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  1. MarioSonic94

    Great Lake Grandstand

    I remember a few of the Lethal Weapon sets were still rotting away in the lake up until the demolition.
  2. MarioSonic94

    El Diablo Spotlight

    I'm actually gonna miss it. Sure the marketing angle of calling it a coaster was kind of dumb. But as a flat, it was a great experience and it almost reminded me of Looping Starship.
  3. MarioSonic94

    Super Round Up I - Today's Roundup is NOT an original ride!

    Forget M. Night Shyamalan, Harry just gave us the greatest twist of all time.
  4. Imagine the theming possibilities that would still be happening throughout the park. Maybe we'd have gotten a dark ride much sooner than 2017.
  5. MarioSonic94

    Great Adventure Confessional

    The Dark Knight Coaster is nowhere near as bad as people claim it to be. Sure I usually skip it when I visit, but I would still ride it over Green Lantern.
  6. MarioSonic94

    2018 Season Now Begins March 30th!

    Welp. Looks like I will be at opening weekend after all!
  7. MarioSonic94

    Batman & Robin: The Chiller

    Rare footage of both sides dueling.
  8. MarioSonic94

    What song reminds you of GAdv.

    Great Adventure is by a lake. So this fits!
  9. MarioSonic94

    This or that?

    Another tough. Sonic might have been the first game I ever played.... But Mario has the better track record, so I'm going with him. Radiohead or Tool?
  10. MarioSonic94

    This or that?

    Macy's Parade Monty Python or Benny Hill?
  11. MarioSonic94

    It's about time Game

    2. Old Country portal 3. The Right Stuff pre show 4.Time Warp 5. Old Country games 6. Autobahn 7. Showcase Theater 8. Main Street Jumbotron 9. Model village (?) 11. Schwabinchen
  12. MarioSonic94

    This or that?

    Mountain Dew Saturday Night Fever or Grease?
  13. MarioSonic94

    This or that?

    Toyota Alice in Chains or Soundgarden?
  14. MarioSonic94

    This or that?

    IndyCar Phish or Gov't Mule?
  15. MarioSonic94

    This or that?

    Haven't seen either of them. Am I missing out? Phil Collins w/Genesis or Phil Colins solo?