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  1. Too bad the park should've open today for opening day but virus killed it already. Hope the park will open next month or early June...
  2. Looks like China is getting new virus cases as a second wave. Will USA will do same as China for rest of the year, 2021 and forever? I'm scared about this one. Is USA is not getting a second wave of virus like China for rest of the year? I don't want USA to get another wave soon! I think there will be peaking down virus in America between this month, next month or June so the virus will never hard to America ever again rest of the year.
  3. Hey guys don't read Nicky D's comments on this video, he lied about the park is not open this year due to virus. The park will finally open next month or June.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/white-house-projects-100k-to-240k-coronavirus-deaths-as-trump-tells-us-to-prepare-for-very-painful-two-weeks/ar-BB11YUQs?ocid=spartanntp Hopefully by end of April or May, there will be done soon.
  5. *cries* This sucks, I'm stuck my home for like until April 30th (STUPID PRESIDENT TRUMP!), No working at CEC, no riding my NJ Transit train to Bay Head/NYC, no shopping, no nothing. At least I can go to Great Adventure soon in May. Also no birthday party at CEC in April 5th (have to rebooked until May soon). I wish virus will die soon in NY / PA / NJ by late April or early May. Please god, will virus will END soon by summer! Stupid China ruining my life! Guys help me, will there will also be second wave of virus by this Fall-Winter?
  6. We got until April 30th according to the president's orders. I think employees will go back to work in early May and start training a lot. They got plenty time before the park opens in mid May or Memorial Day Weekend.
  7. So the president said there will be 30 more days of guidelines. I think the park will open in mid May because in two weeks, they will start peaking the virus down soon.
  8. ^ NYC will peaking down virus in next month or May soon. It should be fine for the park's opening.
  9. Gadv might open 2-3 months aka mid May or early June. They'll peaking virus down for 3-5 months. So events will might pushed into summer.
  10. Is Six Flags will go bankrupt again in the future due to virus?
  11. Is that true we will get second wave of Coronavirus by this Fall and Winter? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2020/03/26/daily-202-government-experts-warn-of-a-second-wave-of-coronavirus-cases-as-the-health-system-struggles/5e7c543f88e0fa101a752cd1/
  12. @Medusa42^ Probably not for second wave, it might not coming back maybe...the park is might still open until January. If second wave does happen here's my cancelled events when second pandemic takes place: -Six Flags Great Adventure (closes October) -Rockin' New Years Eve at NYC 2021 -Halloween parades, Halloween Day -Christmas Parades -Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2020 -Disneyland and Walt Disney World (closes) and many more! Is that true, virus will come back this Fall and Winter, and more cancelled events, closing theme parks, and more! The world IS DOOMED NOW! There is no way to stop it by next year. Vaccine might developing very soon before end of the year. I don't think a second wave might not happening very soon. They need peaking to rid COVID-19 soon enough!
  13. If 2020 addition saved Great Adventure's money, I expect kids area expansion is coming in 2021. Also: In next couple years, Six Flags most unlikely will get bankrupt like in 2009 due to coronavirus. I expect Six Flags and Cedar Fair will be recovered after the virus will peak to no new cases in couple weeks or a few months.
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