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  1. Day 10 - Season Pass Only Parking Lane

    Yep, definitely those signs need to quadruple in size
  2. Day 10 - Season Pass Only Parking Lane

    The key point is having a big enough sign to mark the seasonpass holder only lane. That's what they're missing most of the time when they do introduce special lanes--the signs are either too small or not trivial to understand for the GP.
  3. Day 4 - Add More Dining Options

    Yes! Primo's Pasta is the greatest addition to the park since Macho Nacho. Very sad that's it's only temporary.
  4. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Thank you Harry! And also Happy Birthday James!
  5. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Thanks Yoshi!
  6. Misc GA Mumblings

    Currently it's only temporary for Holiday in the Park. The plan is for Mama's to return next year, but that could change, of course.
  7. Photos look great! I went today and was looking for you
  8. Did you miss the cobwebs throughout the park this Fright Fest?

    I don't remember seeing it, but I tend not to venture around much during FF. I wonder if Ignite being in that area had an effect on it.
  9. Holiday in the Park 2017

    I really like how the section titles on the map legend match the lights colors for each themed section
  10. Holiday in the Park 2017

    Somewhat related - the green spotlights under Joker were originally added for HitP, but are now on year-round.
  11. Busch to close Darkastle ride?

    I only got to ride Darkastle once, a few years ago. It was actually my first attraction of its kind, before I experienced Universal, etc. I did go through the haunted trail this year at BGW that went through Darkastle's track. That was pretty cool with the projection screens tying into the haunt. The trail basically kept to one side of the track's guide rail, and it was hard to tell which sculptures/props were from Darkastle and which were brought in for the haunt.
  12. My guess is that it'll get one last use for HitP since it's in pretty popular HitP real estate. Then probably getting demolished for Cyborg. What are these big lights for? To light another coaster?
  13. Fright Fest 2017

    Here's the entertainment schedule EDIT: Corvyx posted he won't be at the park today, only Tuesday.
  14. Fright Fest 2017

    October is also always my busiest month for whatever reason. I've been busy every weekend so far with weddings, my trip to BGW/KD, and other stuff. Yesterday would have been my first day back at Fright Fest since Sept. 23rd, but I'm trying to go tonight for my last FF trip.