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  1. does anyone know what has been going on with the ride so far? There havent been any posts in a while and im wondering what has been done
  2. Does anyone know whether the park is going to use the inverted rolls or the inline twists? Just wondering
  3. so is it confirmed that the chiller was actually sold? who says six flags is not moving the parts of the ride to another storage area? if it has not been confirmed yet if the ride was sold or not, who knows really where it is or where it is going...?
  4. If it was up to me I wouldn't name the rides after past coasters, but I would make a list of the rides, let people vote for their favorite one, and build that one brand new but i don't think this is very practical... with your ideas of adding new rides into every part of the park, you are thinking specifically about flat rides, right? there doesn't seem to be enough space in the areas you have in mind for adding a new attraction except for the chiller's spot. If they wanted to refill that spot again with the chiller, I'm all for it
  5. As most people know, the park will be coming up shortly on a 40th anniversary in 2014 (1974-2014). What do you think is going to happen in the park when this anniversary comes up? I like how the park is going for the nostalgic feeling and is going back to an older feel of things. On the new scrambler, Deja Vu, there is the old park logo on the front of the cars (http://www.greatadve...0301%20copy.jpg). Thus, I would not be surprised if the park went for something big with the nostalgic sense to it for the 40th anniversary, or even 50th anniversary, such as the reopening of old country, or some
  6. Does anyone know whether Six Flags sold the parts for the ride, or if they sold the rights to the ride as well? If the ride goes really well with the modified supports and new technology and refurbishments, does anyone think that there may be a future for another shot at a LIM launch coaster? The park has been turning for the best in my opinion and they seem to be going for a nostalgic feeling. Plus, with a big anniversary coming up for the park, what could be coming in the future?
  7. i know the ride is going to brazil but is it confirmed to be this place? i really hope not...
  8. It's gotta go to Nitro. It has been here since 2001, and it is in great shape, it gets a lot of riders, and it is a great ride in general. Almost every coaster fan who I know always includes Nitro in their top 3 or 4 rides, and that is completely understandable. I like the other rides just as much, but I think Nitro has a little edge over all the other rides.
  9. Im sure most people know this, but there is also a new owner of the park. It seemed like Shapiro would take out a ride before doing anything else, and it seems like that was his favorite thing to do as well--take out rides. However, it seems as if the new owners, Weber and Anderson, would rather bring in a new and improved ride to the park. Yes, they did remove the Scream Machine which I truly miss, but I think the Green Lantern is a much better ride. My rides on the Scream Machine are easily in the double-digits, but I just think the Green Lantern is a better ride. Does anyone think that havi
  10. I agree that the 0g roll was "tight" but if you look at it it is kind of lopsided. I definitely think thta they can kind of smooth this out in a way by stretching out the twist so it is not as high and turn it into a straighter twist, or put more arc or it and even it out. If you watch a POV video of it in slow motion, as it goes over the 0g rolls, it kind of pauses at the top of it. Stretching it out or rounding out the whole thing will elimintate the sharpness to it, which will also get rid of the forces going in reverse(obviously), making it a smoother ride. Also, on the topic of poor engin
  11. If it can't take the cobra rolls at 70 mph, then why not raise the height of it? I know it is not as simple as that, but can't they raise it's height then? It will slow it down, but then allow it to have enough speed to make it through the 0-g roll and up the spike...also you said that the Chiller has a more compact layout, can you explain this a bit...?
  12. I agree with you that the website isn't going to put in bad condition, but once again in the grand scheme of it, other LIM launches such as Joker's Jinx, and the reverse LIM coasters too like Mr. Freeze don't have as much wear and tear on the LIMs, none the less the cars. I believe that the reason they closed the ride was because of the accident that occured on June 28th 2007. Personally, I think they were going to keep running it even though some sources say it was going to close anyways. However, we can now look back on it and only improve ourselves. Also, once again, why can't a new Chiller
  13. Why exactly would we have to rebuild all of it? What exactly is wrong with the track between the LIMs? It would have to be repaired a bit because of how long it sat unused, but the only thing I could really think of is that the LIMs' sections would have to be replaced. Making an entirely new coaster while there is perfectly fine track seems a bit rediculous to me. On this website at the bottom, it says that the equipment condition is in very good shape... I don't think that very good shape means that a whole new ride is needed.Also if you don't mind me asking, who do you know who is high up on
  14. Just another idea would be to re-add the Chiller into Movietown and re-open Old Country with some new flats, then shoving it off as a 40th anniversary present... That would be awesome
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