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  1. We need a reunion... it's been way too long! Gary, Leonard, Donnie, Dave, Jake, Ken have all checked in. Remember Dave Marino, AKA ' Hollywood" courtesy of Lion 2. He is just across the bridge from me in St Pete. We need to find Winks and Wolf and Ken and Patty Stevie and John King,and so many more. Holly crap... do you all remember the time Butch sent us to bring the 26 foot python w belly rot back to the surgery center. I think that the most afraid I have ever been. Actually I think almost all of the most fearful times of my life were in the safari park. We gotta do a reunion.
  2. Ken, Where are you my dear lost friend. It's Ed Chiles
  3. Tommy Lear worked lions, don't remember if it was 1rst lion section or second.
  4. Jake! So glad you checked in. We need to reconnect. Have talked to Leonard. So much catching up to do. Couldnt believe that Charlie died. Would love to talk to Debbie. Get in touch. echiles@chilesgroup.com 941 713 5361

  5. He Donnnie, sent you an e-mail. Sorry it took me so long to see your request. Sounds like we are rounding up a few folks finally. We have to get together.

  6. hey ed, look up my profile and get my e-mail address and write me. donnie bale

  7. 29 yrs, My e-mail is echiles@chilesgroup.com. My office # is 941 778 8700. I would like to talk to you at your convenience, to learn more about the site and find where the old pictures are ..I was just going through a great gallery that someone put up from 1974. It had the picture w one of my monkeys, Cockey, that I just commented on. I really appreciate what you have done with this site and the link to some of the greatest times of my life.
  8. The monkey in the middle is Cocky. He was the only Gilatta baboon we had in the section and he was my favorite monkey. He would groom you and I would grrom him in turn. Grooming is what monkeys do when the go meticulously through each others coats and pick our nits, which they then eat. I will never forget Cockey.
  9. I believe the top picture is the monkey jungle. I think it was the only section that had sheet metal on top of the cyclone fence. That is definitely Brian Vidor in the picture with Butch Dring. Brian was the half brother of Warner Leroy, the parks creator. He lived in a trailer on the park property right near our HQ.
  10. I have some old films I will put up as well, if I can figure out how to do it. Perhaps 29 yrs can assist.
  11. The bears were incredible digger's weren't they Gary? I remember them burrying the cyclone fence down a couple of feet and then a couple of more and a couple of more. Seems like it was 6 or 8 feet before they finally solved the problem.
  12. I think we had 14 giraffe and I know we had 140 baboon's.
  13. Rhino adventure. Wasn't that when we strung all the burlap and created a corridor to get him back in? Butch was a heck of a man alright. Fearless but never reckless, and he knew more about animlas than anyone I ever saw or heard of. He was incredibly cool under pressure, and there were many times when the pressure was as high as it gets. I don't recall anyone ever being seriously hurt. That was a great testament to Butch Dring's leadership.
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