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    Koala Canyon Spotlight

    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Comments and discussions are welcomed!
  2. Source: Six Flags Great Adventure
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    2018 Eurasian Lynx Cubs

  4. 29yrswithaGApass


    From the album: 2018 Eurasian Lynx Cubs

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    From the album: 2018 Eurasian Lynx Cubs

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    Misc GA Mumblings

    The most recent television commercials only refer to the park as SixFlags and do not mention the words Great Adventure at all. I am hoping that is only because it is part of a nationwide campaign tied in with Coca-Cola.
  7. 29yrswithaGApass

    a new dc universe area?

    harry2004, We appreciate your input to the forums but please be sure to use capital letters where appropriate, correct punctuation, spelling, etc. to make reading your posts easier for everyone.
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    1976 Yearbook - Season #3

    The Five After Five offer is one that my family took advantage of several times over the years in the 70a. My mom loved bargains and that was definitely one of them. Every season, even into the ‘90s, she would ask if it was still being offered!
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    1976 Yearbook - Season #3

    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Comments and discussions are welcomed!
  10. 29yrswithaGApass

    1976 Yearbook - Season #3

    A whole new batch of vintage advertisements from 1976 have been added to our galleries. Check them out HERE, several samples below.
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    1976_06_29_CP_Ad_July4 copy.jpg

  12. 29yrswithaGApass

    1976_05_23_HN_Ad_DogAd copy.jpg

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    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Hi Lauren! They removed the Autobahn bumper cars and its game stands (as well as a small food stand) to accommodate Cyborg Cyber Spin. It only takes up a portion of that land. Great hearing from you again! 😊
  14. Source: Six Flags Great Adventure
  15. 29yrswithaGApass

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    I’ve had that happen several times too. Someone even duplicated a post I wrote with photos and trimmed all the pictures to eliminate the site’s watermark in the corners. That was nice of them.
  16. You can bring back FIVE things from Great Adventure's past including rides, attractions, shops, special events, policies, etc. What FIVE things would you reintroduce?