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  1. Next weekend is not good for the weather folks, there's going to be rain all day on Saturday and Sunday. Darn it, well, is the weather is going to change because I'm going to the park on this Saturday or Sunday.
  2. Sorry I can't do that. I'm not going to take pictures of new coaster site okay. Back to topic. How's weather looks like on this Sunday because I'm going to the park.
  3. How is the weather on this weekend because I'm going to the park on Sunday. Is there will be sunny day at the park on Sunday?
  4. Maybe the return of some of the Looney Tunes Seaport rides and Taz Tornado for Bugs Bunny Boomtown possibily in 2021.
  5. Will Taz Tornado will be removed for end of 2019 season soon to make way for Jersey Devil Coaster?
  6. https://www.ocregister.com/2019/10/08/there-might-be-no-escaping-a-six-flags-and-cedar-fair-merger/
  7. @29yrswithaGApass Next year, will the park will get more improving like: -New Shows -More repainting rides like Batman, Nitro, etc... -New Pathways -LED Lights on Big Wheel (possibity unlikely) -New Background music (like return of original background music) -Extend Holiday in the Park (El Toro, Runaway Train, and Bizzaro along with Bugs Bunny National Park, etc....) and more
  8. Will Great Adventure will start using live cameras around the park soon during Jersey Devil Coaster construction?
  9. ...Just wait until Cedar Fair might buy Six Flags soon...expecting Six Flags will still keep Looney Tunes and DC Comics IPs. Or what if Cedar Fair will change their minds in near future if Six Flags and Cedar Fair will actually be merge each other soon? Man, Six Flags wants revenge on Cedar Fair what they did to the company. Six Flags still WANTs to buy Cedar Fair in the future. The battle MUST goes ON!
  10. ^ Hmmm....maybe Six Flags just have chat with Cedar Fair to be merger each other soon.....
  11. I hope Cedar Fair-Six Flags merger will be finalized in weeks I hope.....
  12. Hey guys! If Cedar Fair has all live webcams for all Cedar Fair parks, will Six Flags do the same as Cedar Fair does and have live webcams for their park?
  13. Dude, Great Adventure is STILL Six Flags property. It's not gonna brought by Cedar Fair or SeaWorld. They'll NEVER let Cedar Fair or SeaWorld buy the park. Six Flags stills OWNS the park.
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