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  1. WANTED: 2001 park map

    Theres one available on ebay.
  2. GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    B- Far Side
  3. B&M: flying trains vs standard trains

    Super, in fact does have the heaviest trains, same track design except for the pretzel loop where there is more stress on the bottom, thicker track.
  4. Runaway Train

    Awesome! Always wanted to see a picture of them.
  5. Lack of staff

    It's been a stressful few weeks, we are so understaffed we have no ride entrances anymore. After school every day this week i have a 4-11 shift right after a 7-1:30 school day, rides people are very nice people but if we are little cranky it's because we like never have time to rest, once weekends only roll around we should be good again.
  6. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I got stuck on the skyride for the first time ever today, very odd feeling.
  7. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Excited to get back to work this weekend, took off lat weekend for a wedding. Last day of school is Friday, got my permit today, and finally upgraded my 4s for the 6, whats next? promotion to supervisor? haha nah not this year
  8. Great Adventure History Museum - Brief Encore

    Will you be there both days Harry?
  9. Working At The Park?

    I did games last year and i found it fun and enjoyable, the best part was seeing peoples reactions to things. Talking on mic and annoying people was fun also haha. If you did do games try to get into the square section, that's the section with 3 point (best game to work) you just have to be on your A game with handling change, and quickly, after a while it's a piece of cake as long as you stay even hope this helps!
  10. PTR 6/4/15 Aqua Stadium's pools are draining.

    I guess El Diablo's trains are really easy to get on and off for maintenance if needed. It would be cool if they sold some of the metal benches as souvenirs, i have a bench from Shea Stadium which is pretty cool, but it's all going to be scrap.
  11. Misc GA Mumblings

    Dammit ^
  12. 5/15/15

    yeah superman has had shorter lines this year (kind of confusing me too), but over the weekend the line was to the second and third que, but somehow we managed to kill that line down to a station wait (park was still crowded), expect fast dispatches on super this year, great crew.
  13. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Harry!
  14. Photo Trip Report: May 14th, 2015 - El Diablo Opens!

    Dam i really underestimated El Diablo. Great addition to the park!
  15. Medusa (AKA Bizarro)

    Oh yea, we have certain things to say to a guest, we aren't allowed to mention anything about a guest without them telling us first hand, unless its a situation that the guest cannot ride superman due to the positioning of the ride (i think you get what i mean) and even for that we have a way of telling them nicely that they won't be able to ride, which hurts because you never want a guest to be sad, but safety is always priority. But for a situation like that, i feel they would know not to ride while pregnant, so lets hope she didn't.