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  1. What’s the deal with West Coast Racers at SFMM? I know Six Flags wants to be like Disney but following their construction timeline model is not too wise!
  2. The first note is a little jarring if you don’t expect it! Adds to the fun!
  3. until
    Click below for details:
  4. Great Adventure is going to have a pin trading event! Source: Six Flags Great Adventure
  5. No disrespect Coaster Justin but this is such a bad idea! The last thing we need are more ads in the park. If they want to do it right they should replace the broken walkways with new CONCRETE (not asphalt). Back in the day, GA was one of the only parks that didn't have asphalt but instead higher quality concrete throughout the entire park. The first asphalt appeared in 1994 with the introduction of the airstrip in front of the Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure.
  6. It is Christmas themed with the lights and a few props but the real surprise is in the center where Santa’s elves host a dance party complete with a DJ!
  7. Including the Safari Off Road Adventure as an option would also be a major plus.
  8. Xenith, I give you a lot of credit for your attention to details in following the construction of JDC. Nice work!
  9. Some of that unearthed debris almost looks like it could be from the old Great Train Ride which traversed that area before Roaring Rapids a.k.a. Congo Rapids was built.
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