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  1. Honestly, theming a ride after Song of the South wasn't the smartest move in hindsight. If Disney is so hellbent on making people forget about that movie, basing an E ticket off of it is counterintuitive.
  2. RIP Joel Schumacher. You may have made a crappy movie. But that crappy movie resulted in a great ride!
  3. This will be the first time since Chiller that a new coaster has missed its planned opening season. Granted, they both had different reasons for their postponed openings. (One had serious mechanical issues and the other was caught in the middle of a global pandemic)
  4. Even though this land got scuttled, I kinda wish they found a way to still reintroduce Swiss Bob. Like they did with Schwabinchen/El Sombrero.
  5. I remember Alan mentioned that RMC was developing a middle of the road single rail coaster that's larger than the Raptor, but smaller than the T-Rex. Maybe they're prioritizing that project since it's a more natural progression than 200 ft max to 500 ft max.
  6. Also, Skull Mountain was supposed to be a Gremlins themed coaster. As for the Contact ride, it would've been like Chiller in the sense that the ride is WAY better than the movie it's themed too.
  7. Hate to go all personal, but considering that several people I know got infected (one of whom recently succumbed to it), the last thing on my mind at this time are theme parks in general, let alone Great Adventure. Gotta prioritize in times like this.
  8. At this point, it’ll come as no surprise if they decide to postpone opening to late May/early June.
  9. I'm guessing one of the announcements will also be a clone of Super Nintendo World for Orlando.
  10. 1. Dollar Store Star Wars Meet & Greet 2. Time Warner era Scrambler 3. Latter Day Joust-a-Bout 4. Shockwave Bugs Bunny costume 5. Rocket engine in Movietown 6. Right Stuff post-ride simulators 7. Some games stand 8. F-104 jet in Boardwalk 9. Basketball game near The Right Stuff 10. Sci-Fi 11. Mercury capsule in Movietown 13. Looping Starship 14. Enterprise 2 15. Bell X-1 outside The Right Stuff 16. Fly Me to the Moon 17. Evolution 18. Space Shuttle sign 19. Marvin the Martian Ferris Wheel 20. Enterpri
  11. Wait, wasn't Robin Hood a 1991 show? Still an amazing timeline update! Can't wait for the next few weeks!
  12. I remember a few of the Lethal Weapon sets were still rotting away in the lake up until the demolition.
  13. I'm actually gonna miss it. Sure the marketing angle of calling it a coaster was kind of dumb. But as a flat, it was a great experience and it almost reminded me of Looping Starship.
  14. Forget M. Night Shyamalan, Harry just gave us the greatest twist of all time.
  15. Imagine the theming possibilities that would still be happening throughout the park. Maybe we'd have gotten a dark ride much sooner than 2017.
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