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  1. Agreed! Though I hope they get to the Safari Tours area ASAP -- it looks dismal. I wonder why the decision was made to tear it out right before the season began.
  2. About to visit for the first time and trying to figure out if I can save a few bucks by buying a ticket then upgrading it to a season pass once in the gate, rather than just buying the pass from the get-go. Have a few related questions: 1) Does anyone know the rate to upgrade a day ticket this year? I believe I saw $34.99, which I assume is for a regular, and perhaps more for gold? 2) I know in the past the minimum admission value has been $20 for a ticket to be valid for upgrade. Any idea if that's still the case this year? ^^ 2a) If so, if a ticket is worth under $20, can you pay the difference *plus* the upgrade price, or is it completely not valid for upgrade? The day I'm going has a $17.99 BAFF offer on my friend's pass, so I was thinking of buying that and then trying to upgrade, but not sure if that'll be possible. Any experience with something like this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Wild One is awesome. An excellent example of a classic wooden coaster. The water park is also pretty substantial, if you're interested in such things.
  4. ^ Agreed. I even wonder if it will make them step their game up for the other thrown-together trails to attract other potential IP.
  5. Very specific question, I know.... Anyhow, I know passes for the following year have historically gone on sale over Labor Day weekend. I'm considering visiting with some friends that Friday, and wondering if the passes will have likely gone on sale by then, or whether they typically don't come out until Saturday, or Monday, or later. Any ideas from past years?
  6. Wow, I can't imagine riding Toro 25x in one day. What seat(s) were you in? Was it painful after a certain point?
  7. Anyone (Harry?) know the rationale for this change? Happy to see less paper used, I suppose, but agree it's unwieldy. And always figured the booklet format was financed by the ads within, where this version has fewer, smaller ads.
  8. ^ Hope all goes well and you can make it to many parks in 2018!
  9. A part of me is sad to see that structure go. That area had a lot of character in its prime. Thanks for the update, Harry.
  10. What happened to the three-year rehab they started out on a few years back?
  11. Anyone have an idea about what % of the lights are up year-round?
  12. 2- Old Country Sign 3- The RIght Stuff
  13. Agreed. Doesn't seem *that* hard to prepare for or handle, considering they know what kind of crowd they're gonna get every year.
  14. ^ Yeah -- on the app, it appears that the maze pass price has been bumped down to $25, but I wonder if they will all even be open, and imagine they will be very poorly staffed, which makes it a questionable value even at that lower price.
  15. Hey, not a 100% sure thing, but I'm *probably* going on the 30th and would be happy to help if I end up going. Shoot me a PM.
  16. Yoshi, did you buy your SP through a targeted email offer, or just through the normal Flash Sale offer? Haven't gotten this email, but I'm going to the park with a friend that night, so trying to figure out why....
  17. ^ I have to imagine they only care about the bottom line, and presumably they are plenty profitable at this point. It's a shame to see, as SF used to have some of the best food in the industry, IMO, and quality has really declined along with service over the last few years.
  18. I read a recent report of SFMM's that mentioned how a few of their effects are already only working half the time, and sometimes their vehicle audio isn't even on. And when I rode SFSL's, lots of the audio cues were off, and the last screen wasn't working at all. So far, I've only had pretty picture-perfect experiences on our JL:BFM, and the only reports of issues I've heard are of minor defacement in the queue. I'm very grateful to the park for that, and I hope they keep it up!
  19. ^ That's really too bad. Wish they would make the single-rider line start earlier. Half the time I see it, it's empty, which is a real waste of capacity. Considering they were building these rides from scratch, not sure why they couldn't design them with 4 seats to a row like almost everything else....
  20. Yoshi (or anyone else), where do you like to sit on Twister? I liked it years ago but these days find it a little too rough for my taste.
  21. ^Agreed completely; the mazes would be a disgrace even for free. BUT to Matt's point, they've got people lining up to buy tickets like crazy, so why not charge, and why spend to upgrade them?
  22. Cool, thanks! That's actually good news -- won't bring in any extra crowds, and I wanted to convince my friends to get SPs anyway.
  23. Quick Q -- can a current passholder let me know what bring-a-friend coupons are live for tomorrow, Friday 9/1? Considering buying a pass and want to see what I'll have access to if I bring a friend or two with me. Thanks!
  24. They had a Mardi Gras festival during the 2002 "Summer of Festivals," right? I remember hearing they didn't bring it back because there were too many cases of indecent exposure....
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