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  1. Yes it it can be but that is most park policies. And its inn the GA handbook for ride loading. If I remember correctly. ex. on log flume it as two in the back and three in the front when loading. Congo is pretty much fill the raft, Same the Skyride two on each side. etc. They do it at Disney, Busch Parks and Universal as well. Max. out capacity on all attractions.
  2. Hope you can find the 74 one with a little boy talking about hes trip!
  3. While that sounds good. It would be much easier to redo the Great Arena Show. That area needs something in it. Besides B concerts. How ever the stunt arena could be used for concerts like the had at Bandstand by the Lake. Call it the Gotham City Bowl. With maybe one or two shows a day.
  4. That Garden was in memorial to those who passed in that fire. At one point there was a sign there stating that.
  5. At one point in time we used all 36 cars. And always loaded the cars in groups of 4 to 6.. It wasnt very often that we forced 3 couples in to one car. And yes a wait time of 30mins. would be reason to revert to old loading ops.
  6. Looking for 1975 Foldout map.
  7. This would have been a great addition to the park. I still feel that Gingerbread Fancy should be returned to a sit down. As it was planned. We have more then enough counter service areas now,
  8. Totally agree.....Ive always said that any marvelrhemed rides belong in that area...Not all over the park. Superheros
  9. Coaster, ive stated before they should hire a butch of us. But still no reply.
  10. Agreed. When I talk theming Im talking Epic Level. Not a plywood cut out. Joker Cybor, you get the idea. Everything about the attraction needs to work with whats around it. Plantings eatiers shops. GA example Frontier Adventure, Dream Street, Strawberry Fair, Fun Fair (to a point) Not Slabs of of walk way with hedgerow. Im talking trees, Flowers and yes Grass. With everything around the attraction or area working together. Joel with Dollywood, Holiday World, All those are very heavy on theme. Johns work the same. Seaworld, Williamsburg. Both would be great. But I would also see stock holders screaming. Just a thought.
  11. Both would be great choices. But the companies they would come from are about adding to the parks as well as very heavy theming. Which in the last 10 yrs. has been much of what Six Flags..Isnt interested in. Jus a thought.
  12. Nice map! But everyones got a point...And GA should keep superheros in the same area.....
  13. In thee first 3 years of park wee could ride the Merry go round...and clown around on it!
  14. FlumeOp1974

    FOOD 001 copy

    Best of the West..Ride Ops had the saame ones but replace the hats with Cowboy Hats..
  15. FlumeOp1974

    70S 006 copy

    Gingerbread Fancys
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