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  1. ^I don't get why your busting on them at all. They have a much larger forum which is most likely 10x harder to moderate then here. Of course if you have more members your going to have more people who write nonsense. They have some really good discussions going on there and have alot of cool features like there twitter page they update right from the park (which is pretty awsome btw). This site has the great history and spotlights so there both unique in there own way. I really don't understand why you would limit yourself to just this site but hey whatever floats your boat.
  2. Ya I did like those signs they put out. I guess my problem is im expecting to much. I see it this way before they go building new attractions they should make sure they can run the park and all the rides in it. Last season I was blown away when I saw every ride open most of my visits. Every food and drink stand was always open and everything looked very professional. This season I am seeing trees slaped up on a hill and letters ripped of a signpost and a bench thrown in front of it. I see benches blocking off kids rides and some kids rides replaced with bushes. I just feel that the money that went into other things like the new resteraunts could have been used on other things like keeping these rides open. I feel the Cyber Cafe was a good investment because now there are breakfast choices. I do feel however the Boardwalk Food Court wasn't needed. If people are going to eat there going to eat theres no need to have an overkill amount of resteraunts. Having 50 resteraunts all your doing is spreading the money you make out. How many more Johnny Rockets do we need? You guys might have different feelings but thats just my .02
  3. Tango looks to be gone for good. The new stores and resteraunts look really good but the rest of the park needs alot of improvement before summer starts. In my opinion these kids rides that have been removed or are closed for the time being are really going to rub some familys the wrong way. It bothers me more that the kids rides are closed then Tango because I find it ridiculous that they basically went crazy building these kiddy lands just to have some of them closed. I know most of them were built by previous management but it really looks bad having them just sitting there.
  4. Must be the winds. TDK is another story though. So Batman, Skull Mountain, RT, Superman, Gasm, and Runaway Train today? Thats actually a pretty good line up even without the star coasters up. Hope everyone has fun today.
  5. Well its bad enough that they are closed but Tango? I thought Six Flags was done with giant lawn ornaments but apparently I was wrong.
  6. That really aggravates me. Shapiro's main goal was to have all rides in the park running all the time and have nothing sbno. It really just goes to show how big of a BSer he really is. I know this is out of Great Adventures control but it shows how much corporate is destroying our park. And they try to pass off the restoration of the Big Weel and Carousel as additions. All i see it as is maintenance. Is Tango the only thing expected to be closed?
  7. Tango is missing under the atractions list does this mean that it won't be open this year?
  8. Six as of late really has been finding ways to make the guests stay as memorable. I can see them keeping this promotion around longer then just opening day. It really would be fun seeing all the people attempt this and compare themselves to the real costumed character.
  9. Sounds like there is some "Behind the scenes" work going on. Hopefully since the park has really kicked it into gear with nailing the current operations and having all the rides running as they should we should see the park prepairing for some much needed additions. *cough* Flats *cough*
  10. Thanks GAcoaster! That just about answers every question I had about the park!
  11. I was really upset when this was taken down because it was one of those things in our park that was really unique. One thing Six Flags has never really been able to do is build these larger then life structures that Warner Leroy had built. Most of the major structures left in the park are the origionals and there irreplaceable. I think Six has realised this and now that they have the budget to maintain these types of structures we wont have any of them taken down any time soon.
  12. A couple of things that I want to ask you guys, Did the park say anything else about the leds? Are they just for the Big Wheel or will we see the them on other rides and buildings? Another thing, was the Skyride changed in any way? It seems all the origional rides are getting overhauled and the Skyride did have different color cars on it in the map. And finally was any work done on Skull Mountain such as fixing the waterfall? If you guys can answer any of those for me that would be awsome. You guys are always the best at getting all the up to date information on the park.
  13. Chiller's rolls, humps, or spike?
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