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  1. Three different gates on GA's property has always represented a real opportunity for this property to move toward a destination complex rather than simply the regional complex that it continues to be. Had it not been for the virus, I don't think you could have seriously conquered all three parks in just a day. The drive through Safari, I think, has been a saving grace for this particular property. I have always loved the contrast of Giraffes walking between the vehicles. From the pictures, it also seems that the Safari has managed to grow back a lot of the green stuff (grass) that had been depleted over the years. From what I can see, the Safari is looking great and still appears to be able to draw guests on its own, separate from those wanting to attend the other two parks. Although I've yet to visit Hurricane Harbor, I'll be in NJ starting Tuesday and have not booked a return flight to California at this point. So hopefully I'll be able to make some time to get there during my visit. Like the Safari, I think it's looking good as well. Again, based solely on these pictures, overall the theme park seems to be coming together, and I think this season represents a great opportunity to get things spruced up a bit. The rear side of the Fort, though, is a bit of an eyesore and I think the vines growing on its sides are likely to cause real issues down the road. At this point, I think they're masking some other issues as well. The huge opening where a cannon should be really deserves some attention. With part of its trow missing, is it safe to say that the Log Flume will not be opening this season?
  2. I had always regarded Hernando's Hideaway as being the games building at the exit to Rolling Thunder. I know when Rolling Thunder was built, Larry Cochran (park GM at the time) referred to that entirely new area as the Spanish section of the park and the first of the park's new themed areas. The Johny Rockets, just my opinion, in that area of the park would not be so bad had the building's exterior remained a bit more consistent with a spanish themed land rather than plopping down a building with an exterior making it look completely out of place. This, however, is something I think Six Flags has been notorious for doing for quite some time now. Likely a result of favoring brand name products in the park as revenue generators and/or allowing the brand name company to determine where in the park it's products would be sold in order to maximize traffic flow and revenue for the product.
  3. Thank you Harry... I looked at the NJ.com posting and didn't realize that "today" wasn't "today."
  4. I find the timing of this just a little bit suspect. Seems like it was planned just in time that the extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits (Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation) ends, motivating many people to return to work and lower the amount the State will be doling out in unemployment benefits.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes what little blond hair I have left on my head causes some real dumb blond issues below my scalp.
  6. Is it me, or does the Six Flags Q4 2019 call transcript actually contradict itself? The first sentence in the first paragraph says... "Attendance grew by 788,000 to 32.8 million guests, an increase of 2%." But the first sentence of the second paragraph goes on to claim attendance declined saying... "Most of our attendance decline was due to softness at our two parks in Mexico and at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles." Which is it? Overall attendance increased or decreased? I get that the legacy parks only increased 65,000 year-over-year, but that's still an increase and occurred despite declines at Magic Mountain and Mexico. So, clearly, other legacy parks were up, certainly significantly enough to cancel out the declines at Magic Mountain and Mexico and adding an additional 65,000 in attendance.
  7. Very cool. I certainly hope you will hear from more people around during the planning and those first two seasons. I, too, enjoy hearing about the park's earliest days the most. As we are getting up there in age ourselves, I wonder how many of the people from those earliest years are even still with us. Warner LeRoy left us as a fairly young man and I know Charles Stein passed about seven or eight years ago as well. Just thoughts running through my mind.
  8. I'm just seeing this post about still not finding where to get these tapes and I'd swear that I sent you a message last year that I had found the company that has the distribution rights to the Mike Douglas Show. Clearly I didn't post anything here on GAH, but again, I know I found the information including address and phone number because I remember thinking OMG, this stuff has been sitting right under our nose. The company is located in West Long Branch. Could I have possibly sent you a personal email? I'll go back through my sent mail folders, but I definitely located the company because I almost fell off the chair when I noticed the West Long Branch address. Okay, this is NOT the information I believed I had sent you with the West Long Branch address, however, there is a phone number, contact person, and some ordering information on how to go about obtaining specific episodes... https://web.archive.org/web/20090831234905/http://www.themikedouglasshow.com/ Per the website... The Mike Douglas Show archives are currently being licensed for professional use in television programs, DVDs, and documentaries. Out of the 4000+ shows Mike hosted, only a small number have been remastered from the original 2" tapes. The majority of the programs listed on this website have been remastered, but many more episodes and guests are available as well. Screening tapes of already-remastered programs can be provided to interested parties at a cost of $95 per 90-minute episode. Fees for licensing of clips will be determined separately on a case-by-case basis. If an episode has not been transferred from it's 2" master tape, the cost for a screener is $200 per program. KINGWORLD PRODUCTIONS FOOTAGE 555 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 attn: Donna Fields (212) 817-5601 email: dfields@kingworld.com
  9. Erika, if I'm not mistaken, had a twin (or perhaps an older/younger) sister that also worked at Great Adventure for years. I believe her sister was in Food Service for a number of years. They both had pretty heavy accents, but I can't for the life of me remember where they were born/from originally. Very nice ladies and real fans of Great Adventure.
  10. Okay, I guess I'm getting old... FUBAR is an acronym for...?
  11. It will only be the new normal for any business that can operate profitably doing business this way. Many businesses, sadly, will disappear if they can not adopt to operating this way. That is why I believe if governments mandate this type of operation, you will see many different industries disappear because they can not operate at a profit.
  12. Personally, I believe that imposing these "lock downs," especially the longer they go on, will eventually be declared unconstitutional. It's not as if every person who contracts the virus dies from it. We are actually increasing the period of time that it will take to develop an immunity to the disease by maintaining these lock downs. Now, keep in mind that I'm taking this position living in Long Beach, CA. I still have my father and a sister and brother and their families living in NJ and my sister and her husband own a seafood restaurant there. They want to reopen their seafood restaurant (which is take-out only), but because the restaurant is enormously popular, county officials will not permit them to reopen. That, to me, is just ludicrous and quite frankly, unAmerican. We know the risks associated with this virus at this point. I don't see how, knowing the risks involved, anyone should be prevented from going out and associating with anyone else willing to associate with them. From the start, we have been told that the point of all of these stay at home orders was to slow the virus, not to stop the virus. We have slowed it. We will not stop it until we've cured it, developed a vaccine, or developed an immunity to it. As morbid as this may sound, we will all die one day and none of us will have chosen when, where, or how we died.
  13. A reservation system and limits on daily attendance just doesn't sound like it could be profitable for many of the parks. For it to work at Great Adventure I would think you'd have to have maximum daily limits on attendance and ensure those limits are reached each day. Think about how difficult that would be to do consistently in a park like Great Adventure where so many of the park's costs are fixed. I have no idea what daily attendance needs to be generated at the gate in order to break even these days, because parks have a vast number of revenue streams that they did not have before the advent of the digital economy. I just don't see how making it more difficult for your target market to get to you and experience your product could ever be a good thing for a business. And, when you read some of those articles about the public not planning on attending theme parks until the virus is gone, a vaccine developed, or the population developing immunity, without sounding too depressing, I think the theme park industry is going to have to search long and hard to find some means of operating profitably.
  14. I realize we're talking different manufacturers, but is this a cleverly disguised Calypso with lower capacity?
  15. While I do not know this for sure, I believe he may have been tasked with creating the scale models for all of the Six Flags parks new attractions in 1978, which was his first and last season with the company.
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