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  1. Hello Mr. My name is Günter and I live in Osnabrück / Germany. For many years I have been researching the international carnivore dressage history and have compiled an extensive photo archive to this day. A very special story, however, is that of the master coach David Mcmillan, as he has worked his way up to a super star from the poorest conditions Unfortunately, I still have a few bland photos of his career, but now I read with them, it once Souvenir issue of his Tiger Show in Great Adventures gave. Is it possible to get a copy of this issue today, or at least post it, or maybe you know someone who photographed there at the time? Of course, I come up for any costs incurred and I would be very happy about an answer from them Greetings Günter
  2. Building over the water would require draining portions of the lake to build footers and a ton of environmental impact studies and paperwork. All of that is expensive, time consuming, and probably something the park would not want to tackle, especially after they were fighting off the solar panel protesters.
  3. Just curious, is the guy in that video more or less credible than the Dippin’ Dots guy?
  4. Seems like a pretty underwhelming mix of additions.
  5. For whatever reason Warner Bros was very particular about those hands including their removal from the observatory.
  6. Click Reply to Topic, select Click to Choose Files at the bottom of the text box, locate your photos and select them, click the plus “+” on each photo and submit reply.
  7. How a company as large as Disney can spend billions and billions of dollars to roll out a system to make "things easier for guests" and have it down so often or work so slowly every time you use it. What a piece of shi#! Seeing a cartoon of Donald Duck appear on your screen with the words "We Quacked Up!" after waiting five minutes for an update gets old really fast.
  8. Thanks Yoshi for sharing these photos! It looks like there is quite a bit a decorations for the festival even aside from the parade itself. I hope you are able to get back there to see the parade.
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