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  1. regardless its around 720 per hour and in reality it will be 600 at best...
  2. The best part of this is that this “bonus “ clue has absolutely nothing to do with the new attraction and is just here to get people talking more and creating a buzz, again be prepared to be shocked by what the park is adding in 2020...
  3. Yes I do know, I also didn’t say anything about it coming this year...
  4. SF over Texas has Mack Power Splash track on site, hopefully this means there are other contracts with Mack for other parks! Hopefully a powered launch coaster for NJ!
  5. Would be interesting if it were similar to cobras curse in BGT
  6. I’d be really happy if the park was smart enough to buy a coaster from Mack...
  7. I don’t know, I’ve only heard rumors of it going, haven’t had a solid contact say definitely, I think it may still be in the evaluation stage, however the ride is really old and an expensive ride to maintain, and clearly they don’t want to maintain it to its original standards since the addition of the guide rails and the elimination of the waterfalls. The ride has 0.0 excitement factors and overall is pretty much outdated for the last 10 + years
  8. certain parties absolutely need to know what you are planning on building...
  9. ill just say this, youll all be shocked with the addition!
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