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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if this were true. I'm not sure how the crowds were, but it seems like they didn't do too well with weather. And their operating hours were very brief to begin with from what I saw people complain about. I wonder where all their decorations will go and if GA will get some of them.
  2. 15. Best Food/Snack Stand should be Casa De Quesadillas, not Primo's! I would also vote for either Casa De Quesadillas or Mamma Flora's in 18. Best Season Pass Dining Plan Facility.
  3. I made the suggestion to turn it into an indoor Member Lounge like some of the other SF parks have with soda machines - and therefore also an exclusive member shortcut.
  4. They had many buttons and pins from the past on display at the event. @29yrswithaGApass Were those from the museum?
  5. We actually saw them clean those windows one day and you could see right through them! That might have been the only day they've ever cleaned them, though.
  6. We also have 2 in the same area - the Freestyle building in front of the Big Wheel, and the Sky Bar next to the Big Wheel. And the 3rd location is also on the same side of the park, next to Justice League, which is basically next to the Big Wheel.
  7. Memberships don't have any "processing" deadline, so it's a clear decision they've made to force people to visit the park. Yes, it would be great to get the upgrade to Gold without having to visit.. but they don't want that.
  8. I visited on Friday. Shellraiser was really amazing. I'll have to go back when the rest of the coasters open, but the pricing is looking pretty scary.
  9. What is this shed? I noticed it walking out and couldn't put my finger on what was different. Totally forgot about the fencing!
  10. I think GA has some of the best operations in the chain, so it's hard for us to compare. It is a GA-level policy to start the day with all available trains, whereas I know several parks don't. However, several CF parks don't do that either. Honestly, most of the things that people fault Six Flags for, you can fault Cedar Fair for as well, in some form or another. People always seem to use Cedar Point to compare to the average and below average SF parks, which obviously isn't an equal comparison.
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