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  1. Next week is going to be tough for me going to the park, on Monday and Tuesday, there might chance will be rain showers or sunny with mild temperatures so I don't know because I might going to the park during Spring Break next week.
  2. While Safari Tours is removing, Sky Zoom might also removing...Is there could be sign there will be rethemed Safari Kids to Bugs Bunny Boomtown and LTSP rethemed to DC Super Friends Kids Zone in 2021. A new coaster is coming in next year, in 2021 there will be kids area expansion.
  3. How many days until Superman repaint is done? Batman and Nitro might be next after Superman is done repainting.
  4. ^ Tsk tsk. Single rail coaster way easier than ground up. Even Darien Lake can have ground up coaster if they want to....Great Adventure might getting single rail coaster instead next year, there was survey about single rail coaster for the park last year. I hope so...
  5. For last time, Great Adventure is NOT getting another wooden coaster. A customized Raptor would be perfect because if Tallest, Fast, Steel rumor is very true. RMC Ground-Up coaster is NOT Tallest, Steel, Fast. Medium-sized Raptor could be Tallest, Fast, Steel coaster for Great Adventure. So RMC Ground Up coaster could be for SF St. Louis or Six Flags Darien Lake instead. As for RMC Raptor if we getting for Great Adventure. It will probably themed to Shazam!.
  6. A kiddie train ride would be perfect replacement for Safari Tours car rides in the future.
  7. That kids area would get revamp in 2021 aka LTS rethemed to Bugs Bunny Boomtown, Safari Kids rethemed to DC Super Friends Kids Zone.
  8. ^ Thanks, pal. I wish there will be a new coaster in next year at Great Adventure tsk tsk RMC Raptor (customized) if Tallest, Fast, Steel rumor is true like last year's Riding in the Bulls event.
  9. So what would become after El Diablo leaves next year? Most possibity would be new coaster for 2020?
  10. 2020 - New Attraction - Speculation - (4/6/19) An early rumor has surfaced regarding a 2020 attraction in talks for Six Flags Magic Mountain. If the rumors are true, the park may be planning on what will become ‘the world’s largest Star Flyer’ attraction. Currently, I believe that distinction goes to the Orlando Star Flyer that opened last year at 450 feet. Location wise, it seems they may want this one to be very visible outside the park, so it could be located where the current “Pistachio Park” is located, which I believe was formerly the Swiss/Sierra Twist ride location from 1973-2008 before it was removed. Of course, this is Six Flags, and new rides are always subject to change before the final announcements come in August, but so far Six Flags has been on a roll with adding these style rides to nearly ever park in the chain thus far, even dropping one into the newly rebranded Six Flags Darien Lake for this season. I believe the only Six Flags branded parks without one thus far are Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Magic Mountain.
  11. So I was at the park today, I went to Plaza der Carnival and I saw the walls behind former El Diablo's spot. I really think there will be 2020 RMC coaster coming here in next year I hope. What kind RMC would be? Mine is customized RMC Raptor aka medium-sized track.
  12. Okay, Accuweather says there will be low clouds in morning, sunny comes later in afternoon okay. Is the park will still okay in opening day on this Saturday because I'm going to the park in that day.
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