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  1. 29yrs....  Where did you happen to get the video of Celebrate?


    I worked this show and others and would love to connect with someone that might have worked in those times.




    Darrell Stark

    Galloway NJ

  2. I worked the "Bubble Theater" for about 3 - 4 years... it was a long time ago... I believe that this was the first show in the new theater which was actually very "state of the art" for the time. The audio track for the show was provided by a 1" real to real playback with multiple channels for orchestra/music background, sub-woofers and voice track. All of the group singing on stage was pre-recorded track with only the on-mic singing real at the time... later the tap dancing was all on track. The wireless microphones that were used were some of the earliest use of wireless microphones... I do not know what type if was, but it had a large battery that needed to be recharged every hour and did not have very good range. The lighting system for the time was actually pretty good... follow-spots and nice proscenium stage. When i saw the Proscenium edge lighting chase at the end of the show it brought back memories. I loaded in this show, worked the rehearsals (with the folks of corporate Show Operations from Texas) and probably worked almost every show that season! Working in the Americana Music Hall led me to be able to work as a Entertainment Technician for the next 39 years and into today. The experience of working those shows and many others led me to a career in Technical Entertainment. Seeing this video and the pictures of other shows brings back memories that were long gone to time. After half the show was done, I could even remember what song was next in line and then to see the Finale brought it all back. If anyone has any other show videos from that time... please put them up. These were great memories. Thanks Darrell Stark Galloway NJ
  3. I opened up the Americana Music Hall as a Lighting Tech and Stage Manager for Celebrate / Those City Lights and Strictly USA. I worked a show in the Theater that consisted of Rock and Roll music and a large laser / 35mm movie projector and pyro for effects. From reading the description of the "Rock and Roll Time Machine" that does not sound like I remember the show being. This show had music from Styx and Kansas and was very timely for the early 80's. Does anyone have any information on this show. For it's time it was a great job setting up the laser each day to make sure it worked properly.... at the time it was a major deal to have a powerful laser of it's kind. The 35mm movie had to be run from a professional projector and the Techs (a small crew for that show) mixed and set the Pyro each show. Flash pots and concussion pots were great to scare the crowd. We worked with no permits or licenses in that day.... could not be done today like that. In addition to the production shows of those first years.... this movie/show was some great times at Great Adventure. This was over 30 years ago for me, but I will always remember my days working first for Great Adventure Entertainment and also for Six Flags Show Productions. Anyone have any information on this show? Thanks Darrell Stark IATSE Local 917 Atlantic City New Jersey 37+ years in Entertainment and it all started at Great Adventure! (maybe soon to come to an end)
  4. That was so many years ago.... I asked my wife (she also worked at GA) and she does not know any paperwork or pictures that i might have had from those days. I was only 18 years old and my first real job other then McDonalds. I do remember that it was one of the best jobs I ever had and when I get time i will post somemore history of working in the Bubble Theater. Darrell
  5. I had the pleasure of working the loadin, setup and run for the summer of this show. Looking at the pictures bring back alot of memories. I remember putting the neon jukebox together (it was very fragile and had to move) . The flag drop at the end of the show always guarentieed that there would be a standing ovation for the end. After each show the entire crew was needed to lower the flag drop in without letting it touch the floor so that it could be rigged for the next show. It was a great time to work at Great Adventure!
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