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  1. Miscellaneous Mumblings

  2. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I just read the news about some guy predicts the world will end on April 23rd. Is that not true? I'm so scared about this.
  3. Okay guys vote now, what is going to be the new addition to Great Adventure next year?
  4. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Here's update of Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster at SFFT yesterday video:
  5. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Today is my birthday, guys! I having a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's today! And I'm going to Six Flags Great Adventure tomorrow!
  6. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    So guys, North Korea might nuke U.S in this Summer, July 23rd. Here is the link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/north-korea-could-nuke-us-by-summer-official-warns/ar-AAvym1F?ocid=spartanntp I don't want to die by North Korea this summer, please I'm so scared about this one....I hope President Trump will take to North Korea leader for peace to stop nuclear program in North Korea.
  7. Six Flags Theme Parks Future Predictions

    My Six Flags 2019 Predictions: SFNE - Justice League Battle for Metropolis SFMM - Mack Spinning Coaster or 300ft SkyScreamer SFOG - Water Park expansion SFM - Bugs Bunny Fiesta Town (replaces old kiddie area) SFGadv - RMC Raptor (near by Justice League) SFOT - Skywarp Eclipse SFA - 4D Free Fly Coaster or RMC Roar SFDK - New animal exhibit / park improving SFFT - A new flat ride package SFGAM - 250ft SkyScreamer / Holiday in the Park Great Escape - A new family dark ride / Holiday in the Park La Ronde - Skywarp (replaces former Cobra) / Holiday in the Park
  8. Misc GA Mumblings

    Will the snow will melt after the snow ends on Saturday by Sunday morning? I'm might going to the park on this Sunday. Nevermind, I hope weather changes on this Saturday I want just rain not snow on my birthday on Saturday. Also, the rain will stop at Friday morning at 8 am, the cloudy skies will begin at 9 am with winds, is the rides will be all opening on this day, I might going to the park that day....
  9. Misc GA Mumblings

    How about Friday? The weather might be change because I might going to the park on Friday maybe...
  10. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Look at this picture: I think they'll torn down the trees for RMC Raptor next year, look at this could be relocated pathway to make way for RMC Raptor next year, also, look at space, it's bigger, it's plenty space to put RMC Raptor there next year.
  11. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Back to topic guys, what are you think, guys? Should the park will get RMC Raptor and put it near Justice League next year if Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster was a hit at SFFT this year?
  12. Misc GA Mumblings

    Well looks like I'm not going to the park today because the snow....help me guys, when I'm going to the park? What day, Tueday, Wednesday or Friday? Help me! Also I want to go the park on Sunday too, when is going to be okay weather with no rain? I want sunny weather.
  13. Misc GA Mumblings

    Guys, the snow will be melting by 10 am this Monday, I will probably be here at 11:45 am at the park on Monday, will the rides will be open if the snow melts on rides on this Monday, I'm going to the park on this Monday.
  14. Misc GA Mumblings

    Oh, no oh no! There's going to be rain/snow morning in Monday with 43 degrees nooooo! I wanna go to the park that day! But the weather will change on Monday right? My Accuweather has Sunny with 50 degrees! Is all the rides will be open if there's 43 degrees on Monday?
  15. 2018 SFGA Theme Park Map

    ^ Yeah, but I don't think it's not good idea for putting a Raptor behind El Toro or something, it should built behind Justice League by next year I hope.