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  1. I also love coasters, but I'm a huge flat rides guy myself and have loved the recent additions to the park. I love going to other parks with unique rides like Troikas and Pretty Monster. Knoebels in particular has an incredible selection of flats.
  2. July 4th's early ride time had Wonder Woman on it a few days ago. That is until I went down, so seems as though it will be closed until further notice
  3. Never realized how complex the Tron coaster track was. That looks like it'll be awesome.
  4. Anyone know if it has reopened today? Was hoping to get a ride in later this evening...
  5. This is awesome to hear that the solar panels are now finally being used. Also nice that the Hurricane Harbor lot is now covered.
  6. I'm loving how quickly these are all coming out!! Thank you for the constant updates!
  7. Really wish they could have saved this ( and the Bandstand) and placed Joker elsewhere.. But alas... the park just doesn't do shows anymore.
  8. Also, this confirms we are getting a Chop Six! Looking forward to that (hopefully) being on the Dining Plan.
  9. Extremely wishful thinking, but would love it if they replaced EL Diablo with a racing/dueling coaster as a nod to Rolling Thunder ala West Coast Racers @ Magic Mountain
  10. Great Adventure has one of the least interesting/worst park social media presence ever, so Facebook and Instagram isn't helping them much either.
  11. Every year of Holiday in the Park just keeps getting better and better as each new ride or attraction addition seems to be in the part of the park that stays open. Just think, we'll have Wonder Woman next year!
  12. Honestly, I really enjoyed this ride as it was pretty unique. While the wait times were horrendous and it really is crappy that it was designed improperly, whenever I had ridden it, I had fun. However, usually I went to this ride and Tornado first before the park got busy and both rides had an hour+ wait.
  13. I could have easily edited it that page and put that one sentence in. That sentence also doesn't have a reference, but if it has been closed most of the season then...
  14. Is there any sign ours is going? I wasn't able to make it to Hurricane Harbor this year... Was it open?
  15. ^Why you are already talking about 2020 and not excited about next year's ride is beyond me. I am extremely excited about this as I have yet to ride a Giant Discovery, and when I visited Six Flags New England this summer, their's was closed. Also, it really is awesome seeing this whole area being brought back to life. Icing on top would be a new show in either Showcase or the Stunt Arena.
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