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  1. where are the bumber cars in the park

  2. this picture lies the workers ive seen are never happy
  3. this will be intresting to see in 2012 because the lion sign has been a fair part of the park until it was put down to see a new one up
  4. I think it's a excellent idea for them to open Old Country. I still remember the last season when I had more fun than ever and I just saw the remains and it broke my heart to see this and not for them to at least remove the rides to somewhere else.
  5. i think they sould add kingda ka and el toro spotlight
  6. sky ride, kingda ka, nitro(at the very top), bizzaro(in the M shaped loop)
  7. i tried to get in old country but it wouldn't let me
  8. well i think the runaway mine trains 4 train wouldn't be sold because if one got broken they would have a spare for the ride
  9. same here GAcoaster it cool to restore a great machine
  10. i think alot of rollercoasters wouldn't be there, the old parts of the park would still be there
  11. thats really sad he will be missed
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