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  1. Here is my OWN version of a "Park Map" from Tuesday (5/8): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AW5oqw1TdlfluzcbNXotekbYl2zja4wM?usp=sharing
  2. Just a few aerial views of Cyborg from this past Tuesday (5/8): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e1Vn4lLuZ8os1T3QzdUSlvDbksmq5rAw?usp=sharing
  3. I was flying over the park this past Tuesday (5/8) and noticed a large swath of trees recently cleared from the back woods, adjacent to the safari area. Does anyone know what this could be for? I'm thinking a solar farm? See the photos below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F92NfzMh4N_QO8TOBsq2sdxAD_INH7jy?usp=sharing
  4. So, what about the "Virtual Loop" that was advertised??? I guess it wasn't that spectacular since no one even mentioned it in their report (unless I missed it). Seems like an exciting ride, though. I'll post some aerials of this section of the park after my next flyover.
  5. ...Unless the announcement includes a selection of FLAT rides or other attractions in addition to the Dark Ride. We can only hope !!!
  6. Awesome...My Birthday !!! OK Six Flags, I want a B&M Coaster; Nothing less
  7. Hi everyone, I know it's been a while, but I have some recent aerial photos to share of the park in general, and more importantly, construction taking place along the lakefront to make way for Total Mayhem in Summer 2016...Here are the two galleries you can view: August 30 and October 11 Enjoy !!!
  8. I know the gondolas drop independently and of course when various weighted people are in them they will fall at different rates, but I meant with the gondolas unloaded (no people riding) in testing, one of them ALWAYS lagged behind the other two. This does not happen any more.
  9. I went yesterday for the media event and was turned around at the security gate. I called the park and they gave me a complimentary ticket for the day with free parking, which was nice !!! I think there is more to this debacle than simply a lazy inspector or kickbacks. If you notice on the earlier footage of the ride testing, the gondola closest to El Toro would hang up a bit on the descent while the two other gondolas descended at the same rate. I watched them test the ride yesterday and now ALL three gondolas descended together. It seems to me there were adjustments that still needed to be made to have them drop "Together". Nothing official here....Only my observations !!!
  10. How many months of planning went into this decision to place multiple drop towers on Ka's spike, and no one questioned the safety of doing these drops with the trains launching? Or perhaps they did, since they were advertising this almost immediately after announcing their newest attraction. Corporate "must've" had conversations with state safety inspectors about all of this, or did they? I can see it now...Do a drop cycle, launch a train, do a drop cycle, launch a train, etc, etc...I hope it doesn't come down to this since it would be super cool to have a train launching while you are ascending the spike, but if safety is the issue here, than I'm all for alternating launches with drop cycles...
  11. Hi Everyone, This is my last 2012 operating season update before we get into the winter construction updates I generally provide. There's not that many pictures this time, but nonetheless, I hope you find them appealing. You can find them on my BLOG HERE I hope you enjoy !!!
  12. Hi everyone, On my latest flight over Great Adventure, I have documented the Wild Safari as I have never done so before, complete with 24 Aerial Photos of this vast, 350 acre wild animal wilderness in the Jackson, New Jersey woods. See my BLOG entry HERE !!! Enjoy
  13. My latest Dorney Park Aerial Photo update can be found HERE !!! Enjoy
  14. Hey everyone, I shot some fresh aerials of Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor this past weekend, as well as some cool views of Sky Screamer. They can all be found HERE !!! Enjoy
  15. I love the Elvises riding Sky Screamer video. That really shows the complete cycle of about 1.5 minutes.
  16. Very nice picture trip report, Harry, and it was great riding with you yesterday. Your photos from aloft are simply stunning, and I even see myself in more than one of them. The video I shot while riding came out ok, but I really should've used my helmet cam (CMOS lens) as my standard point-and-shoot's CCD lens was a bit jittery as we were spinning rapidly. Nevertheless, I will splice together the best parts and post to my Sky Screamer Trip Report BLOG this weekend. Once again, though, I can't stress enough how awe-inspiring your pictures are of the park below and the swings in front - NICE JOB !!!
  17. Hey everyone, Please check-out my Sky Screamer media event coverage HERE. There are nearly 50 pictures from the event and on the ride itself. The turn-out was fabulous, and I got to ride with friends from the forums, including Harry Applegate (this site) & Josh (gadv.com) - Very COOL !!! Enjoy P.S. My video is now posted on YouTube and is embedded within my BLOG above...
  18. Dunno...I'm still on the fence about this one. I'll be there for the media event, but I can't say for sure if I will have the stones to ride it. I started getting nervous just looking at the picture Harry posted. Flying around the park in a small plane at 2000 feet is one thing, but spinning at over 200 feet in tiny seats while still attached to the ground is surely another (for me, anyway)
  19. Finally, a nice Spring flying day after being grounded for almost 1-1/2 months. I shot over (20) photos of everything from the "Bone Yard" to the Sky Screamer to El Toro and Rolling Thunder...Check'em out HERE I hope you enjoy !!
  20. Hey Gary, if you could show me on a marked-up google image where the barn and paddocks is located, I would be happy to get pictures for you. I simply did not remember where they were located on my last fly-over...

  21. Since my latest fly-over photos encompass many topics of interest, I decided to put this in a topic of its own and let the mods move it where they wish. My latest photos from Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor can be found HERE Enjoy
  22. Hi everyone, Check-out my first Aerial Photo update of the 2011-2012 Off-Season, and I hope it is a first of many more to come. See the photos HERE. Enjoy
  23. Likewise Harry And I could not believe the line for GL....It looked to be out of the first queue. That must be at least a 2 hour wait.
  24. My new General Park Fly-Over & Green Lantern Aerial Photo BLOG entries are now posted as follows: Great Adventure Fly-Over on Memorial Day 2011 The Green Lantern Stand-Up Coaster on Memorial Day 2011 Enjoy
  25. Nice addition to the park, though if you are 6 ft - 5 in or taller, DO NOT RIDE... The op was checking me out and was almost NOT going to allow me to ride, due to the fact that I could not stand-up fully straight without bending my knees, and the rule is.....Keep your legs straight and do NOT bend your knees. This and the fact I was a bit hunched over due to the upper limit of the OTSR. He finally agreed to let me ride, and though all was ok, it's tough on the legs/feet if you are out of shape. On my second ride in the Front (first was in the Back), it was again hard on the legs/feet, but because of my incorrect posture in the restraint and the fact that my legs/feet were already a bit weak from my first ride, I could feel my back "twinge" (for lack of a better word) at one of the High G-Force Elements towards the end of the ride. No permanent damage except a little sore today, but I now know I can NEVER ride a stand-up coaster again. You have been warned, Tall People !!! Regardless, the theming is nice and I enjoyed how the path to and from the station runs directly under many elements of the coaster, even though roofs are present overhead.
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