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  1. I visited on Friday. Shellraiser was really amazing. I'll have to go back when the rest of the coasters open, but the pricing is looking pretty scary.
  2. What is this shed? I noticed it walking out and couldn't put my finger on what was different. Totally forgot about the fencing!
  3. I think GA has some of the best operations in the chain, so it's hard for us to compare. It is a GA-level policy to start the day with all available trains, whereas I know several parks don't. However, several CF parks don't do that either. Honestly, most of the things that people fault Six Flags for, you can fault Cedar Fair for as well, in some form or another. People always seem to use Cedar Point to compare to the average and below average SF parks, which obviously isn't an equal comparison.
  4. ^ Rumor is that the state of NJ didn't approve of them. (Probably weight and the stresses on the figures) I've also heard that they're trying to modify and get them back on for next year. I think the guy on the back might be currently placed on display on the boardwalk or something.
  5. Prices vary by day and by weekend. Typically less on Fridays, but also tends to go up as we're closer to Halloween. Here are 2 examples: Friday 9/13: Saturday 9/14:
  6. He stopped by our dinner but didn't do a Q&A or anything like that this year.
  7. Wow, those were just repainted a few short years ago!
  8. I take this back -- Taz Tornado wasn't supposed to close and will probably re-open. So only 4 rides are closed.
  9. Safari Kids is still open. All they've closed are the 5 rides in Seaport.
  10. They typically start in and work their way out. So, first they ask employees, maybe close friends/family of employees, then reach out to ACE and other friends of the park. If they need more people than that, they'll start to share the invite to a wider audience. I know other SF parks will post the casting invite to their Facebook, but I've never seen Great Adventure do that. You mostly have to know someone or be in a club that gets the invite. I've attended several shoots for Zumanjaro, Holiday in the Park, and El Diablo (and have been invited to almost all since then). For Zumanjaro, only employees could ride due to not having state approval at that time. A bunch of ACE members rode Kingda Ka during the shoot (myself included).
  11. Yes it was. They'll be making a post today explaining all the clues!
  12. Did anyone check out how many storage tracks it has?
  13. Top secret methods of communication. I asked someone in PR and they said I could share it. You don't have to believe me. But I was correct about Clue #6 not coming today.
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