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  1. Shame really no attempt was made ro restore it.
  2. Having worked the log flume that first year it was tricky. But when it worked correctly it was fantastic! How ever we would get power drains on the system. and the pumps would slow down or shut off. And all the stop dams on chut and spill way would come up backing up all the logs behind both. and lift one. Taking an hour to evca. and another to get it back up and running. Lots of fun!
  3. Look at the water level running thru it!
  4. But if its what needs to be done then its better the no opening at all! Disney and others do it for special events. And it will work. They may only open from say 11am to 7pm each day. but its better then nothing.
  5. Great Up dates. Now on a side not. So much for it runs thru the forest were the rivers once flowed. the once thick wooded area is now just another six flags roller coaster hole.
  6. Totally agree! With a LED Pacage. But also would like the orgiinal fixed both sides! first.
  7. This is a great chance for the park to fill in a lot of blanks. With a any kids flats being removed. They dont really need to be in one spot. spreed them here and there.
  8. Thanks for the post..Beat me to it. Have a lot of stuff on my plate...GreatJob!

  9. Quick up date. Ground breaking will be this Friday at 3pm. Ill be there camera in hand!
  10. Yep thats them. And hes also purchased a few others locally. Their sitting in storage on porperty.
  11. It was anounced last week that all permits and rezoning have been done. And Waterloo Iowa is getting a 100 million dollar theme park. The owners of Lost Island Water Park which was voted No.2 in the country by USA Today Travel. They also own the Lost Island KOA Camp grounds. As i get more details Ill keep you posted. Good news for me I live 10 mins. away!
  12. 29yrs. Its sad when you think about it!
  13. kinda reminds me of Best of the West. And yes I would seeing how the park is really a multi day event.
  14. OMG! she is a sweetie! Im so glade that Safari is still with us. And that Six Flags never closed it.
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