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  1. I agree and I asked a similar question. My safari and chrome won't let me play it either :/ It would be cool if they put the videos on Youtube
  2. OMG wow, that is a flashback! I love it
  3. I saw that you guys had a YouTube channel and subscribed to it Anyway you could possibly add this to your channel one day so all those fans, who cannot see it, watch it? I want to watch this but my computer keeps saying I am missing a plug in, even though I am not.
  4. So, I recently visited the Great Adventure History Home Page and I saw all the updated stuff (which is amazing by the way, good job ) and i saw this photo on the bottom left, underneath the "History Timeline" link, with the cast of the Dead Man's Party's show. Now as a big fan of this show, I recognized it immediately, but it got me wondering.... which year was that photo taken? I wish to know P.S. If no one knows or is not allowed to say anything, I completely understand ^-^ Thanks much!
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