro Drop in Free Fall's pad called Lex Luthor's Levitower, Or Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom ( I don't really Like Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom.) Just my 2 cents :] ( I also understand that this plan would have to take place after Six Flags gains financial strength from the reckless Kieran Burke era)
  10. We'd probably be getting the WIngrider if they got Chang..
  11. That's a bit disappointing. Everyone thought our StarFlyer was going to be 300+ feet tall. It's disappointing, for frankly, we got half.
  12. I doubt Ka will come down in a few years... It is too much of a draw to a park... Ka will be nothing if something that is way out of this world comes like a Coaster that is 500 ft. High and with 15 loops. But seriously, When do you think that is going to happen, No time soon. There is a very few amount of coasters that are breaking the 300 foot mark... The park will be willing to keep Ka until something happens to it where it is un-fixable... or when something larger comes out and the maintenance costs are greater than the ride is worth. On the other hand, Chiller DID have problems, It DID have design flaws, It DID cost a lot of money to maintain and It DID have one of the most downtimes any roller coaster in our park had. (Including Ka and Viper) That is why the park removed it. The General Public might have loved it, but the Park hated it, and that is why it had to go.
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