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  1. I feel you. Still love coasters, but been able to tolerate less and less with each passing year. Rerides used to be the holy grail and now they're a big no-go. Great report! Too bad about the effects on BSC. Surprised to see 1 train on so many rides at a larger CF park.
  2. Has Six Flags hit any of the planned opening dates this season? Across the chain?
  3. LOL sure, *just* that there's sticky asphalt. Don't mind the huge crane working on the ride, nothing to see, just a coincidence. What an embarrassment; they can't even get a flat ride to function safely or pave a midway properly. Who knows what corners are being cut on safety elsewhere in the park these days, all to save a buck or two.
  4. Love the solar panel news. But the rest of the report sure depressed me. It's disgusting what the company has done to this water park. What was once a gorgeous, tropical paradise is now a concrete, sheet metal experience overrun with poor maintenance and loud corporate advertising. And that's before you even get to the park's operations. As a theme park lover, it's tough to look at.
  5. Agreed! Though I hope they get to the Safari Tours area ASAP -- it looks dismal. I wonder why the decision was made to tear it out right before the season began.
  6. About to visit for the first time and trying to figure out if I can save a few bucks by buying a ticket then upgrading it to a season pass once in the gate, rather than just buying the pass from the get-go. Have a few related questions: 1) Does anyone know the rate to upgrade a day ticket this year? I believe I saw $34.99, which I assume is for a regular, and perhaps more for gold? 2) I know in the past the minimum admission value has been $20 for a ticket to be valid for upgrade. Any idea if that's still the case this year? ^^ 2a) If so, if a ticket is worth under $20, can you pay the difference *plus* the upgrade price, or is it completely not valid for upgrade? The day I'm going has a $17.99 BAFF offer on my friend's pass, so I was thinking of buying that and then trying to upgrade, but not sure if that'll be possible. Any experience with something like this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Wild One is awesome. An excellent example of a classic wooden coaster. The water park is also pretty substantial, if you're interested in such things.
  8. ^ Agreed. I even wonder if it will make them step their game up for the other thrown-together trails to attract other potential IP.
  9. Very specific question, I know.... Anyhow, I know passes for the following year have historically gone on sale over Labor Day weekend. I'm considering visiting with some friends that Friday, and wondering if the passes will have likely gone on sale by then, or whether they typically don't come out until Saturday, or Monday, or later. Any ideas from past years?
  10. Wow, I can't imagine riding Toro 25x in one day. What seat(s) were you in? Was it painful after a certain point?
  11. Anyone (Harry?) know the rationale for this change? Happy to see less paper used, I suppose, but agree it's unwieldy. And always figured the booklet format was financed by the ads within, where this version has fewer, smaller ads.
  12. ^ Hope all goes well and you can make it to many parks in 2018!
  13. A part of me is sad to see that structure go. That area had a lot of character in its prime. Thanks for the update, Harry.
  14. What happened to the three-year rehab they started out on a few years back?
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