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  1. Great report, Harry. Has anyone done the “Holiday Craze” Mirror Maze? Is there anything holiday about it, or is that just clever branding?
  2. pashacar


    Totally hear you. Things have gotten A LOT better at GAdv (not to mention worse elsewhere.)
  3. I miss the Discover perks. 5% cashback on everything (10% in your first year) was pretty hard to beat. Hopefully this comes close.
  4. I was just at SF Mexico and the DC Super Friends area is super cute. Also the theming is less-involved than something like an LTS, which saw its theme fixtures decay, fade, and rot over time under neglect. Would be a nice addition, IMO.
  5. Where do you see that? Hard to believe based on its location, and the abundant decorations right there....
  6. I rode it yesterday and it's about right, space-wise. Plus you're only in that space for a minute or two. Much better procedure.
  7. Oh man, the Exploration Station was such an awesome attraction. I miss it.
  8. Initial videos and imagery showed more activities. Just small things like more fountains, mushrooms, etc. Nothing like a Discovery Bay, but more of an activity pool than just a pool.
  9. Just seeing this report, but great to have an entry from you, Tom! Appreciate the perspective now that you're an Orlando guy.
  10. I haven't used Dorney's app, but have noticed the same issue on CP's. Six Flags' is not perfect, but far more accurate on wait times.
  11. That's awesome. I wonder how those effects are preserved now that we're like 25+ years into the ride's life. Anyone know? Highly doubt they're digitized in any manner we'd consider sophisticated today.
  12. Agree as well. It's...a pool. A nice place to park your stuff, I guess, but totally underwhelming as anything more than that.
  13. Great report, Harry. I so appreciate your attention to detail, especially signage. On that note, and yes, I say some version of thi every time a SFHH report is posted, but it remains true, as a fellow lover of themed signs (and theming in general), it's painful to see what they've let this park become. Look at all the unique personality in that original Big Bambu & Reef Runner sign you captured. Compare that to the Calypso Springs sign, or the Paradise Grill one, or the Coke stand, or one of 1,000 other things around the park. What a shame.
  14. I feel you. Still love coasters, but been able to tolerate less and less with each passing year. Rerides used to be the holy grail and now they're a big no-go. Great report! Too bad about the effects on BSC. Surprised to see 1 train on so many rides at a larger CF park.
  15. Has Six Flags hit any of the planned opening dates this season? Across the chain?
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