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  1. Something like that would be an awesome replacement for King Cobra, even though its a similar ride experience to Tornado.
  2. I think the whole "Rivers once flowed here, but have since run dry" refers to the coaster going on the plot of land that Adventure Rivers sat on top of. I have a feeling Congo Rapids is safe for now, and you guys should be more worried about getting your last rides in on Road Runner Railway instead.
  3. Seems like this isn't the park's fault considering the ride's motor seems to always be the problem (if that is the problem this time around).
  4. Personally, I think the guy in the video is Six Flags Fun
  5. Top 3? You mean Top 4! Nitro, El Toro, Kingda Ka, and possible Raptor!
  6. Interestingly enough, I'm actually currently an Intern at Maser!! However, I work at the Hamilton Twp. office that deals with Site/Civil Planning so I know nothing about this project. The Structural Department in Red Bank has (as previously stated) worked on Zumanjaro and Joker, and also helped with the supports for Hydrus at Casino Pier. If Maser was at the site, it is probably because whatever they are constructing contains a pretty sizeable structure
  7. Once again, its just how the emoji shows up lol they can't edit emojis
  8. Also, no regular guests know that Goliath is a name used at other Six Flags parks. So to say it is overused does not matter to corporate. The name works, it catches peoples' attention, and guests don't even know rides exist at other parks with the same name.
  9. What State Law prevents anything from interacting with Toro? Lest we forget, Toro was built to interact with Rolling Thunder, with one of the most airtime inducing hills built over Rolling Thunder's first drop.
  10. "Legendary and Monstrous details" ooo mysterious!
  11. Finally rode Wonder Woman last night. Other than the extremely unorganized loading system where they literally announce to everyone that its a free-for-all and that everyone needs to find a seat in 45 seconds, it is an awesome ride and awesome addition that I will probably ride every time I visit. Seats facing Nitro's lift are the money seats, indeed.
  12. I also love coasters, but I'm a huge flat rides guy myself and have loved the recent additions to the park. I love going to other parks with unique rides like Troikas and Pretty Monster. Knoebels in particular has an incredible selection of flats.
  13. July 4th's early ride time had Wonder Woman on it a few days ago. That is until I went down, so seems as though it will be closed until further notice
  14. Never realized how complex the Tron coaster track was. That looks like it'll be awesome.
  15. Anyone know if it has reopened today? Was hoping to get a ride in later this evening...
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