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  1. I'd love to see that be the case but I think it's very wishful thinking. The virus will continue to spread to less-dense areas even if it begins to slow down in our big cities, which will draw out the public health crisis. Many events in June are already cancelled around the country, so I'd place late June as the absolute earliest GAdv opens.
  2. And the virus will be everywhere soon after. Just hit NY first because more international travel lands here.
  3. Sorry to bring something back from so long ago, but bored for obvious reason over here.... This is a great point that I hadn't considered. The SF parks really did each have unique and often beautiful architecture, and Time Warner's acquisition began the step towards whitewashing and standardizing much of that.
  4. 5 Costumed ride attendants (Houdini especially) 4 Severe enforcement of code of conduct 3 Live entertainment 2 Glow in the Park parade (or equivalent) 1 Cohesive theming within each section – signage, music, etc.
  5. One of the things that really bums me out about GAdv in recent years is how much the signage quality has deteriorated. It appears that the once-expert signage department has probably been reduced to a guy with Microsoft Paint and a screen printer.
  6. Have never heard of this, but just put it on and it's like the *quintessential* Six Flags song. Captures that throwaway teenage pop-punk vibe perfectly. It's similar to the one song that really reminds me of all SF parks, which is "Grow Up" by Simple Plan. I remember it was used in a SF ad in 2002 or so (video here) and turned me onto that band before they blew up.
  7. Great report, Harry. Has anyone done the “Holiday Craze” Mirror Maze? Is there anything holiday about it, or is that just clever branding?
  8. pashacar


    Totally hear you. Things have gotten A LOT better at GAdv (not to mention worse elsewhere.)
  9. I miss the Discover perks. 5% cashback on everything (10% in your first year) was pretty hard to beat. Hopefully this comes close.
  10. Where do you see that? Hard to believe based on its location, and the abundant decorations right there....
  11. I rode it yesterday and it's about right, space-wise. Plus you're only in that space for a minute or two. Much better procedure.
  12. Oh man, the Exploration Station was such an awesome attraction. I miss it.
  13. Initial videos and imagery showed more activities. Just small things like more fountains, mushrooms, etc. Nothing like a Discovery Bay, but more of an activity pool than just a pool.
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