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  1. Hey Rob, will you be working Green Lantern Tuesday morning? If so I will make sure to say hi!
  2. I take planning to the next level. Get to the park, first ride, Green Lantern. Go to the season pass processing center (if first visit of season). Next head over to El Toro, ride it, go across the bridge to Bizarro, eat at Best of the West. If time ride Runaway Mine Train, in the summers Log Flume. If Open take the Skyride to other side of the park, if not walk it, and on the way ride Skull Mountain. Ride Nitro, Congo rapids (if open), and B:TR. Go back to other side of the park and ride Rolling Thunder, El Toro (again), and end the day on Superman. The most amazing thing about this sc
  3. I couldn't really find a topic to put this in, but how bad were the crowds yesterday?
  4. Spend it on flat rides, and other things that attract crowds, other than coasters, and put them back by Bizarro. That relocation rumor was too much for me to handle, and I won't be able to stand it if it goes. The more rides that are back there, the more people that go into the area, meaning Bizarro gets a good attendance, and can stay longer.
  5. Is Soarin's technology patented, if not that would be an amazing addition.
  6. Lucky me, just found out about this today, so I can't go...
  7. I did this many times a few years ago. The only problem was that you had a set date that you went to the park, and it was always packed.
  8. Escape from Pompei looks amazing! I was debating whether or not to take this trip, and now my mind is made up.
  9. It must be a steep drop if it matches those footers!
  10. Honestly, if we have the money to do this and really step up the theming, we could compete with Universal, or maybe even Disney!
  11. I think that adding back even just some of the elements to Batman's que would be great!
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