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  1. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    Im seeing an attraction with a boat load of tech issues
  2. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    2018 cyborg theme = Eneterprise
  3. I voted KK mostly for its maintaince costs. And Road Runner because of Bluebeards/Harliquin.
  4. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I know they did have too. and I belive they still do. And tree removel is still a big deal. Im still hoping that what they take out for the solar farm is replaced with in the park as well.
  5. GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    River Adventures?
  6. GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    Im going only with Gingerbread Fancy
  7. Wild Rider

    Sure would, retheme the cars to look like old merry go round chariots, and call it Leep the Dips, add a new tilt a whirl themed to old Atlantic City push carts call it the Waltzer, get a Majestic Music Express and use the Victorian themed carts. Get a Banddstand with a collopie in it plant trees. flower gardens etc. Add the old Dream Street costumes. And call the wole section "Turn of the Century"
  8. 1975 Yearbook - Season #2

    one of the most wonderful years of the park
  9. GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    Nature Boy from the bugs bunny cartoon
  10. Super Roundup

    put me on that list
  11. 92.7 WOBM Looks Back at Vintage GA Commercials!

    If you go back to 74 youd find 2 that just show the park and a female voice over at the end saying Great Adventure exit 7A Jackson NJ and Great Adventure even more sepectacluer in the fall. both very simple elegent ones
  12. Day 15- Create a Permanent Museum

    Agree! the park needs to have one. With so much of our past getting lost. From costumes. to cheracters. shows. all of it! Valid it.. For all.
  13. Adults by themselves on kiddie rides

    I find nothing wrong with it. Actullay sometimes they are a big help in getting a adult out of the "I dont do rides".. Now if your going to act like the fool yea please stay away from them. But most parks will let you ride.
  14. GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    To make way for "The Glow in the Dark Parade"?
  15. Oldest ride

    I belive Jumbo Jet was new. Caylpso was used and said to have come from the Worlds Fair.