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  1. While its great to have another pool coming, I feel we desperately need a new slide complex (or two)!
  2. I remembered when joker opened we filmed a ‘winter’ commercial but it was never used. Only ads I’ve seen are Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Congrats yoshi! Thanks for everything you do for the site!
  4. One persons decision caused a whole snowball effect for the whole company. I don't think its necessarily related to our park.
  5. Can't say I'm thrilled with this because I probably will never ride this, or just ONE AND ONE TIME ONLY(and vomit right after) but hey, it's something. Overall most of the additions this year seem underwhelming. Maybe saving up for a big year next year?
  6. It's now a lower number of years. I forget exactly but maybe 5? They also give the option of a season pass, or 3 extra tickets.
  7. you camp out at camp adventura!
  8. Beat my top score today. Got 193,296. Also think I found one of the 'hidden' targets, but not sure how many points they give.
  9. They're in the '3 or more' queue. I don't think the 1-2 people line has them.
  10. I think they might be. Someone told me I was on the show, but I never filmed anything for them so I'm guessing they are using six flags/the parks footage taken from the helicopter and whatnot.
  11. I don't have this channel so I was pretty bummed that I couldn't watch it. I've also been trying to find it online and can't
  12. As always, great pictures. The blue on the JL Building is even better and brighter in person, I personally love the color.
  13. You should be thankful for what you get, and not 'expect' anything from Harry or anyone else on the site.
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