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  1. That was excellent!!! Tony Baxter has always been my favorite imagineer probably because all his creations rank so high on my favorites list. Wonderful video!
  2. Dig a four foot ditch under the top of the lift and you’re back to 130 ft!
  3. That is the Mini Swings (Monkey Around). http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/MiniSwings.htm
  4. Here’s a great video of the same model ride at the now defunct ride at American Adventures in the UK.
  5. DHS has the same AA figure as DL. Maybe they use a screen when the figure is down?
  6. And at the theme park, and almost any park that offers virtual queues (pay or free). It will never happen, but I wish they got rid of them all.
  7. I believe they remained at the park from 1974-1987.
  8. It is interesting to see that the wait time for the new ride has been consistently less than 60 minutes at both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. A time frame which seems very manageable especially for a brand new attraction. If the ride was offering fast passes, the wait time would probably be three or four times as long. Oh how I long for the good old days before fast pass.
  9. ^El Diablo had low ridership and its close proximity to Montreal made a relocation cost-effective.
  10. Where did you hear that? Possibly at the very start or end of the year but not “most of the season”.
  11. I have never understood how the Safari is Halloween entertainment except that it adds to the lineup. It is not like what they use to do at the Safari Exploration Station for Fright Fest.
  12. The park has two areas dedicated for water activities and props for climbing, splashing, etc. I think Calypso Springs is fine as it is - a quiet pool to relax.
  13. Want to map out your plan of attack for Fright Fest? Here's the 2019 Fright Fest Guide: Note: September 30 & October 9 will be open from 11AM-8PM (not 10PM).
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