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  1. until
    Source: Six Flags Great Adventure
  2. Here is a good reason for the nation's largest seasonal theme park to have more than one flume ride:
  3. The announcement goes out to media the day/night before with an embargoed release set for 5AM the next morning. There always seems to be one or two news outlets that releases it prematurely and ruin the big reveal.
  4. I wonder if any of the other Six Flags Dubai rides will make it to the US. I wouldn’t mind us getting the Ferris Wheel.
  5. I didn’t mean that it was from Nickelodeon or Paramount. Just that it looked like it.
  6. Even though I am a big fan of roller coasters and have been an ACE member since 1984, I prefer dark rides more and was thrilled when they added Houdini and Justice League.
  7. To be honest, I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies or read any of the books. Even so, I still found both HP areas entertaining without knowing every or almost any aspect of the stories or settings.
  8. It looks like it was from the Nickelodeon years!
  9. Star Wars fans aside, I don’t think the general public realizes or cares that it is not one of the main planets from the movies. All they know is that it looks like something that would exist in Star Wars.
  10. ^ A water ride in the theme park, a major expansion of Hurricane Harbor, .....
  11. I am really impressed with how nice the new area turned out. Calypso Springs will add so much more capacity to HH than King Cobra provided.
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