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  1. I don't normally post at all in here but read the forums pretty often. This was my first time back to Six Flags in three years and I was pretty amazed at how much has changed since I last visited. I also had a friend who had never visited Six Flags before so it was great to see his perspective on things (his home park is Cedar Point). We got to the park right at opening and it was pretty dead. A few school groups were there but most were gone by 4PM which made the park even emptier for the remainder for the day. Everything except for Twister was open at some point throughout the day (Sky
  2. Thanks for the report! Your pictures are wonderful as usual. Very glad I bought a parking pass for the first time this year. $22 for parking is completely unacceptable.
  3. Rode SkyScreamer for the first time today and it was amazing! They did have a technical difficulty while I waited in line which resulted in riders being stuck at the top for about five minutes, but these type of things I guess are to be expected since it just opened. DejaVu and Air Jumbo were testing this afternoon and open a few hours before the park closed.
  4. They must of put that up last night after the park closed because yesterday it was lying on the ground next to the coaster. Looks good!
  5. ^Speaking of the park website, they need to update it because it shows Flying Wave on there but not Fantasy Fling. Yeah I know that this was a last minute decision to keep Fantasy Fling and take out Flying Wave but I don't think it would be too complicated for Six Flags to have its site accurate. -As for Houdini, I do not want to see that thing go! Now if it were to go anytime soon, would it be possible for them to keep the exterior of the building but renovate the interior of the building. That way, they can possibly make some themed attraction such as a haunted house or something in pla
  6. I chose TDK, but then again, I'm more looking forward into going to the park because I haven't been there since 2006. I still haven't even got my first ride on El Toro yet! So I have a lot to look forward to this year!
  7. This was very enjoying to read, and it must of taken a lot of work to get it completed. Can't wait to see the Dark Knight Section when released later this year!
  8. I wouldn't see Skull Mountain leaving anytime soon, because it does seem to be running well. But if it were too, maybe a dark ride themed to pirates or something would take over the building???
  9. Its incredible to see how long some of these rides can last...especially the Carousel. It seems to me that over the next few years many of the rides that require high maintenance will end up leaving our park. I do see Space Shuttle, and Musik Express leaving in the next year or two. As for the Big Wheel and Flying Wave, they are some of the park's most popular family attractions (or at least they were when I was there). So why take them down? If it comes that these rides will HAVE to be taken down over the next few years, then I hope Six Flags has a plan to replace them all with more
  10. It would be nice to see that in our park. Especially since we are loosing rides every year!
  11. Yes please keep it in the park Six Flags! This is one of the most unique places in the park.
  12. I've never been to the event before. But after reading the spotlight, I felt I've been there before. Great work! Hopefully the park will consider bringing this park into the park someday.
  13. Nice Pictures! Great to be able to see the removal progress on Chiller and MTWE.
  14. Great pictures GA! I never been there during the event but those pictures sure make me want to visit the park someday during the holdays!
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