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  1. Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
  2. Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
  3. Not the most upbeat product but this commercial is interesting. I like the part where there is Arrow track snaking through the house.
  4. Sadly it won’t make it. It has received less than half the votes it needs over the past year or more and there are only six days left.
  5. If the China project is canceled I wonder if any of the rides will make it back to the US.
  6. There have been so many failures of these overseas construction projects that it’s hard to have much faith in any of them.
  7. Sad to 1001 Nacht go. Not many of them left in the world.
  8. I think most people are waiting until the stores and restaurants open before going. I know I am.
  9. I wish they would come out with a new kit for their fairgrounds series. There was a rumor a drop tower was in the works but no proof of that yet.
  10. A new category of park memorabilia has been added to our collection - AWARDS & RIBBONS. Here are a few examples of these tokens of recognition given out by the park over the years:
  11. It is interesting to see Holiday in the Park surge past Fright Fest in popularity.
  12. I never met Butch either but have heard some great stories about him and his years at the park. He was the Warner LeRoy of the Safari Park. Here are just a few photos of Butch:
  13. It’s going to be on the mid-60’s this weekend. Reopen the park and while your at it the water park too!
  14. The start of the new year will bring several updates to our Park Souvenirs and Memorabilia collection. The first wave of updates include: BUTTON PINBACKS: Now featuring 88 vintage pinbacks! Updates to this page include new descriptive text blocks noting the size of each button. PATCHES: Now with over 87 park patches, the assortment ranges from 1974 to 2019. PINS: Especially with this seasons introduction of membership collector pins, this category has seen a wave of new additions now with 87 pins. Check out all the latest lapel pins as well as dozens from G.A.'s past. Here are just a few of latest additions:
  15. That one is really cool. In a way, I wish they wouldn't make these LEGO kits. They are too nice!
  16. I was shocked to get this for Christmas. It really is the ultimate LEGO kit for any fan of their building kits (not to mention fans of Star Wars). With over 7500 pieces the kit is the largest one ever made and it was a ton of fun to assemble. Much harder than the police car model I received almost 50 years ago!
  17. Just added to the BALLOONLAND Spotlight - Photos of the the initial lifting of the park's balloon at Princeton Airport on May 17, 1974 months before the park opened! Check out the Spotlight for additional pictures.
  18. It is hard to believe the park has just wrapped up another decade. Be sure to vote for all your favorites from the 2019 season!
  19. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Seasons Greetings to all of our friends both old and new here at GAH!
  20. And SLOW DOWN and even STOP to view the animals. Some past trips it seemed like we were trying to outrun a T-rex!
  21. WANTED: 2019 Great Adventure Fright Fest Pin featuring pumpkin character pictured below: Possible trade includes a set of 12 Six Flags Wild Safari pins below:
  22. At its time of removal the structure barely supported the existing ride let alone an RMC transformation. It would have required a near total replacement to keep it running.
  23. Yes, those are from my collection or as I often refer to it - The GA Archives! I have others but ran out of space in the display cases.
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