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  1. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    Waiting for the platform to clear usually isn't the case--only if guests are blocking the air gates. (So tip: if you want to re-ride in a different row, don't walk along the air-gate side of the train) Six Flags doesn't have any formal policy on re-rides and so it's not formally covered in any employee training. It's just something that new employees learn on the job or is passed down from the supervisor if a new operator/attendant questions a re-rider. It's just a common sense thing that employees pick up on, which is why your mileage may vary. Every ride/crew/supervisor could be different. If the crew doesn't let you re-ride, it's simply because the operator/supervisor was never taught or never picked up about re-rides and made their own judgement call that they're probably not allowed. As for the last train of the night, I believe there's again no formally trained policy, but the employees want to go home so they make everyone in the station fill up the entire train so they can close quicker.
  2. Looking through the Jackson Township Planning Board Minutes, I came across a representative for Six Flags requesting an ordinance for the park to construct a 100-acre Solar Farm on property to almost fully power the park. (And fully power it at times -- I assume in the off-season?) The location is in a wooded area, supposedly near Reed Road. PDF Here: http://www.jacksontwpnj.net/documents/minutes/planning_board/2014/12-01-14.pdf
  3. This sounds very interesting. As far as I know, UCF is one of the only universities that has a program focused on theme park management. I wonder if this college will have a similar theme park-specific major/program, or just generically tourism, hospitality, and entertainment.
  4. Misc GA Mumblings

    I think Great Adventure might not have been in attendance.
  5. Kings Dominion Renames Ricochet and Rebel Yell

    The problem isn't the word "Rebel". "Rebel Yell" is a confederate battle cry, so yes, it's CSA themed.
  6. Where are you going in 2018?

    Definitely: Great Adventure Cedar Point Kings Island Probably: Morey's (We got free passes from Winter Adventure) SFNE Storybook Land (Trying again for the Nth year) Playland's Castaway Cove (Assuming Gale Force is fixed) Casino Pier Maybe: Dorney Carowinds Kennywood Knoebels Lake Compounce
  7. They're really not large in comparison to the total size of the project. My guess is that it's more hassle than it's worth in terms of planning, construction, and maintenance to build out that small of a separate field array. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Forums/index.php?/topic/4383-six-flags-great-adventure-to-become-world’s-first-solar-powered-theme-park/&do=findComment&comment=67789
  8. I think Justin is referring to the pavement being solar panels, which is definitely not the case. Also, it is not mentioned which parking lots are getting solar panels (or "carports" as the release calls them). The latest release just says "select parking lots". However, do remember that one of the previous updates to Great Adventure's plan included solar panels over the employee lot, so it's most likely that and a little more somewhere else.
  9. Six Flags Great Adventure to Fill 4,000 Positions in 2018

    It's not just a case of kids graduating and moving on/away or only working in the summer then going back to school.
  10. Orlando trip in April

    I just want to explain this more since I didn't get it the first time I heard about it. CityWalk is the area outside the main gates of both parks, so it's free to walk around. Basically like Disney Springs, but with more energy. You just have to park, which is free after 6pm. It's a really cool place to visit at night.
  11. Misc GA Mumblings

    Despite being located literally on the border of Philly/NY territory, I don't think Great Adventure fits well for this bet. It would probably appear odd to many people outside the area that a park in NJ is claiming to be a "Philly park". It would be seen as a long stretch and a very desperate attempt to piggyback off the publicity of the Superbowl. If it were the Giants, at least they actually play in NJ, and I think Great Adventure is better known as an NYC park than a Philly park. If anything, I think SFNE will set up a bet with Dorney, most likely. There is already history of a SF-CF bet between Cedar Point and SFGAm, so it wouldn't be the first. The ironic part here is that Great Adventure is actually slightly closer to Philly than Dorney is. lol
  12. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    We went this week last Jan. and Journey to Atlantis was down. It's their yearly maintenance for it.
  13. I voted "No - but I like the idea". I've only done one escape room (which I didn't have to pay for, if that matters) and while I enjoyed it, I don't think I would personally pay for it inside a theme park. I never ride Dare Devil Dive for a similar reason, despite really enjoying it. I paid to do the Heist once, years ago, just to see what it was. I'd enjoy doing it again, but I'm not going to pay (much) to do it again. If an escape room were to open at Great Adventure, I'd be compelled to try it just so I can give my opinion on it. That is, assuming the price is reasonable. In comparison, I've held off visiting Santa during Holiday in the Park due to the price, even though I'm missing out on seeing what the experience and appearance is like inside the house. I don't even want a photo with Santa, I just want to see inside
  14. Dorney Park Removing Stinger

    I'm upset I never got the Stinger credit because it was closed when I went
  15. Dorney Park Removing Stinger

    Intamin, Swiss design and manufacturing company best known for coasters and rides, not to be confused with the cookies, Entanmann's! From our park, they made Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro, El Toro, Congo Rapids, Parachutes, and Skull Mountain.
  16. Holiday in the Park 2017

    SFNE threw in the towel and is ending their HitP run early, not to re-open until spring. There must be similar thoughts for Great Adventure if they've already canceled the fireworks display, but it looks like they're going to try and ride it out some more.
  17. Six Flags Additions for 2018

    Surprised no one posted yet, but SFFT is getting ...something else next year as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TexasThrillSeekers/permalink/1430238417103391/
  18. There are some small hints of this throughout the park. A few areas have leaf and fossil-like imprints in the concrete. Movie Town has a few walk of fame stars in front of the shop with old Great Adventure coasters as stars.
  19. Misc GA Mumblings

    Who said that?
  20. What is More Important? Looney Tunes or DC Comics

    If everything else was kept the same, I'd say DC is more important. CF, HP, Busch may show you don't need an IP for every thrill ride, but that wouldn't work for Six Flags unless they made other changes, such as improving their creative team (or forming one) and massively increasing the amount of their capital investments so that the new attractions speak for themselves. Until they make those changes, they need to piggyback on the popularity of the DC Comics IP to bring in guests.
  21. I'd prefer the CF / SW system where there's just a required time buffer between meals and no set times for lunch to end and dinner to start, but the 1-hour before closing is very reasonable. The purpose of the pass isn't to let guests bring food home with them, so that's really just a bonus if you plan your snack and leaving time accordingly. It shouldn't be expected to deserve food for outside the park. My annoyance isn't the early closings, but the late closings. If you're at the park all day walking around, you have to eat lunch before 3pm (so you'd most likely have to eat lunch before 2pm really), then you still have 9 or 10 hours left in the park with 1 meal left. This is where the CF / SW system would help by letting me space out my lunch a little later so that I'm not hungry before the park closes.
  22. Ah, essentially like a season-long Bring A Friend Free add-on for your season pass.
  23. This sounds contradictory
  24. At Winter Adventure yesterday, when asked about planning for the 2019 attraction, Neal Thurman responded by saying the addition could be in the park or in the water park. It was a bit of an oddly unprovoked reference to the waterpark, so we'll see what happens! He then mentioned they are getting close to signing contracts.