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  1. Gum is a GA tradition since 1974!
  2. Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome Gavin!
  3. Six Flags Additions for 2018

    I like that! And I am happy it isn’t Joker’s Mardi Gras Hangover!
  4. Spotlight Requests

    Less this past season we just updated the Fright Fest pages. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/GAHalloween.htm
  5. Spotlight Requests

    The parking lot trams will be a spotlight because we have a lot of photos of those through the years. Putting something together for the rest of the vehicles is a great idea but I think it will probably be a dedicated album in our galleries versus a spotlight because what we have is an unrelated collection of photos and not so much a chronological story to share about them. Besides, putting them in the galleries would allow members to add comments about the photos which would probably provide for more details on the vehicles than we could write-up. For example, you have listed as one of your interests old farm tractors. Below is a photo of a tractor that was mixed in with a set of GA constriction slides. I am pretty certain it was taken at the park as it was in a sequence of photos at GA with the photos before and after it taken at the park. Are you familiar with this model - age, type of use, etc?
  6. Great Adventure Media Library - Advertising

    While work continues backstage on updating our TV and Radio Advertisements, we are happy to share with you the first batch of vintage print ads found in newspapers and magazines through the years. Click HERE to view them all including over 40 newly added ads. Special thanks to our member Daved Thomson for his research with these advertisements. Here are some samples:
  7. 1975 July 25 - The Pocono Record

  8. 1975 May 28 - Philadelphia Inquirer

  9. 1975 July 27 - Journal News

  10. 1975 July 31 - Daily Journal

  11. 1975 August 14 - Daily Record

  12. 1975 June 18 - Asbury Park Press

  13. 1976 April 4 - Daily Record

  14. 1977 August 28 - Daily Record

  15. 1977 July 25 - The Mercury