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  1. Fantastic picture and the only view of the fountain that I have ever seen with Pretty Monster clearly visible to the right in the background.
  2. Three different gates on GA's property has always represented a real opportunity for this property to move toward a destination complex rather than simply the regional complex that it continues to be. Had it not been for the virus, I don't think you could have seriously conquered all three parks in just a day. The drive through Safari, I think, has been a saving grace for this particular property. I have always loved the contrast of Giraffes walking between the vehicles. From the pictures, it also seems that the Safari has managed to grow back a lot of the green stuff (grass) that had been
  3. I had always regarded Hernando's Hideaway as being the games building at the exit to Rolling Thunder. I know when Rolling Thunder was built, Larry Cochran (park GM at the time) referred to that entirely new area as the Spanish section of the park and the first of the park's new themed areas. The Johny Rockets, just my opinion, in that area of the park would not be so bad had the building's exterior remained a bit more consistent with a spanish themed land rather than plopping down a building with an exterior making it look completely out of place. This, however, is something I th
  4. Thank you Harry... I looked at the NJ.com posting and didn't realize that "today" wasn't "today."
  5. I find the timing of this just a little bit suspect. Seems like it was planned just in time that the extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits (Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation) ends, motivating many people to return to work and lower the amount the State will be doling out in unemployment benefits.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes what little blond hair I have left on my head causes some real dumb blond issues below my scalp.
  7. Is it me, or does the Six Flags Q4 2019 call transcript actually contradict itself? The first sentence in the first paragraph says... "Attendance grew by 788,000 to 32.8 million guests, an increase of 2%." But the first sentence of the second paragraph goes on to claim attendance declined saying... "Most of our attendance decline was due to softness at our two parks in Mexico and at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles." Which is it? Overall attendance increased or decreased? I get that the legacy parks only increased 65,000 year-over-year, but that's still an increase and occurred de
  8. Very cool. I certainly hope you will hear from more people around during the planning and those first two seasons. I, too, enjoy hearing about the park's earliest days the most. As we are getting up there in age ourselves, I wonder how many of the people from those earliest years are even still with us. Warner LeRoy left us as a fairly young man and I know Charles Stein passed about seven or eight years ago as well. Just thoughts running through my mind.
  9. I'm just seeing this post about still not finding where to get these tapes and I'd swear that I sent you a message last year that I had found the company that has the distribution rights to the Mike Douglas Show. Clearly I didn't post anything here on GAH, but again, I know I found the information including address and phone number because I remember thinking OMG, this stuff has been sitting right under our nose. The company is located in West Long Branch. Could I have possibly sent you a personal email? I'll go back through my sent mail folders, but I definitely located the company becaus
  10. Erika, if I'm not mistaken, had a twin (or perhaps an older/younger) sister that also worked at Great Adventure for years. I believe her sister was in Food Service for a number of years. They both had pretty heavy accents, but I can't for the life of me remember where they were born/from originally. Very nice ladies and real fans of Great Adventure.
  11. Okay, I guess I'm getting old... FUBAR is an acronym for...?
  12. It will only be the new normal for any business that can operate profitably doing business this way. Many businesses, sadly, will disappear if they can not adopt to operating this way. That is why I believe if governments mandate this type of operation, you will see many different industries disappear because they can not operate at a profit.
  13. Personally, I believe that imposing these "lock downs," especially the longer they go on, will eventually be declared unconstitutional. It's not as if every person who contracts the virus dies from it. We are actually increasing the period of time that it will take to develop an immunity to the disease by maintaining these lock downs. Now, keep in mind that I'm taking this position living in Long Beach, CA. I still have my father and a sister and brother and their families living in NJ and my sister and her husband own a seafood restaurant there. They want to reopen their seafood restaura
  14. A reservation system and limits on daily attendance just doesn't sound like it could be profitable for many of the parks. For it to work at Great Adventure I would think you'd have to have maximum daily limits on attendance and ensure those limits are reached each day. Think about how difficult that would be to do consistently in a park like Great Adventure where so many of the park's costs are fixed. I have no idea what daily attendance needs to be generated at the gate in order to break even these days, because parks have a vast number of revenue streams that they did not have before the
  15. I realize we're talking different manufacturers, but is this a cleverly disguised Calypso with lower capacity?
  16. While I do not know this for sure, I believe he may have been tasked with creating the scale models for all of the Six Flags parks new attractions in 1978, which was his first and last season with the company.
  17. So sorry to hear of his passing. In my opinion, Butch Dring was comfortable taking the back seat to initially Warner LeRoy and then the many General Managers to come and go at Great Adventure. He was very secure in his own skin. The reality is that Butch Dring was the leader and father of the Safari from the day it was announced to the day he left the company. Without Butch Dring, there would be no Safari at Great Adventure.
  18. True, but you're looking at it from the perspective of the person being asked the question versus the person asking the question. I assume the person who has the question, has not heard it asked before. I'm am also referring to the question being asked orally as opposed to written.
  19. I see others have already answered your question. As an aside, I was always taught that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
  20. Thank you, Harry, for the appointment and kind words. And, "thank you" to all of the other key leaders at GA History for the warm welcome. As I'm sure it has been for each of you, Great Adventure has been in my blood (and mind) since my pre-teen years. I am eagerly looking forward to helping out wherever I can. As I have mentioned to Harry many times before, the historical content of this website, in my opinion, is without compare. I'm truly honored to work with each of you as the best theme park history site on the web only gets better. The greatest day in my life is here.
  21. Landscaping (especially trees) Employee costumes (by department or theme) Aqua Spectacle Parking Lot Trams Live Entertainment throughout the park
  22. Much of this, I have to believe, Warner LeRoy was behind given his penchant for everything over the top. I can only imagine the battles he must have had with Hardwicke when it came to the marketing of the park. But, in the end, it was absolutely crazy to have had multiple tag lines during those first two seasons when they should have been positioning the park very clearly in the minds of consumers. When I worked in research at the park (1985), the research library (basically a closet) was where we met each morning before going into the park to do ATS. I would often read the vari
  23. While I always liked "The Greatest Day In Your Life" as a tagline, I always realized it was hyperbole at its best. This is the first time I have ever seen "The Entertainment Wonder of the World" tagline, and while it is also hyperbolic, it is also a direct ripoff of Walt Disney World's "The Vacation Kingdon of the World."
  24. Daved Thomson


    1980 A keystone kop proudly displaying a young walking GA billboard’s shirt.
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