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  1. I doubt anything will be built to the left of the Joker on the former site of the grandstands. It would only obstruct the view of the lake and that is an asset to the park.
  2. Let me add to the rumor mill. How about a renewed kiddie area and a major addition for 2020? The rides towards the rear portion of Looney Tunes Seaport could easily be relocated to the Safari Kids area especially with the former Safari Tours site (see below). That would free up a large plot of land as seen in yellow. The yellow area represents already developed land that wouldn't require much leveling of trees (something about which Jackson is sensitive).
  3. Thanks. I'll say it again....too many levels.
  4. harry2004, regardless of expense, also moves rides around in his plans like the park is a chess board.
  5. The pins are given away free on select days/events to Gold Plus Membership members and above. They can’t be purchased. Although given their heir popularity I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to start selling other pins.
  6. While sunshine is ideal, unobstructed daylight is the key. It’s like still being able to get a sunburn on a overcast summer day.
  7. Great Adventure has started to issue an impressive collection of pins this season. While pins at the park aren't something new (view past pins here) it is great to see these attractive and PARK SPECIFIC souvenirs being offered to our park's members. What do you guys think of the new pins at Great Adventure?
  8. I think initially it may have been a time constraint. The blue sky was painted on the building just a couple of days prior to the press event and opening of the ride. The Master once mentioned he saw the panels for the skyline stashed under Batman The Ride. (I never saw that.) I doubt an actual skyline will ever be installed although some sort of projection mapping would be nice.
  9. I wonder if they will repaint the Funhouse Gifts stand. It already has sort of a sunbeam paint scheme.
  10. It is really amazing while watching the first part of the YouTube above to think how big Great Adventure is in size.
  11. Click HERE to view a complete album of the Solar Panel Project. Video below:
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