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  1. Thanks. Holy crap. I just looked at tempature forecasts this week and its approaching 100F midweek. I hope it cools off by next weekend. How do the polar bears endure it!!
  2. Hi I tried to find the parking fee on the website but couldn't Is there a discount when you buy the parking pass online? It's $20 online. for non-preferred parking. Is that the same price you pay when you wait and pay when you arrive? Do people with parking passes get a special express lane? Sorry for all the questions but I don't have A/C and don't want to wait in line! Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Maybe a food flash pass is needed. GA management, are you listening?
  4. Is it worth it to buy on of those meal deals online? Do any of you keep a cooler of food and drinks in the car and head out to the parking lot for lunch? What are the options. I imagine the park food is sub-standard at a high price! I'll keep a water bottle on me and fill up at water fountains. THat's possible, right? I'll be there on a Friday or Saturday if that makes a difference.Thanks for any opinions, especially from you vets!!
  5. THanks $25 or $10 isn't a problem. THe bottom line is I want to give my kids the best opportunity for a great safari experience and I don't want them to suffer in a hot car. It sounds like the tour bus is the best option. I presume their is a some sort of park warden on the bus that informs the guests about the animals. When you say you can feed the giraffes and tigers what do you mean? My daughter would go out of her mind if she could feed a giraffe out of her hand.!!
  6. I have a dilemma. My 8 year old car doesn't have A/C and I am planning a trip to the park and safari in July. I can't borrow or rent a car for the day. So my question; Is there any difference between the tour bus experience and driving your car through the safari?
  7. Anybody have any idea why it is closed on a Friday night?
  8. In late July I plan to visit Knoebels Grove, Morey's Pier, Great Adventure Safari, water park and amusements. I can't wait. I hope I get good weather.
  9. Okay, that makes sense. I guess in my scenario you would miss a lot of the pages because you are riding and that would cause some problems with park management. Have you used the pass ? Did you order it online or get the day of your visit. The reason I ask is because if I order it online then I'm locked into that date and if it rains that day I'm screwed but on the other hand if I wait and buy it the day of my visit then they might sell out! I guess its a dilemma a lot of people face. Just wondering what the demand is like when you wait until you arrive at the park?
  10. Like I mentioned in my intro post I haven't been back to GAdv since the seventies. Back then I remember the animals were able to roam. Has that changed? It sounds like the safari is more like a zoo now where the animals are confined.
  11. Hi I first visited GA back in the seventies with my parents and sister. My dad was a big safari nut so we packed the car and drove from Scranton, PA to GA one summer day. I'll never forget the ostrich sticking his long neck and head into the car which freaked out my sister. And of course the baboons that climbed on top of my dad's Ford LTD! Do they still do that ?? I haven't been back since but am planning a trip this July with my own 2 daughters. We are looking forward to the safari, water park and amusement rides.
  12. The water park at Hershey Park 3 summers ago. I forget the name and I wish I could forget the experience. It was so bad I wrote a letter asking for my money back and they ablidged. Not only was it too over-crowded. It was highly unsafe. At one point I counted only 3 lifeguards supervising about 500 guests. I'll never go back there again. The only saving grace was the air conditioned chocolate factory tour ! yum
  13. Sooperdooperlooper at Hershey Park sometime after it was first opened in the seventies? I don't remember the exact date but I was just a kid. Wasn't it one of the first looping coasters? I was hooked after that. There isn't a ride or coaster built that I will not try.
  14. digidaze


    Any chance I might get a day like that in late July??
  15. I read somewhere that when you buy a flash pass you can only use it for one ride at a time. So in other words if you use it for Kingda KA and you aren't notified for 2 hours then what is the benefit of having it? I might as well save my money and wait in line. Wouldn't it make more sense to be able to use it fore several rides simultaniously? Then when the ride a becomes available you jump out of line for the ride you are waiting for and rush over to the front of the queue when you are paged for the available ride. I've never used the flash pass. Am I way off base here?
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