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  1. Fright Fest 2017

    Walking through the mazes Friday, its good to see them use more and more props and construct tiny buildings to walk through. Really adds to the atmosphere, even if not a lot of actors are located throughout the maze. Big Top Terror and Cell Block were highlight mazes for me, while Wicked Woods, Aftermath, and Bloodshed had a good use of props, but very little actors throughout. Overall, they seem to be stepping up their Fright Fest game. At least, in my opinion.
  2. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Its funny how we say Joker and Twisted Cyclone are the latest and worst RMC's, yet they look like they will still give/do give amazing rides. Yes, Twisted Cyclone looks very short. However, if we were to get a rollercoaster like that, I wouldn't complain because that short ride time would still be enjoyable.
  3. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    You guys should also remember that Great Escape's Skyride doesn't have enclosed cabins like Great Adventure does. I feel like everyone is making "what if this happens or this happens" statements when I feel like there isn't any remote sign the park has a reason to remove the Skyride. Even just in the past few years, they have started using both sides more regularly, with both sides having a line constantly. There ARE signs that the park is expanding the Old Country area once again. I imagine the next few additions to the park will be in that area. One thing that MAY be on the chopping block is the Stunt Arena. However, that's also questionable because they just moved Dead Man's Party into the Stunt Arena and I feel that was a smart move. Hopefully, if the Old Country area is filled with more rides in the next few years, maybe Showcase and the Arena will eventually have shows year round. That's what I hope 2019 brings is something more to that area.
  4. Misc GA Mumblings

    It was demolished, not remodeled
  5. Attending a Ride Closing

    Haven't been to many closings. Rode Rolling Thunder during its last week of operation which was bittersweet. I have been to a handful of ride openings though, including Zumanjaro (out of luck) and the first day Medusa reopened as Bizarro.
  6. Justice League - the Opening 6/15/17

    When I rode, the cars were constantly moving through the station slowly and didn't stop; it was basically how you board the Dark Knight.
  7. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    What I do can pretty much guarantee you may get in trouble, but I've yet to have to pay for a locker and I've been to the park almost 10 times this season while riding El Toro and Kingda Ka almost every visit. Normally, my friends and I will hide our phones/wallets in our clothes and take them out once we pass the entrance. Its always worked since we've never been pat down.. I always wear shorts with buttons so im never endangering people. But thats my trick.. If you do or don't approve of it, that's a different convo to be had lol.
  8. Day 15- Create a Permanent Museum

    For Fright Fest, they use that building for the Clown maze. However, it would be interesting if an old Old Country building could be re purposed for a museum.
  9. Gr.Adv.Debate #33: Over and under rated GA rides

    I know this is off topic, but considering how popular Mr. Freeze still is at St. Louis and Over Texas, that doesn't surprise me.
  10. Misc GA Mumblings

    The park map was updated on the website. Justice League is included, as well as the shortcut through Old Country (even though that was only open sporadically throughout last season). Also, no shortcut between Plaza Del Carnaval and the Golden Kingdom. https://static.sixflags.com/website/files/sfgad_park-map.pdf
  11. Batman & Robin: The Chiller

    I regret always walking by The Chiller as a kid and never having the guts to ride it. Really wish I had been able to experience it.
  12. Iceworks

    I'm interested to see what buildings in the area are spruced up - especially how the observatory is incorporated - considering how abandoned the area has been the past few years.
  13. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    All the BBNP rides are back up on the park's website. So there is your answer lol.
  14. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    The problems with Zumanjaro not opening on time and not being able to run with Kingda Ka stem from problems with the state. I think the park working with Intamin again is a prety good chance lol
  15. Misc GA Mumblings

    Anybody know what has been up with Skull Mountain lately? During the ride, its pitch black but the music doesn't play and none of the effects are lit up. Surprising how much more fun the ride is with the music.