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  1. Like this idea! Paint them to look like the Super Teepee
  2. I would ove to see Dream Street restored for the fountain to the tents. Banners replaced decorotive light posts. Some plantings in front of Tents. Bring it back to 1975-76 look.
  3. FlumeOp1974

    King Cobra

    Well yes and no. Way back ...I belive in the early 80s. Someone high in Jersey State goverment. Lost his son on a Muisc Express..the story goes he thought the ride was over stood up and did a few sumersalts backwards. And after that came the crack down on ride safety.
  4. FlumeOp1974

    Which Areas Would You Like To See Rethemed?

    Glad you like.
  5. FlumeOp1974

    Which Areas Would You Like To See Rethemed?

    Loose the Joker theme and call it the Hi Diver Stunt Coaster...Go back to Blackbeards Crazy Train..And Call the area Neptunrs Kingdom....Keep DC in movietown
  6. FlumeOp1974

    Photo Trip Report: Nov 28th, 2009 - Tavern on the Green

    When the park first opened there was a lot of cross referances to Tavern on the Green..And yes the first year the park was truly magical...Thats why some of old timers think GA today while good is nothing more then ....
  7. FlumeOp1974

    Six Flags New England loose article policy

    Loose articles damages thr ride and are dangerous to the you and other riders..so I do wish people wold stop moaning about polices.
  8. FlumeOp1974

    Safari Hospitality Center

    From back in the day when you crossed the bridge and the left lane went to Safari..And the Right went to the Entertainment Park..aka Enchanted Forrest
  9. Enough to make a grown man cry..Thinking about all who were there in the beginning. Sad really. Ya think?
  10. FlumeOp1974

    EB_1974_10_26_IMG0090 copy.jpg

    Great Picture. Even more spectaculer in the Fall!
  11. FlumeOp1974

    The Great Rock and Roll Time Machine

    Thats true...And wasnt it a Six Flags Production?
  12. FlumeOp1974

    The Great Rock and Roll Time Machine

    Woknder if its the same show we had in the Music Hall?
  13. FlumeOp1974

    Costumed Characters Collection

    They would be used on Dream Street and in Kiddie Kingdom. The Clowns were all over the place....
  14. FlumeOp1974


    On the lake side youd catch the car open the door and there was a openiing right in front before the turnaound. Guest would exit thru and down the steps. Then push the car to the middle were it would be loaded and door locked the pushed to the release. No one crossed in front of loading. we didnt have the lower que area. Guest walked up the steps and used the switch backs in the fort. There was to be a antique car display ib the center court of the fort. It was mirrored on the dream streetside. Lakeside youd make a right and exit down the tower. And Dream Street youd make aleft and exit down the tower. And this emptied out into Rootin Tootin under the Mine Train Brake run. Right in front of the Log Flume lift hill area.
  15. FlumeOp1974


    As the car entered the station you'd catch it and unload the guest, push the car to the center and load new guests to Dream Street and then placed the car in dispatch, waited to clear the first tower and pulled the cord. Easy!