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  1. Daved Thomson


    1980 A keystone kop proudly displaying a young walking GA billboard’s shirt.
  2. Daved Thomson


    1979 Unicycle clowns near Enchanted Bandstand (back of Lightnin’ Loops).
  3. Daved Thomson


    1980 Hock at Liberty Fountain.
  4. While I think there were both positive and negative aspects to the Time-Warner Aquisition of Six Flags, the positive aspects were very short term (mainly a solid parent company financially that could invest in the parks). While TW certainly improved theming at the parks, those themes completely destroyed much of each parks’ uniqueness in architecture and characters. I don’t think the individual parks needed to eliminate their unique characters when the TW characters were brought in. And, despite the TW emphasis on improved theming and improved attendance that came with it, we have certainly seen an abandoning of themes in recent years. In fact, I don’t even think of Six Flags as theme parks these days. They’ve become so much of everything that Walt Disney did not want with his creation of the first theme park.
  5. Daved Thomson

    Neal Thurman named president of Six Flags Magic Mountain

    I just saw this article after raising the questions about Neal Thurman’s departure.
  6. Daved Thomson

    Neal Thurman named president of Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Anytime a park’s general manager is replaced, it is, in one way or another, related to the park. Is Neal Thurman so needed at Magic Mountain that Great Adventure can do without him? Meaning Magic Mountain is more important to the company than Great Adventure? Has Great Adventure’s performance improved so quickly under Neal that he’s no longer needed at GA OR has management determined that GA is not a top priority for management? Because of its market size, GA Will always have the greatest potential for best performer, but because of its physical size it also has the most potential for being unprofitable. Thus, you would think that corporate would want to have their best GM running GA. Perhaps, Neal Thurman is not their best or Corporate does not believe GA is their best park.
  7. Daved Thomson

    Neal Thurman named president of Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Why does Great Adventure continue to be a revolving door when it comes to general managers?
  8. Daved Thomson


    I believe the Whitwater River logo was actually used on schematic artwork that Great Adventure had on display of the rapids ride at a season pass sales booth in Monmouth Mall during the 1980 Christmas Season.
  9. Great read from someone who clearly had an emotional bond with this park, as did so many of the earliest employees and guests. Sad that he has left us.
  10. Daved Thomson

    WANTED: Six Flags Merchandise Bag from 1980s

    I have probably a half dozen of these bags at my parents home in Jersey in the three different size varieties in which they were produced. God only knows when I’ll be in Jersey again to get them for you. The bags I have do not have Great America on them, but include parks acquired up to Magic Mountain and the two wax museums.
  11. Daved Thomson

    Wee Donuts Spotlight

    I have no idea on that one, but I’m unaware of any other Wee Donut shops in other theme parks or elsewhere. I certainly had never even heard the name before or again once they were no longer in the park.
  12. Daved Thomson

    Wee Donuts Spotlight

    I found it very strange myself, but having worked in Food Service ‘80, ‘81 and ‘82 it was my understanding that each department was considered a profit center, meaning generating revenue of some sort in order to operate at a profit. The charging of a parking fee was the first example of a cost center becoming a profit center. Profit centers were all headed by a director and could include departments below them that were headed by managers. If a Department or area (I.e., Garden of Marvels) was strictly a cost center (meaning maintenance, upkeep, personnel costs exceeded any income actually generated), those areas/departments were being eliminated or combined with other departments to generate a profit. At the time, Merchandise was a separate department from Games/Attractions, but both departments reported to a single director. Food service all reported to a single director with separate managers for carts, stands, and the three major restaurants. Despite most merchandise having high markups, the turnover of merchandise was rather slow. Rotating or pool employees were common in food and merchandise even if you had been initially assigned to a given stand’s labor costs. When supervisors needed to cut labor in a given location, they would often give you the option to go to another food location that needed labor or you could go home. But, labor was never shared between departments and confection and novelty edibles somehow were considered merchandise. Park policy at that time largely dictated that food locations and merchandise locations remained open until labor exceeded revenue. And, when open to midnight or 2:00am, most locations were making that money. It was imperative that each stand generate a certain per capita revenue each hour with that per cap based on attendance levels in the park at that given hour. When your supervisor called you and asked for that hour’s per cap (which stand managers had to calculate and call into the office), it was up to the supervisor to close your location at that time. Keep in mind that at least the next hour and a half would result in labor costs lost in food service at that location as a result of closing, cleaning, inspection and setup to open the next day.
  13. Daved Thomson

    Wee Donuts Spotlight

    Oddly enough, Wee Donuts was not a part of the park’s food service department and was, instead, considered part of the merchandise department. I’m not sure why, but at that time anything operated in the park related to consumable sweet items (fudge, confections, etc?) were considered merchandise locations rather than food locations and were filled with Merchandise employees versus Food Service employees.
  14. Daved Thomson


    Just noticed the three utility sheds that were shown in this spotlight. These sheds were located behind the rollercoaster (parallel to it) in a small off-stage area that was also behind Big Wheel Burger, restrooms, Enterprise, Mad Hatter, Musik Express, Swabinchin, and later, Looping Starship. I know that two of the buildings were padlocked and not accessible and had high voltage signs on their front doors. The third building (farthest left in the photo) may also have had power related items in it, but it was definitely used by grounds crews as well for storage purposes and had benches and chairs outside it where grounds crews would often take smoking breaks. This area was also used as a central trash collection point for the area with literally trains of trash cars that would be pulled out at night by the tugs.
  15. Daved Thomson

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    The wording here is tricky. I’m going to say this is False. From what I’ve been able to discern is that the ride, while it was to have been called “The Loop” (prior to the Six Flags takeover) plans, drawings, and the scale model included interlocking loops from the outset. The plural Lightnin’ Loops name came with Six Flags despite drawings and references to interlocking loops and initial names like The Loop and The Double Header Loop.