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  1. Yes, but we consider that a "Planned But Never Built" spotlight!
  2. Special thanks to our Moderator Tbone for helping in the preparation of the text for the updated Skull Mountain spotlight. He worked at Skull Mountain so knows all about the ride!
  3. It looks like they may have sold 89 acres. Their 2020 annual report list their GA property as 2111 acres compared to 2200 in 2019.
  4. This has to be what I would consider the best image of Great Adventure's original Swiss Bob ride that I have run across so far. Such vibrant colors! If the image looks a little familiar, it was a variation of the picture in the 1974 Souvenir Booklet. Notice the riders are the same!
  5. Videos of the rides, attractions and events featured in the GreatAdventureHistory.com Spotlights.
  6. Here some more info on GA's hot air balloon - two photos from 1974 and an article about its operations from a 1976 park newsletter!
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