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  1. Not surprisingly, the Member Appreciation events have been swapped. June 28th is now the Hurricane Harbor "Summer Kick-off" member appreciation event instead of the Calypso Springs preview. They'll be giving out the Hurricane Harbor logo pin. I assume next month will be the Calypso Springs pin, but not sure if the dates will align for the event to be a member preview of Calypso Springs. https://www.facebook.com/events/384804415720262/
  2. FYI They've swapped pin giveaways - next Friday is now the Hurricane Harbor pin instead of Calypso Springs. Handout begins at 9AM when the park opens early for Members. https://www.facebook.com/events/384804415720262/
  3. Is the world's tallest and fastest kiddie coaster a thing?
  4. LEGO just released their SDCC exclusive Batman set, and I did a double-take when I noticed a tile in the set has the same exact logo as the pin. I thought it was odd that this pin was just a rectangle and didn't fit in with all the other member pins. I guess this is the official Batman 80 years logo. It's also on the website: https://www.dccomics.com/batman80
  5. June 28th is the "Calypso Springs Launch Party" / Member Appreciation Event. The description says "Be the first to relax and enjoy the all new Calypso Springs with exclusive access before it's open to the public! Enjoy specialty beverages and collect your Calypso Springs pin." That's fast approaching, and they haven't created the Facebook event or released the schedule yet, so we'll see if that's still on track.
  6. The panels are owned and operated by KDC Solar. Maintenance should be factored into whatever deal they have. This is net-metered, meaning everything is still hooked up to the grid, and excess power generated by the panels goes back onto the grid. They essentially get paid / get credits from the power company when that happens. Some days they'll use more than they generate (SF owes money), and some days they'll generate more than they use (SF gets money). Over the course of a year, they say it should balance out so that the amount generated covers 98% of what they used.
  7. It's not really an event, just some other news channel(s) that didn't come last week are going Tuesday now.
  8. Due to the rain, and possibly also the ride's delay, there wasn't a presentation at the media event like usual.
  9. I'll also mention Mama Flora's has a dining pass special they offer that changes from time to time. Right now it's a pretty good italian sandwich on ciabatta bread with balsamic glaze.
  10. Can you confirm for us that it was not confirmed? Thanks.
  11. Awesome Phil, thanks! Who parked their RV in the boneyard?!
  12. It is sponsored by Dr. Scholl's again. I also noticed it was repainted. (Well, painted on top of by a thinner brush, so you can still clearly see a wider fading line) Honestly, my guess is that Dr. Scholl's came to Six Flags with the sponsorship, and it was up to each park to decide where they would paint a line to. Safari is just the obvious choice for us, but I don't think the idea for the line came before the sponsorship. SFNE's goes to the waterpark. Lol
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