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  1. Matt Kaiser

    Six Flags Great Adventure 2020 Addition Poll

    How many times is one going to ride a roller coaster? Or eat Flags' Famous Chicken Strips?
  2. Matt Kaiser

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Why is this the first I'm hearing of it?
  3. Matt Kaiser

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    Although Great Adventure does break $100 for full price ticket + parking! $80 ticket + $30 parking
  4. Matt Kaiser

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    Isn't this all less than Great Adventure?
  5. Matt Kaiser

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I believe you can stroll in at 11:59pm. You just can't leave and re-enter after 8pm.
  6. Matt Kaiser

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy belated Birthday, Yoshi!
  7. Matt Kaiser

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    The guest auto-regulation just helps spread the load to other rides. In the end, parks still need the capacity somewhere, spread across all those other rides, to satisfy an appropriate number of guests. The capacity will be the bottleneck on moderate to crowded days. Ex. Let's say an imaginary park has: 5 rides with 1000 rph 6 rides with 600 rph 10 rides with 300 rph 20 rides with 200 rph Overall, the park has a hard max capacity of 15,600 riders per hour. That's great if there's less than 15,600 people in your park -- everyone can get on a ride with about an hour wait! (Although that's still kind of bad). If there's 31,200 people in the park, that's an average of a 2 hour wait. Guest self-regulation just helps to fully utilize the capacity of the less popular rides that will have shorter lines. It makes sure the park is reaching the full 15,600 rph, but you can't humanly surpass that with those rides already going at max capacity. Capacity is perhaps a little over-used as a complaint, but not something to ignore, especially in parks with large attendance.
  8. Matt Kaiser

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Deconstruction has definitely started.
  9. Matt Kaiser

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    The first image is a carriage. lol https://www.parkjourney.com/uploads/2/4/0/4/24040019/9844588_orig.jpg I assume you're thinking of the fire totems that line Dream Street. They're from the Carousel to the Giant Wheel. There's also 2 at the entrance of Dead Man's Party. I don't remember them being in front of CarnEvil, but I guess they just put 2 of them elsewhere this year. They're still there. They did get a new Clown sign thing in front of CarnEvil, so maybe that's why there's no fire totem there.
  10. Matt Kaiser

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    Do you have a picture of what you're talking about?
  11. Matt Kaiser

    Fright Fest 2018

    Aftermath will also not be opening until Sept. 28th, I believe.
  12. Matt Kaiser

    Flash Sale Extended through Sept. 9

    There was a separate link on the page to get a renewal price for existing passholders. It's like $1 less, so you didn't miss much. When you go to process, just ask them to put it on your existing card.
  13. Matt Kaiser

    Flash Sale Extended through Sept. 9

    Gold Plus*, assuming you got a membership.
  14. Matt Kaiser

    Flash Sale Extended through Sept. 9

    Yes, they can add a Season Dining Pass on easily without having to cancel like the Dining Membership add-on. Well there is a $20 security deposit on each membership, so they'd probably deactivate the membership before they lose what they would have gotten. Then if it's within the 12-month commitment, the rest of the 12 months would go to collections.
  15. Matt Kaiser

    Flash Sale Extended through Sept. 9

    You can add a 2019 Season Dining Plan to your membership, but it's actually more expensive for Diamond Elite. The Deluxe Dining Membership price for Diamond Elite Members is only $4.70 per month, which is only $56.40 per year. However, while you did spend more money, you've successfully delayed the headache of trying to add a Dining Membership onto your existing Membership! Doing so would actually require you to cancel your existing membership and start a brand new membership, thus restarting the 12-month commitment contract. How many people are you buying memberships for? This will affect what the best course of action since when you do eventually add a Dining Membership and restart your Membership, you'll have to get whatever the current deal is at that time. And normally the deal is that you must buy 2 or more memberships to get the lowest advertised price. So you may have to choose between overlap paying for Dining twice for a few months (since your pass would still be active), or paying a higher monthly membership fee. Have a Six Flags day.