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  1. This is a great idea! Super stoked!
  2. Really cool! I would love to go back there someday..
  3. Cool website! Seems pretty accurate too (:
  4. I would love to see a B&M wing rider! I think the park can really use one. Maybe one like the Wing Eagle coming to Dollywood?
  5. Pete Carter, who is Ghoulmaster is his own company, so he gets a say in things. I went to his DVD viewing party, he is the sweetest person you will ever meet!
  6. Ghoulmaster's Ghosts is here to stay this year. Every since he moved to the theater, he has gotten more popular. Pete Carter has gotten more money to do the shows now. When FF comes around, two things I look forward to the most is Ghoulmaster's Ghosts and Dead Man's Party. I remember the Hayride, I would love to see that come back.
  7. Gym Class Heroes is a pretty good choice for a concert. I'm excited to see what other concerts they have planned! Jason Derulo and Big Time Rush seemed to be big hits last season.
  8. I've heard that they are getting more shows and terror trails, and possibly getting rid of the ghoul whistles. Some new decorations would be nice too!
  9. Six Flags has promised bigger and better things this year for Fright Fest. What is something you think could be added, and what should not be taken away?
  10. I love the idea of having a drop tower, but putting it on Kingda Ka does not seem like a good idea. Is Kingda Ka's structure even suitable for that?
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