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  1. Park was really good today thanks to the forecast! We didn't get there until 6, and I think we had just missed the one little rain shower of the day. Ride lines were mostly short. Food still relatively long as usual. Side note, we went to Member Services tonight with receipts to get member reward points that we're missing from Saturday. (They're supposed to take up to 24 hours) It looks like not a single person got their reward points for purchases over the weekend. Our friend got his points added earlier in the day no problem. When we tried, the "Add Points" button had mysteriously vanished from the employee's dashboard, so we'll hear back in a few days.
  2. Aw man, we got there at 6pm today. Guess we missed you earlier.
  3. I mean, yes, that's what the guide says it should be, but that hasn't stopped Six Flags before. I was hearing reports from people at the Texas parks that no one was able to get a new member cup until recently, so we're not sure exactly how it actually works. Don't know if that's entirely true either.
  4. I just confirmed that someone has gotten a new bottle. However, they've been a member for 13 months, so we haven't entirely proven yet if it's truly every calendar year or every 12 months. Six Flags did send a survey months ago asking about a disposable cup program. Doesn't seem like that went anywhere.
  5. I've never seen them fill those upper 2.
  6. I see what you're saying - it sounded like your issue was just with the payment schedule. Memberships are a higher price per year, but they are higher tier offerings, so it's not quite the same thing without a Gold Membership to compare. Six Flags actually does what you're describing in reverse where the monthly price for a Membership is over half the price of the ridiculous and made-up "full cost" upfront "Season Membership" option that they offer. They actually care more about just increasing recurring revenue to appease shareholders/investors and build longterm sustainability over caring about offsetting their time value cost.
  7. You have this backwards. It is better to pay in installments due to the time value of money since there is no interest. You want to be the one holding onto the money, so if you can delay giving it away, that's where you get the time-value of money. If you pay $120 at once, that's $120 completely gone with no time-value gained. If you pay $10 per month, you get to keep $110 the first month to invest. Month 2, you have $100 left plus what you earned last month to invest. At the end of 12 months, you'll have spent the same $120, but you gained money either by investing it or at least gaining interest.
  8. According to the Membership Guide, "You are entitled to one free drink bottle per calendar year." I'm not sure if I know of anyone who has gotten their second bottle yet, I'll ask around. It's the same exact red bottle, if that's what you're wondering. https://static.sixflags.com/website/membership/guides/Six-Flags-Diamond-Elite-Membership-Guide-2018.pdf
  9. You can't compare the two since it's Gold and Gold Plus. It's a higher level with clearly more benefits.
  10. forgot to reserve my parking, rip
  11. But not fast enough! News 12 jumped on the bandwagon too. http://newjersey.news12.com/story/40243020/six-flags-opens-this-weekend-with-new-ride-billed-as-worlds-tallest-pendulum-ride?fbclid=IwAR1gkzYlpTMXUSctK_MUqVGRcpd-hDr9yLa3RKqXl8DhB91fI1x9oYY7Fqw
  12. Well, how low will the clouds be?
  13. File that one under "reporters who can't pay attention to detail".
  14. The one at DK is very small, so maybe the earthquake theory still holds? MM would never get one that size. I assume they'd probably go for one of the 400 ft models if they were to get one. Maybe they've just always had something better in the pipeline.
  15. The only Chop Six I've had was at Great America, and it was the absolute worst food I've ever had at a theme park. The orange chicken was inedible. (and not even chicken) I loved Panda Express I hope that was either an anomaly or that ours is completely different.
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