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  1. So sorry to hear of his passing. In my opinion, Butch Dring was comfortable taking the back seat to initially Warner LeRoy and then the many General Managers to come and go at Great Adventure. He was very secure in his own skin. The reality is that Butch Dring was the leader and father of the Safari from the day it was announced to the day he left the company. Without Butch Dring, there would be no Safari at Great Adventure.
  2. True, but you're looking at it from the perspective of the person being asked the question versus the person asking the question. I assume the person who has the question, has not heard it asked before. I'm am also referring to the question being asked orally as opposed to written.
  3. I see others have already answered your question. As an aside, I was always taught that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
  4. Thank you, Harry, for the appointment and kind words. And, "thank you" to all of the other key leaders at GA History for the warm welcome. As I'm sure it has been for each of you, Great Adventure has been in my blood (and mind) since my pre-teen years. I am eagerly looking forward to helping out wherever I can. As I have mentioned to Harry many times before, the historical content of this website, in my opinion, is without compare. I'm truly honored to work with each of you as the best theme park history site on the web only gets better. The greatest day in my life is here.
  5. Landscaping (especially trees) Employee costumes (by department or theme) Aqua Spectacle Parking Lot Trams Live Entertainment throughout the park
  6. Much of this, I have to believe, Warner LeRoy was behind given his penchant for everything over the top. I can only imagine the battles he must have had with Hardwicke when it came to the marketing of the park. But, in the end, it was absolutely crazy to have had multiple tag lines during those first two seasons when they should have been positioning the park very clearly in the minds of consumers. When I worked in research at the park (1985), the research library (basically a closet) was where we met each morning before going into the park to do ATS. I would often read the various reports they had on the shelves. It was crazy how many different research studies they conducted (during those first few seasons) regarding awareness and imagery of the park. Huge proportions of those considering a visit to the park were unsure of exactly what the park was supposed to be. I'm talking figures like two-thirds and more.
  7. While I always liked "The Greatest Day In Your Life" as a tagline, I always realized it was hyperbole at its best. This is the first time I have ever seen "The Entertainment Wonder of the World" tagline, and while it is also hyperbolic, it is also a direct ripoff of Walt Disney World's "The Vacation Kingdon of the World."
  8. Daved Thomson


    1980 A keystone kop proudly displaying a young walking GA billboard’s shirt.
  9. Daved Thomson


    1979 Unicycle clowns near Enchanted Bandstand (back of Lightnin’ Loops).
  10. Daved Thomson


    1980 Hock at Liberty Fountain.
  11. While I think there were both positive and negative aspects to the Time-Warner Aquisition of Six Flags, the positive aspects were very short term (mainly a solid parent company financially that could invest in the parks). While TW certainly improved theming at the parks, those themes completely destroyed much of each parks’ uniqueness in architecture and characters. I don’t think the individual parks needed to eliminate their unique characters when the TW characters were brought in. And, despite the TW emphasis on improved theming and improved attendance that came with it, we have certainly seen an abandoning of themes in recent years. In fact, I don’t even think of Six Flags as theme parks these days. They’ve become so much of everything that Walt Disney did not want with his creation of the first theme park.
  12. I just saw this article after raising the questions about Neal Thurman’s departure.
  13. Anytime a park’s general manager is replaced, it is, in one way or another, related to the park. Is Neal Thurman so needed at Magic Mountain that Great Adventure can do without him? Meaning Magic Mountain is more important to the company than Great Adventure? Has Great Adventure’s performance improved so quickly under Neal that he’s no longer needed at GA OR has management determined that GA is not a top priority for management? Because of its market size, GA Will always have the greatest potential for best performer, but because of its physical size it also has the most potential for being unprofitable. Thus, you would think that corporate would want to have their best GM running GA. Perhaps, Neal Thurman is not their best or Corporate does not believe GA is their best park.
  14. Why does Great Adventure continue to be a revolving door when it comes to general managers?
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