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  1. If the next clue is M on Monday, we might finally getting RMC coaster soon. What are you think, @Tower?
  2. I think one of clues might be close to RMC Raptor than S&S one. Because the next clue most likely is gonna use M word next on Monday. So S&S Launch Coaster is out of the question.
  3. I wonder these tracks are for SFNE's 2020 addition as theme to Supergirl?
  4. It may be for SFNE's 2020 addition themed to Supergirl. There's a lot of rumors about a launch coaster is coming to SFNE for 150th anniversary next year.
  5. Killer Croc themed coaster would be awesome if RMC Raptor could themed to Killer Croc or Swamp Thing next year.
  6. Swamp Thing sure fits one for a new single rail coaster called Swamp Thing Rails of Terror.
  7. During off season in the future I think they COULD fix Great Adventure for 2020: -Repainting rides (Batman the Ride, Nitro, Kingda Ka, etc) -Fix Big Wheel (LED Lights) -Redo Main Entrance Road Pavement -Add more animals to Safari area -New Park Improvings -After 2020 addition announced on August 29th, Maybe in next year/by end of 2019 they will announce new kids areas, Bugs Bunny Boomtown (replaces Safari Kids) and DC Super Friends (near by Justice League and Cyborg) -More pavementing areas (Boardwalk, Movietown, Frontier Adventures, etc...) -Retheme Movietown into DC Universe -DC Comics characters meet & greet (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, the Flash, etc...) will be returning to the park and there's a lot more stuff during off-season or they can start year round in the future if they want to.
  8. IT WASN'T ME. IT WASN'T ME. THAT IS DIFFERENT GUY. Okay that was different guy in the video not me. But I really want a single rail coaster next year.
  9. (8/12/19) The latest word on the new coaster coming to Six Flags Great Adventure is that very likely be a new single-rail coaster project from RMC. I don’t know if this will be a new “Raptor” style coaster similar to the Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso coaster that opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2018 or if this will be the bigger version of the concept RMC has had in development under the codename, “T-Rex” that would feature coaster trains that seat two-riders across instead of the single rider per row Raptor system.
  10. We still NOT sure as 2020 addition would themed to Jersey Devil yet. The next clue might be a villain from DC Universe like the Riddler, Two Face, Lex Luthor, etc... I think we will get custom dueling RMC Raptor themed to Two Face vs. the Riddler.
  11. I think there STILL could be DC Comics theme like the Riddler or Two Face. But I don't think new coaster won't themed to Jersey Devil I think. But we will know the next clue in couple days.
  12. ^ Probably for a prop for Fright Fest. Not a ride. Most likely new coaster will be themed to DC Comics IP.
  13. What nooo!!! Don't tell me it's not going to be different coaster not RMC Raptor. Is going to be really RMC Raptor next year please? So the workers are going to clearing the area when the 2020 addition was announced. My guess is STILL RMC Raptor for 2020.
  14. Are you sure if new coaster is really custom RMC Raptor next year?
  15. So custom RMC Raptor could there next year? Is the new coaster most likely gonna be RMC Raptor?
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