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  1. The rest of the normal pamphlets and brochures will also be MIA this season. First season in 47 years that GA does not have a rack brochure.
  2. As the 2020 season-opener finally approaches, click below to view the new official theme park map. There won't be any printed paper maps in the park this year. This map will be used for in-park map directories.
  3. Here is a postcard of Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots when it was at AstroWorld!
  4. I can’t help but think we will soon be picking apart It’s a Small World and replacing and removing dolls from various countries because they are viewed as being offensive to their native people.
  5. Song of the South debuted in 1946 and was rereleased multiple times with the last being in 1986. For those unfamiliar with Disney movies in the early days, they used to re-release their movies every several years so that new generations could view them. VHS and DVDs and Blu-ray‘s made that process obsolete.
  6. Disney wasn't trying to have people forget the movie when it was initially proposed. The ride was designed in the late '80s when Song of the South was still on Disney's rotation for playing in movie theaters. It was last shown in 1986. The ride has been entertaining guests for decades. Looks like people will have to go to Tokyo Disneyland to get the Splash Mountain experience.
  7. Amusement parks can open July 2 at 50% capacity!
  8. I think the problem with the Magic Kingdom Halloween event is that its primary draw for the up charge consisted of a parade, fireworks, and trick-or-treating all of which are off-limits for now.
  9. I haven’t had a haircut since February 17 but I have an appointment on Monday, June 22 -the first day that haircutting is allowed in NJ. I always liked Lego but never thought I’d have hair that resembled a mini fig!
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