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  1. You guys have to keep in mind, even if the park is allowed to open on X date, it could be pushed back due to hiring, training etc. training only started right before the closure so there are a ton of employees that still have steps to do before being sent out in the park to work. Lots of behind the scenes things have to be done in order to be open and functioning
  2. Drove by the lake today and the first Airtime hill is 1/2 complete. The ride seems to be going up quick!
  3. Park opening is TBD. Everything you see or read is just each individuals opinion. If you haven’t applied yet feel free to apply and they will reach out as soon as they can.
  4. Passed some supports en route to the park by KFC earlier.
  5. It looks awesome..... I just hope it doesn’t block the view too much from the front row rider.
  6. Basically what Matt said. It starts internally and goes from there. Majority of the people you see in the videos are employees or employees families. I’ve done/been in Zumanjaro, skull mountain vr, joker, cyborg, and wonderman. Majority of it all being employees with the occasional outside casted people from a casting agency.
  7. Anyone else hoping maybe rmc changes /adds a element? It’s been reported they enjoy changing something here and there after animations are made.
  8. THIS. I’m so happy it’s not DC and hope it continues.
  9. Please keep all info off of the site until the official announcement is made. -Your mod team
  10. While i see and can understand your point, there are people that actually know though and don’t say anything because it’s not worth ruining a relationship for. Plus it’s fun to watch and read all the speculation
  11. While its great to have another pool coming, I feel we desperately need a new slide complex (or two)!
  12. I remembered when joker opened we filmed a ‘winter’ commercial but it was never used. Only ads I’ve seen are Facebook and Instagram.
  13. Congrats yoshi! Thanks for everything you do for the site!
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