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Hey everybody. My name is Luis David Zuniga Lucero. As my display name implies, I am a fan of the Mario and Sonic video game series. I also love classic cartoons (i.e. Looney Tunes, Classic Disney, and Hanna Barbera), classic rock, and movies. Born and raised in Queens, NY, I first visited Great Adventure in 1995. My true memories of the park really started in the 1999 season. The annual Great Adventure trips continued until 2001. After not going at all in 2002, we finally returned to Great Adventure in 2003. In 2004, my memories of Great Adventure took off yet again and the once a year trips turned into three times a year trips in 2005. I first discovered this site when Tom (GAcoaster) started GAhistory.amusementpics.com (which was, at the time, a subsite of amuesmentpics.com) I couldn't believe that there was an entire site that had retro Great Adventure pics. To make things better Tom and Harry (29yrswithaGApass) introduced GreatAdventureHistory.com with the Attraction Spotlights and the new site really took off. This is a great site and equally great forums.

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