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  1. "C" is for Carousel: Carousel and calliope in 1976: Carousel at night: Application of decorative concrete around the Carousel in 1993:
  2. Early water view of Best of the West BBQ: Two views of the BOTWBBQ grizzly bear. Notice the extra rock work added to keep guests away from touching the bear.
  3. Here are a few "new images" of the Antique Cars! Under construction in 1974: Cool views of the cars:
  4. Antique Cars related items including an "alternate" version of the Spotlight video.
  5. That restroom also has a first aid office in its core that was used for Adventure Rivers and Koala Canyon. The other first aid station by the Boardwalk was too far for timely responses to the scrapes they anticipated on the water slides. It also looks like a concrete pad was poured near the entrance path. If we only had a devil statue to put there.
  6. I know today is April Fools Day and I thought I would do my part. I renewed my AAA membership just in case I break down in my driveway.
  7. I was surprised to see that this ride is now part of Intamin’s portfolio.
  8. Here is an early Amusement Park Journal article about the Ultra Twister including the first ad from Togo Japan.
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