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  1. The only ride that I have not been on in the park is Soaring Eagle.
  2. April 13th - Six Flags Great Adventure April 22nd - Six Flags New England April 23rd - Six Flags New England May 17th - Six Flags Great Adventure Have worked every operating day at SFGA minus the two days listed above, at Nitro. So, that is why my list is so small
  3. Nitro because I'm working it this year! As a guest on Sunday, Skull Mountain will be my first ride since it was always my first ride of the season due to working it for so long
  4. I probaly saw you working the ride in 2012 what position were you?

  5. Skull Mountain? Don't you mean Add Mountain? XD

  6. With my day off, I decided to go to the park as a guest with my 4 year old cousin. Needless to say, I barely saw anything outside of my side of the park considering there is more stuff for her on our side of the park. Park was packed! So many buses and a lot of lines though Skull's looked to be about 30 mins, Nitro's was at times at the 45 minute mark. Season pass processing was about a 20 minute wait, moving much quicker at 5:30pm than it looked like it was at 3pm. I was surprised to see ads on Batman as well for a chicken coop? I couldn't really see what company it was, but I found it qu
  7. Thanks for the compliment, we try our best to make sure every dispatch is like that at Skull
  8. Last season, May was a bit busy for us as well. It's typically when schools go then once June hits, we tend to get less crowded. Even as a guest, I'd see May as being the most packed month until Fright Fest would begin due to the school related things that occurred in the month.
  9. Rode this and love it so much <3 It's my new favorite flat in the park.
  10. ^ Thank you for the comment about Skull Mountain, it's always nice when members write a good comment about Skull. :] The park has been much more crowded than last year and I honestly think it's due to the season pass deals on the website. I typically only know about eight people that get season passes which would be my family though now this year I know a ton more who have been going there due to gas prices and the fact that the season pass deal is online. That along with the events listed on the website are probably why the park is much more crowded than it was, last year.
  11. Thanks for the compliment! Skull only has two trains for each season.
  12. Hello, I'm Shelby! This will be my second year in rides, having started last year at Skull Mountain. I spent a majority of my time there though also worked Rolling Thunder, Safari Tours, and Jumpin' Joey. This year, I'll be at Skull Mountain once again! Figured I'd post in this thread too though I already posted in the employee thread.
  13. The paint job for the sky screamer so far looks to resemble the Parachutes' paint job a bit!
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