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  1. Hello all, As you can already probably tell i am new here. Anyway, i was looking too see if anybody knows what the music for Kingda Ka is in the station,line,que area. Here are a list of songs i have come up with so far and i know there is one song i am missing. Safri Duo Episode II Samb-Adagio Crazy Benny Played-A-Live(The Bongo Song) Snakefood Everything Baya Baya Adagio I also have another song by DJ Quicksilver which is an Eye Of The Tiger Remix. The last song i am missing is in this video clip The song is being played from 0:32 to 1:12 in the video. I would really appreciate it if someone could please tell me the name of that song and if someone has it can email it to me. Thanks guys
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