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  1. ^ Well, SFMM added a Zacspin and SFOG added a Eurofighter. But, what other coaster will we build. We don't exactly have the most room in the world. We aren't gonna add another world class woodie anytime soon. Maybe a Wingrider but I can't see us adding another huge coaster. But, flats should be the park's main priority right now.
  2. SFGAdv10

    My Ideas for Six Flags Great Adventure

    I know this is an old topic, but I'd like to share my ideas with you 1. Reopen the Old Country 2. Add a Zacspin themed to the Old Country 3. Add a Huss Giant Frisbee in the Golden Kingdom 4. Add an Intamin Gyro Drop in Adventure Alley, similar to KD's Drop Tower 5. Refurbish area near the stage near the lake. 6. Add a Screamin' Swing in Frontier Adventures 7. Add a water coaster to Hurricane Harbor 8. A hotel!
  3. I think the park would really benefit from a Eurofighter or a Zacspin. They are both compact and fairly affordable. I really don't want another Batman themed ride, but we need something over near the stunt arena. It's just trash cans. Even if, and I've said this alot, reopen the Old Country and connect the two. If we put the coaster there, it would work really well. A name like Excalibur would be a great name with the Old Country theme. Untamed at Canobie Lake Park is a great example of a coaster that would fit at Great Adventure.
  4. SFGAdv10

    A Giga Drop Coming to GA?

    I really don't like the idea of a drop tower on Kingda Ka. But, it would look horrible. Also, how are people supposed to get to it? Will the park reopen Kingda Ka's old queue, and use the queue in use now as the tower's queue? I've tried numerous times to come up with a way to make it work but it just can't. I really hope the park doesn't do this and keep the tallest coaster in the world the way it is now. I'm gonna go a bit off topic and say that a Huss Giant Frisbee would fit well in the Golden Kingdom. I just think that the area needs a larger scale flat ride, not just a huge coaster and a kids play area.
  5. SFGAdv10

    Your first ride at GA?

    My first ride ever at GA was Flying Wave. I was upset when it was removed. Then I rode Big Fury, then Traffic Jam. Thats all I remember.
  6. SFGAdv10


    I liked Spinnaker, I rode it once. But SFGA focuses on coasters and nothing else. Cedar Fair focuses on everything. I never want another War on Lines. I'd rather have flat packages. If they add 10 rides in 1 year I would want a Zerier Wave Swinger, A Star Flyer, Reopen Autobahn, Reopen Musik Express, An Intamin ZacSpin, A Huss Enterprise, A Huss Breakdance, An Intamin 2nd Generation Drop Tower, A scrambler, and an S&S Screamin' Swing.
  7. SFGAdv10

    Rides you wish weren't removed

    I love coasters that give you a nice jolt or rattle your body once an a while. I like Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce because the ride is different each time. El Toro is great but it is the same each time. I liked Mean Streak, GASM, Corkscrew (Cedar Point), Wildcat (Hershey), Loch Ness Monster, Mind Eraser (SFNE), Sidewinder, Thunderbolt (Kennywood), and Rolling Thunder. Don't get me wrong I love the new technology, but sometimes I was a ride that jolts you a bit. That's just me.
  8. SFGAdv10

    Rides you wish weren't removed

    I liked Pendulum, Chiller, GASM, Freefall, and Flying Wave. They were all really fun to me.
  9. SFGAdv10

    Rolling Thunder Backwards?

    To me Rolling Thunder doesn't hurt for me. But can anyone see Rolling Thunder running backwards again. Like American Eagle at SFGAm. I hope that happens next year.
  10. SFGAdv10

    Six Flags Ride Rotation Program

    Well there are rumors going around the amusement park industry that Six Flags can return the Ride Rotation Program. If this does happen, how can this improve or hurt the park?
  11. SFGAdv10

    Areas to Be Developed

    Build rides right by the lake. Maybe a Euro Fighter right on the lake. Similar to DDD at SFOG.
  12. SFGAdv10

    Favorite Roller Coaster at SFGAdv

    They can't make the top of Kingda Ka a top hat. Intamin AG doesn't make coasters with Top Hat inversions. Premier does though.
  13. The last thing SFGAdv needs is another War on Lines. Something that will most likely happen is in 2012 is they get a Star Flyer, reopen the Old Country, and maybe get a family flat ride in Fantasy Forest. What do you think?
  14. SFGAdv10

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    The Old Country Sign during Fright Fest??? This is tough.
  15. SFGAdv10

    This or that?

    Assult Rifle Sniper Rifle or Light Machine Gun?